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Actually, your assertions are

Actually, your assertions are all incorrect. And based on very unreliable history. There's too much junk to sort through, though. Just history that was concocted in the last 100 years or so. Some sprinkles of truth like some early Christian writings were gnostic. Many forgeries were made. I won't deny those. But other than that, what you have here is a buffet of misinformation. Might I suggest checking your sources before believing in them?

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Devout Christian, the

Devout Christian, the atheists actually do have a point which I'm unsure if you have answered. Say good things happen in your life, you attribute that to God. How about the bad things that happen in life? What about the bad things which later lead to good things? Or the good things that later lead to bad things? there are so many of these questions and the best way to answer them are head on. Answer the questions.

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every good thing comes from

every good thing comes from above, the bible states; When Christ came upon the earth he according to saint John was the light of the world. Jesus was the purveyor of all that is good in this life. As for good things that lead to bad outcomes that's because people have taken the teachings of jesus and corrupted them by there actions. It`s like a couple who get married and are in love, But some where down the line have troubles in the marriage well you can`t blame God for there troubles because they sooner or later made decisions absent of the word of God; They became occupied by the society and leave jesus teaching astray. They are more concerned with the given culture then with basic Christian teachings .I`ve seen it time and again where something good happens to an individual but as time passes his nature is corrupted. It is like Jesus parable of the sower in matthew chapter 13, where the parable clearly states that some seed fell on good soil but through time it became had no roots to it because with time some people drift from the word of God; So you can`t blame the bad things on Jesus Christ.

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As for the transcripts, You

As for the transcripts, You feel to mentions the Rylunds manuscript dated in the first century written by saint john I believe it is papaya 52 or 47: This is a fragment of saint John ;and it dates way back there. more on this in upcoming threads.

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Sorry thhttps://www.challies

Sorry th spelling is Rylands and the p 52 manuscript goes back to the 1st half of the second century and it is in a libraby in Manchester England;

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S for the above thread what I meant was this. here is a copy and a brief history of p52 A copy of Johns papayri

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Nope. As I have written in

Nope. As I have written in answer to this claim by you is a tiny fragment of Papyri. It is not earlier than 75-80CE and the evidence now for academics is tending to date it as late as 250 -350CE. It is the Rylands Fragment and in the John Rylands Library in Manchester England.

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« If I don’t know Cousin

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Umm Is this intentional?

Umm Is this intentional?

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dc, DO NOT copy and paste in

dc, DO NOT copy and paste in here large blocks of text from some other site. It violates Copyright law. Short quotes are fine (a sentence or two) but if you do this again, I will ban you.

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Good things! Having a great

Good things! Having a great extended holiday season with my Christian family. A month long family reunion. During the festive meals the food will be "blessed". I will silently counter with my atheists blessing " For the food we are receiving we thank the farmers, merchants, truck drivers, and cooks. Ramen!"

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yes chimp but what was the

yes chimp but what was the source of the food. and how blessed you are to have a family to celebrate holiday season; They all the farmers merchants etc couldn`t do anything without Gods intervention in all affairs. I firmly believe that God is the purveyor of all good things. You see Chimp I don`t have many people speaking of family members to gather with, in fact I have spent Christmas alone several times. So please recognize how fortunate that you are to have a loving family, enjoy my friend have a great time.

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You crack on with your

You crack on with your imaginary friend

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I really hope this is satire.

I really hope this is satire. It is full of baseless claims with zero proof given.

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Howdy, Dan. Nice of you to

Howdy, Dan. Nice of you to join us. Just to bring you up to speed, the jury is still out on our dear ol' Devout buddy. In case you are not familiar with him, we still can't decide if he is sincere, mental, or just intentionally trying to be annoying. Either way, it's still cheap entertainment at least. A word of caution, though: DO NOT attempt the multiple exclamation point method of making statements true. That shit don't work. I had to learn the hard way.

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God is not real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God is not real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I came late to the party but as you can see I have given all evidence needed!! :)

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Noooo, Burn! Noooooo....! Don

Noooo, Burn! Noooooo....! Don't fall for that exclamation point trick! Run away! It's a trap!

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Shit! I fell for it... those

Shit! I fell for it... those tricky Christians

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Poor, poor Burn. *sniff-sniff

Poor, poor Burn. *sniff-sniff* Let's all join hands and say a prayer for our unfortunate brother. (Oh, wait... Disregard.) Beers at my place later!


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