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Good things

When Good things happen in your life time do you attribute them to a GOD? Well I certainly due the Bible states that all good things that befall us are from God. I seen this happen so many times in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My life has been blessed with more joy and good things, then tragedy or evil combined. An for this I attribute this to a GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I seem to follow the Judean-Christian GOD named Jesus Christ, I believe the bible about his birth life his ministry among the people and his death burial and resurrection. we have transcripts and bits of transcripts that go back to the second century, And we have more transcripts of the new testament then any other major historical figure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. So this Christmas be thankful for the good in your life.

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And wgat about when bad

And wgat about when bad things happen to you. Do you attribute them to God also?

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1) there are not more documents of the new testament than any other figure. You flat out lied about that.
2) You can't prove ANYTHING that you stated, not one word of it.

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devout christian

devout christian

Is your creator God responsible for the good things that happened to the parents of the children imaged in this link?

Your religion is a homophobic and misogynous religion.

Are those traits good or evil?


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then you tell me where is it

then you tell me where is it proven that of the 20,000 manuscripts that we have in our possession that doesn`t surpass any historical figure of ancient time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the iliad doesn`t even come close, so what then? Please name your list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Why are you comparing the

Why are you comparing the bible to another work of fiction?

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Please list your supposed 20

Please list your supposed 20,000 manuscripts that are classified as historical documents.
The Roman chronicles number in the millions alone and yet no mention of jesus.
20,000 manuscripts of the same myth are not historical documents.

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well there are over 5,000

well there are over 5,000 greek manuscripts then there are over 10,000 latin manuscripts and the rest are Coptic Syriac etc total of 20,000 at least. Also you can`t accept that jesus Christ was a real person, Most historians and religious scholars admit that Jesus once lived. You have a minority opinion just like your go nowhere atheism. its nothing. wake up and see the light!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Is you exclamation point key

Is you exclamation point key broken? It seems to be stuck in the repeat position.

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@Devout Christian: "the iliad

@Devout Christian: "the iliad doesn`t even come close"

That's an interesting comparison. The Iliad (and the Odyssey) originated as an oral poem composed and recited by wandering bards. The stories would have become more and more fantastic with each telling. The Iliad's conventionally attributed to Homer, but nobody really knows if he really existed, or if the poem had one or many authors. The Iliad and the Odyssey are full of stories about gods and heroes and are supposed to teach us something about people and life.

I think the Biblical stories probably originated in the same way and in the same era. I always found the Iliad/Odyssey somehow cleaner and more wholesome than the Bible though.

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I should probably mention

I should probably mention that a lot of Roman works were destroyed by those God-fearing Christians. Btw are you having some sort of Caesar? See what I did there.

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@Devout Christian: "all good

@Devout Christian: "all good things that befall us are from God."

How fortunate some people are that the creator and supreme ruler of the universe can take time out of his busy schedule to lend them a helping hand. Yet when I look at the news and see the good things that happen to horrible people, and the bad things that happen to innocent children, I can't help thinking that god's blessing are distributed on a fairly random basis.

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Yo DV, have you read any of

Yo DV, have you read any of the posts decrying the bible as a proven collection of myths? Why do you resort to unintelligible gibberish as a sanctuary for your over-active imagination to take shelter in? You do understand your ongoing exposure to that is unhealthy, right? I mean, before you know it you'll be growing theology warts on and possibly in your nethers, and your tongue will swell up from the unpalatable words you chew and spew as truths. Then you'll only be able to swallow them, because you can't speak them, and all manner of trouble will find its way through your southern delivery system of chutes and tunnels. If it weren't for the fact that you can't find the truth I'd recommend seeking refuge in it. Unfortunately, it hasn't been assigned any GPS coordinates yet to help you find it. You might try a search for them in your own head first. I'm guessing they're keeping company in the dusty compartment currently quarantining your sense of logic.

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Jesus said that no one is

Jesus said that no one is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the fact that anything good comes to us in our walk in life I feel shows that there is a GOD Everybody that ever lived has suffered some pain you can`t go through life without it. The world is controlled by this evil spirit from Lucifer the devil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so praise GOD for the good things in life.

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Normally, I wouldn't attack a

Normally, I wouldn't attack a person, only their arguments... But there is no argument presented. And if there was a debate it seems to me that you would be painfully childish; crossing your arms and shaking your head... Repeating the same mindless assertions over and over and louder.... Religion seems to have emptied your brain. The virus entered like a new wife and threw out all your crap and redecorated her way. The things you say make me think of a pastor in a Baptist church crossed with the rain man.

"Jesus said... " Yeah, that's going to change someone's mind. A character in a myth who's very existence is dubious, even as a once historic figure, was attributed to saying something according to a book that is completely unreliable for any historical facts. Tell me, what were jesus's last words?

