Government of Pakistan teaching Hate against Non-Muslims

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Government of Pakistan teaching Hate against Non-Muslims

During 1970s, as Pakistanis were pondering over their country’s future direction, Brigadier SK Malik, an influential figure in Pakistan Army, wrote a tome titled “The Koranic Concept of War” which was published in 1978. Its foreword was written by none other than Pakistan’s future and perhaps most influential dictator, General Zia-ul-Haq. A keen student of war, Malik argued that in order to keep Pakistan intact and take revenge against India, Pakistan must immerse itself in the philosophy of jihad against infidel Hindus and Jews. Jihadi terror, in his opinion was not a means to an end, but an end in itself. In Malik’s estimation, jihad would soften and paralyze the Indian giant, leading to its dismemberment by a thousand cuts. To rally Pakistani people in an eternal jihad against infidels thus became the primary doctrine for Pakistani establishment. This momentous turn of events turned the Pakistani government back to a medieval psychology, increasingly diverging from Attaturk’s secular Turkish model. ( (Stupidest law in the world - AJE investigates Pakistan's blasphemy law)

Hate Literature taught in Pakistani schools by Pakistani government recommended by Pakistani mullahs: Part 0
The Murder of History : A Critique of History Textbooks used in Pakistan By K K Aziz
This book is very important as it exposes Pakistan’s government Historical lies and point out how books in Pakistan are used to spread hate against Hindus and other religious minorities in a government recommend text. Above links will give only two chapters of books. We should use these Pakistani book to show rest of world how government of Pakistan corrupts mind of children even at age of 5-6.

Some Example from Book: The Murder of History: A Critique of History Textbooks used in Pakistan By K K Aziz

Bharat is the country of Non-Muslims (private, Lahore, English, class 3).
I don’t have exact figures available to me as I write this, But I am sure the no. of muslims in India is larger than the total population of Pakistan; which makes India bigger “Muslim Country” than Pakistan. I don’t understand logic or necessity of making this statement, except to convince class 3 students that India is an enemy state.
He earned a degree in law in England (West Punjab, Class2; NWFP, class 7; private, Lahore, English, B.A.). He earned a superior and high degree in law in English (NWFP, class 4; Sind class4). He received his higher education in England (private, Karachi, class 2). In August 1947 a grateful nation made him the Governor General of Pakistan (private, Lahore, English, class7).
(1) He did not take any degree in law, in England or elsewhere.
(2) The “superior and high degree in law” is a figment of the textbook’s imagination.
(3) He did not receive his “higher education” in England. He was merely called to bar at Lincoln’s Inn in 1896. Why can n’t Pakistani professors understand that to become a barrister is not to earn a degree?
(4) The grateful nation did not make him the Governor general either through nomination or by election. He selected himself for the office, and he was appointed by the British King.

Our Ancestors arrived from Arabian Peninsula:
This claim has been made by the Ghairat Brigade since long. They have tried to downplay the linkages that we have with our subcontinental ancestors and tried via popular media and textbooks to somehow prove that our ancestors were not people living in the Subcontinent for thousands of years rather they came from the Arabian Peninsula.
A look at the genealogies of two of our founding fathers i.e Jinnah and Iqbal tells us that Mr. Jinnah belonged to a Sindhi family that had migrated to Gujarat.(Akbar S Ahmad, Jinnah, Pakistan and Islamic Identity; Routledge, 1997; Chapter 1,page 1 ) while Iqbal belonged to a Kashmiri Sheikh family. Also, there was a considerable population consisting of Jatts and Gujjars before Islam came to our part of the world. Most of us are descendents of those early converts. The people most likely to have come down from Arabia are the Syeds who claim to be direct descendents from the Prophet (PBUH). Interestingly, in a research conduted by University College London, Y chromosomes of self-identified Syeds from the Indian subcontinent show evidence of elevated Arab ancestry but not of a recent common patrilineal origin For more on the castes of our country.
He took his doctorate in philosophy in England (NWFP, classes 5 and 7). He received his higher education at Cambridge and London Universities (private, Lahore, English, class 3). He took a degree in Barristery in England (NWFP, claa5;Sind,class5; NWFP, class 7).He took his degree in law in England (private, Lahore, B.A.).
In the Order in which wrong information is imparted:
(1) He took his doctorate in philosophy from the university of Munich in Germany.
(2) The University of Cambridge gave him a certificate of Research, which is not a degree. He never studied at university of London.
(3) To be called to the bar at inn of court is not to earn a degree. A barrister is neither a graduate nor the holder of any other degree.
(4) He did not take any degree in law in any country. He was called to the bar at Lincoln’s Inn in 1908, and that was that.
ARAB, Turk Invaders bring ISLAM in India.
Islam first came to the western coast of India with Arab traders (not by Turk, Arab invaders as pakistani schools teach) as early as the 7th century AD to coastal Malabar and the Konkan-Gujarat. Cheraman Juma Masjid in Kerala is thought to be the first mosque in India, built in 629 AD by Malik lbn Dinar (land is given by a Hindu King). Malik Deenar (died 648 CE) is the first follower of the Islamic prophet, Muhammed, to come to India in order to propagate Islam in the Indian Subcontinent.
Cheraman Perumal is the royal title used by the rulers of the Chera dynasty in southern India. The title has sometimes mistakenly been taken to refer exclusively to some kings of the dynasty, particularly Rama Varma. Kulashekhara and Rajashekhara Varman, but Hermann Gundert has observed that the title "Cheraman" is simply the name of the dynasty of Chera. According to legends, Cherman Perumal, travelled to Madina to meet the Prophet Muhammad (died in 632 AD) and embraced Islam. But he died on his way back and is now buried in Salalah, Oman.
A report by Pakistan’s National Commission for Justice and Peace (NCJP) Pakistan school textbooks riddled with religious 'hate material')
The NCJP study cited several passages from textbooks that teach falsehoods about other religions, or criticise or encourage animosity towards them:

