Grandfather Turtle' Forms Missing Link in Reptile Evolution

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Grandfather Turtle' Forms Missing Link in Reptile Evolution

Another intriguing discovery, like pieces to a puzzle the evidence continues to accumulate:

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Another piece of the puzzle.

Another piece of the puzzle. :)

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The difference between truth

The difference between truth and a book of myths written by bronze age goat herders.

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Thanks Imfree

Thanks Imfree

"Both its age and features fit neatly between an earlier (260 million years old), less turtle-like Eunotosaurus and more recent (220 million years old) Odontochelys."

A graphical illustration:

As one can see there was a huge difference between the Eunotosaurus and the Odontochelys, thus the newly found Pappochelys was a possible link in between.

Though to be honest, one needs more links to claim that one evolved from the other, considering all the branches that there could have been in 40 million years.

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Thanks for the video Jeff.

Thanks for the video Jeff. Looking at ancient life forms fascinates me. It reminds me of my college days when I took Geology. I was studying fossils and realized the indoctrination I was raised around was a lie. That was my epiphany moment

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Yea ancient history is a nice

Yea ancient history is a nice subject, so are all the attempts to understand and learn what happened.
I came rebellious to indoctrination naturally since I'm quite rebellious to any kind of authority that tries to impose things on me without explanation or reason.
My parents had a hard time with me. :)

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