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Soooooo, am I to understand

Soooooo, am I to understand that the more exclamation points I use at the end of a statement indicates how much more true and accurate that statement is? AWESOME! Hang on. Let me try something here. I can fly like Superman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......... *stand by. i'll be right back*

Uhhh... Owie.... Hey, folks. Sorry, but I may be gone for awhile. Headed to hospital with a broken leg. Apparently I didn't use enough exclamation points.

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@Tin-man .....

@Tin-man .....

The late great Sir Terry Pratchett had a very definite opinion about exclamation marks (points)......

“Five exclamation marks, the sure sign of an insane mind.”

― Terry Pratchett, Reaper Man

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I've heard the exclamation

I've heard the exclamation mark described as the "red nose of punctuation" because it's mostly used by clowns.

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Answer me this algebe, What

Answer me this algebe, What did you do today since I probably am correct in saying that you did not go to a house of worship? is this another day for you? Just the beginning of another week in your evolution of time and matter. Where has naturalism gotten you so far? Just the same old routine you sleep eat bathe that's all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But what I`m promising you is a thing of fulfillment and joy. To get in touch with your God to experience God as never before, Turn to Christ he will fill all the empty voids in your LIFE.

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@Devout christian: "What did

@Devout christian: "What did you do today?"

It's Monday morning here. What I've done is none of your business. If you're asking whether I went to church yesterday, the answer is of course no. Time is too precious to waste sitting in a crowd of deluded nitwits listening to vapid sermons from a fantasy purveyor.

But I'd wager that I've done more, seen more, been to more places, helped more people, and learned more about the world than a whole flock of Jesus sheep. I've fought death twice and won, and I've created lives, turned lives around, and saved lives.

So you can take your Jesus Christ and shove him in any convenient empty void. I don't allow god-blocks on my path to knowledge.

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And tell me Algebe how did

And tell me Algebe how did you fight death and win? Did it come from anything supernatural? Our days are limited in this life doesn`t it pay to have something to hold on to?

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I fought death and won with

I fought death and won with the help of nuclear physics, computer science, physiology, pharmacology, and the skills of surgeons. In other words, science saved me. There was nothing supernatural. No out of body experiences. No prayers.

Of course our days are limited. Our mortality defines us. There are lots of things in my life to hold onto, and none of them have anything to do with your fantasy superhero. Open your eyes and your mind to the wonders of the real world. You'll be dead a long time.

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I emphasize once more JESUS

I emphasize once more JESUS IS LORD Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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dc, I really don’t like

dc, I really don’t like having to block anyone’s account but will be forced to do so if you continue to proselytize instead of debate.

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Don't worry buddy, I will

Don't worry buddy, I will send your application to arkham.

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Thanks, Watchman. So, does

Thanks, Watchman. So, does that mean I should have used fewer or more exclamation marks in my statement before jumping off the roof of my house? Just trying to find the right combination. I'm thinking a bigger cape might help, too.

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@Tin-man: "I should have used

@Tin-man: "I should have used fewer or more exclamation marks"

Maybe a few extra colons would have cushioned your fall. ::::::::::::::::::

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Of course! Why didn't I think

Of course! Why didn't I think of that? Ya know, it's the obvious answers that are most often overlooked. Thanks for that pointer, Algebe.

bigbill's picture Here is a brief video about atheism

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A "brief" video on atheism?

A "brief" video on atheism? It's fucking 52 minutes long! Hardly brief.

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We seriously hope this was

We seriously hope this was tongue and cheek.
Your early Christian Manuscripts include: Chester Beatty biblical papyri, which includes a manuscript of the epistles of Paul from sometime near 200 C.E., a manuscript of the four canonical Gospels and the book of Acts from 200-250 C.E., (Ummm. Jesus if he lived at all, died in 33 CE. You don't see a problem here?)

"Early Christian manuscripts" includes more than copies of New Testament writings. There are early Christian manuscripts of writings from the Jewish Bible that became part of the Christian Old Testament, copies of early extra-canonical writings such as the Gospel of Thomas or the Shepherd of Hermas, and fragments of other, unknown writings, as well. (THESE ARE GNOSTIC IN NATURE - See any problem here?) Pauline Christianity began with Paul. The Trinity was not even around until the 3ed Century. 300 years after the death, if there was a death at all, of your Jesus character.

It's nice that you believe in the Ministry of Jesus and his magical birth. Paul knew nothing at all about either of them. Paul knows nothing at all about the life of Jesus on Earth. Nothing about the ministry. Nothing about miracles. Nothing about a virgin birth.

Please do not be ignorant and respond with Tacitus or Younger. PLEASE!

Your assertions are all incorrect.


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