• The Punjab Textbook Board’s Class III (ages 7-8) book on Urdu teaches that Islam is “superior” to all other religions.

• The Sindh Textbook Board’s Class VII (ages 11-12) book on Islamic Studies teaches: “Most of the [other] religions of the world claim equality, but they never act on it.”

• The Punjab Board’s Islamic Studies textbook for Class VIII (ages 12-13) reads: “Honesty for non-Muslims is merely a business strategy, while for Muslims it is a matter of faith.”

• For Class VI (ages 10-11), the Punjab Board’s Islamic Studies book says: “For the person who is not in financial need, is not governed by a tyrant and still does not perform [the pilgrimage to Mecca], it does not make a difference whether he dies as a Christian or a Jew.”

• The Punjab Board’s Class VI book on Islamic Studies says: “Though being a student, you cannot practically participate in jihad, but you may provide financial support for jihad.”

• The Punjab Board Class V (ages 9-10) Social Studies book says: “Religion plays a very important role in promoting national harmony. If the entire population believes in one religion, then it encourages nationalism and promotes national harmony.”

• “The better a Muslim we become, the better a citizen we prove to be,” says the Punjab Board’s Class IV (ages 8-9) book on Urdu.

Every textbook continues to use the Urdu word “Isai” (derived from “Isa”, the Arabic word for “Jesus” used in the Qur’an) for “Christian”. As World Watch Monitor has reported, the word now carries strong overtones – from colonial times – with the “unclean” demeaning occupations done by the lowest castes.

History is a subject of particular contention in the report. Pakistani textbooks refer to centuries of “Islamic rule” and “jihad” in the Indian subcontinent. However, Pakistani historian and author Dr. Mubarrak Ali told World Watch Monitor: “It is wrong to say ‘Islamic rule’ or ‘Hindu rule’. The Indian wars were political conflicts and not religious conflicts. The political conflict in the Indian subcontinent is seen as a religious conflict, which is why history is described in a binary opposition. We want to see history in black and white, while multiple facts decide one incident.”

Here are some of the other contentious or inflammatory passages cited in the report:

• The Pakistan Studies book from the Punjab Board for Class IX (ages 13-14) students says: “The free status of Islam and Muslims was hurt with the establishment of British rule. Muslims under non-Muslims remained enslaved and coerced.”

• The Sindh Class VIII book on Social Studies says: “The influence of Christian priests increased greatly [during British rule]. Christian priests were able, with the help of their government, to openly preach their religion.”

• The Class VII Baluchistan Textbook Board book on Urdu says: “The British … feared the Muslims, being the true inheritors of the rule of India, could become a danger for them anytime.”

• “Another book shows that the accusations against [Mughal Emperor of India] Aurangzeb of bias towards Hindus are purely a fabrication of the narrow-minded Hindus and treacherous British,” says the Punjab Board’s Urdu textbook for “matriculates” (ages 15-16).

• The Class V book on Islamic Studies by the Punjab Board states: “The Muslims ruled the Indian subcontinent for about thousand years with magnificence, but they did not forcibly convert a single Hindu. If they had willed, then today there wouldn’t even be a trace of them in the subcontinent. But Muslims showed great tolerance and even raised Hindu to high positions.”

• The Punjab Board’s Class VI History book reads: “Most of the population of Delhi consisted of Hindus who considered Muslims strangers. They … were always busy in thinking about getting free from the rule of Muslims. Hindu landlords used various excuses to not pay land revenue and even sometimes descended into revolt. The Hindus were so much encouraged by [Emperor] Akbar’s pro-Hindu policies that they started demolishing mosques and shrines and started building their temples in their place. Wherever Hindus were in majority, they brutalised Muslims.”

• The History textbook for Class VIII students, published by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Textbook Board, reads: “Sikhs used to do many brutalities to Muslims and did not allow them religious freedom … The British did not trust Muslims and the policy of injustice and brutality hurt economic and educational conditions of Muslims. And the discriminatory attitude of Hindu landlords further made their condition worse. Under the influence of Hindus, they adopted several heresies.”

