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A great writer

Hi i was bored so looking at the book club on here and a woman named Greta Christian has written a book called Why Are You Atheists So Angry? 99 Things That Piss Off the Godless.
Now while i havent read it (no money lol) the topic mentioned she wrote a blog so i did some digging. I find her works to be insightful and im pretty sure ill be referencing her blog in future debates.
So if you can afford it get the book if you cant check out the blog its damn good.

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Heres a link to get you
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And i know this isnt really a

And i know this isnt really a debate but i didnt want to keep it from theists however your welcome to read her blog and debate it with me.

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I want read her book too.

I want read her book too.

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Interesting writer. She's

Interesting writer. She's been writing variety of topics for more than 2 decades now. Her blog is filled with brilliant subjects.

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