• The Punjab Board’s History textbook for Class VII states: “In those days, Sikhs ruled the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Sikhs had made the life of Muslims terribly difficult. Syed Ahmed Shaheed decided to wage jihad against Sikhs.”

• The Punjab Board Social Studies book for Class VII says that Bangladesh became its own independent nation in 1971 – no longer East Pakistan – due to a conspiracy of “enemy countries of Islam”.

Teaching Hatred: A Glimpse into Pakistan’s Education System, 2012-2013:
Grade IV (Social Studies, Khyber Pakhtunkwa): “Muslims treated Hindus in [a] very good manner despite that Hindus used to main[tain] deep animosity against Muslims.”
Grade V (Social Studies, Punjab): “The religious beliefs of the Muslims and Hindus are absolutely different. The Hindus worship many Idols. They have many Gods and Goddesses. The Muslims believe in one Allah who is Almighty and who is Creator of the universe. The Muslims worship Allah. In the Hindu religion the men are divided into different classes by their system of caste and creed, whereas in Islam all the Muslims are equal and are brotherly with one another. In Hindu religion the women are given a low status. Whereas Islam teaches to give due respect to the women.”
Grade V (Islamic Studies, Sindh): “Hindus have tried all their means to harm Muslims of Indian Sub­continent and killed millions of Muslims. They were deprived of their assets and properties.
Grade VI (Social Studies, Punjab): “Before the Arab conquest the people were fed up with the teachings of Buddhists and Hindus...The foundation of [the] Hindu set up was based on injustice and cruelty. The system of Islam, which was based on justice, equality and brotherhood as described earlier,impressed a lot to the Hindu culture and set up.”
Grade VI (Social Studies, Sindh): “The social equality and justice to all freed the cast ridden Hindu society and paved the way for spread of Islam, we know that the low caste Hindus suffered due to the low caste system, The Hindus belonging to lower casts were tortured, insulted and disgraced.[sic]”
Grade IX ­- X (Pakistan Studies, Khyber Pakhtunkwa): “Hindu leadership has not only shown their religious hatred but also expressed their political hatred by opposing to celebrate their independence day on the same day. They proposed 15th August 1947, as their independence day because they never wanted to celebrate with Pakistan on the same day and this shows their psyche of narrow­mindedness.”
Grade IX ­- X (Pakistan Studies, Khyber Pakhtunkwa): “Hindus were against the creation of Pakistan. Despite their utmost opposition, when Pakistan was created, they used all means to weaken and harm Pakistan. Hindus in the ‘East Pakistan’ started mobilizing their fellow citizens against the ‘West Pakistan.’ ”
(Here is what 70% of student population in Pakistan study)
(Religious Hate Material Fills Pakistani Kids' Textbooks)
Study: Public School Textbooks in Pakistan Teach Intolerance of Non-Muslims
A passage in an eighth grade Islamic Studies book published in 2015 as part of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Curriculum describes jihad in a positive light.

“Prophet (PBUH) said that ‘Jihad will continue till the end of times’. Jihad is going on in different parts of the world. Many Mujahidins of Islam are participating in Jihad for sake of Allah, for protection of their religion, to help their oppressed brothers, and to get freedom from tyranny,” it read. “As a student if you cannot practically participate in Jihad you can at least financially help in preparation of Jihad.”

A passage from a tenth grade Punjab textbook, also published in 2015, states, “Because the Muslim religion, culture and social system are different from non-Muslims, it is impossible to cooperate with Hindus.”

Another Punjab curriculum textbook for sixth grade Islamic studies reads, “Christians learned tolerance and kind heartedness from Muslims. The fair treatment and good governance of Muslims improved the living standard of the region. They started to live prosperous and peaceful lives under the patronage of Muslims.”
Awaiting changes to a syllabus of hate
Pakistan where some school syllabus seems much dangerous than anything.
“Hindu has always been an enemy of Islam”
(Urdu Class V, Punjab Textbook Board, Lahore, March 2002, p 108)

“The religion of the evil Hindus did not teach them good things — Hindus did not respect women”
(Muasherati Ulum for Class IV, Punjab Textbook Board, Lahore, 2005, p 81)

“Hindus worship in temples which are very narrow, dark and dirty places, where they worship fake gods in idols. Only one person can enter the temple at a time. In our mosques, on the other hand, all Muslims can say their prayers together”
(Muasherati Ulum for Class V, Punjab Textbook Board, Lahore, 1996, p 109 )
Pakistan: Seeds of hate
17 September 2012
“Hindus can never be true friends of Muslims” is one of the many such lines from Pakistan Studies of grade seven.
Pakistani Government School Textbooks teaching Hate against Christians and Hindus; Jihad and Martyrdom to Children

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Religions ruin everything

Religions ruin everything

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