Greatest Species On Earth

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Greatest Species On Earth

Curious what ya’ll think. What is the greatest species in your opinion.

Edit: 'greatest' is open to interpretation.

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What are the parameters

What are the parameters of “greatest”?

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That's open. Whatever you

That's open. Whatever you think constitutes "greatest".

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Dung beetle, no contest

Dung beetle, no contest really.

>Strong, can move 250 times it's own weight.
> Modest, not afraid to do a dirty job.
> Moral, they look after the environment.

Can I pick three? No, 5? Let's say a round half dozen.

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The ability to carry your

The ability to carry your house on your back is the greatest ability, imo. Therefore: turtles.

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lol I like that answer.

lol I like that answer. Although technically the shell isn't a house. It's more like a suit of armor : )

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@Nyar Re: Carrying own house

@Nyar Re: Carrying own house

In that same category, don't forget about certain snails and crabs... lol

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Biggest: Giant kauri tree of

Biggest: Giant kauri tree of New Zealand, blue whale
Fastest: Peregrine falcon, cheetah
Tastiest: Red deer, tuna, salmon, apricot
Smartest: Homo sapiens, dolphin, whales, kea (mountain parrot of New Zealand), octopus
Funniest: Ferret
Best friend: Dog
Most selfish: Cat
Nastiest: Spider, homo religiosus
My favorite: Tyrannosaurus Rex (especially the one that co-starred with Ringo Starr in "Caveman")

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I disagree for the cat and the spider lol.

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"Nastiest: Spider, homo

"Nastiest: Spider, homo religiosus"

LoL I see what you did there...

Octopus is probably my favorite of all times. Some believe that if they could adapt to living on land, they would take over the world. Very neat creatures.

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That is what I was wondering

That is what I was wondering too CyberLN.

The Cheetah can do 75 MPH, the Peregrine falcon can fly (dive) 240 MPH, the Sperm whale can dive to a depth of 7,000+ feet, I could list many.

Right now my vote goes to Turritopsis dohrnii, also known as the Immortal jellyfish. They have figured out how to live forever.

Of course you have to respect Martialis Huereka, this species of ant has been around for over 120 million years. Mankind will be lucky to get to 500,000.

Krill has the largest biomass on this planet.

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The greatest? Mohamed Ali.

The greatest? Muhammad Ali.

(Edited a few times because I’m simply unable to type or spell this evening.)

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Who's this competition between? It's not like there are a plethora of species lined up to challenge humans.

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@Searching for truth: It's

@Searching for truth: It's not like there are a plethora of species lined up to challenge humans

New strains of influenza, malaria, Ebola, etc., could knock us back into the Stone Age or beyond. If that happens, I hope the Islamic anti-vaxxers who murdered polio vaccinators in Nigeria don't hinder our efforts to save ourselves.

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LOL Rent free, bro. Rent free.

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@ Searching for MY truth

@ Searching for MY truth

LOL Rent free, bro. Rent free.

Care to really provide an answer this time instead of one of those idiotic Muslim dance around the truth?

  • Why do you believe in something that cannot be proven?
  • If the Qu'ran is inerrant, then why do Muslims spend so much effort in silencing those who are critical against Islam, preferrably by beheading/killing them?
  • If Muhammad is so good and great, then why was he murderous genocidal war lord?
  • If Muhammad is so good and great, then why did he rape a 9 year old child?
  • If Islam is a religion of peace, then why is there no peace in any Muslim country?
  • If Islam is a religion of peace, then why is it so damned misogynistic?
  • If Islam is the only truth, then please provide OBJECTIVE HARD EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE it is.
  • If Allah even exists, then please provide OBJECTIVE HARD EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE it is.

All you ever do is dodge these question because of two reasons:

  1. You violate your own "research" directives, or
  2. You already know the answers and are afraid to admit the truth.

So much for "searching for true truth" when you are too afraid of it.


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Although I generally don't like much of what SFT says, I feel the need to comment because this was my OP. Please review the forum guidelines, taking special notice of 5.No unrelated topics. This is not a thread about God, simply animals. Pose your questions of this nature in a different thread.

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@Searching for truth: LOL

@Searching for truth: LOL Rent free, bro. Rent free.

I'm glad you think it's funny. Islamic leaders declared that polio vaccines were an attempt to sterilize Muslim children. Thereafter, terrorist groups like Boko Haram started killing health workers. Similar idiocy erupted in Pakistan.

The world had eradicated smallpox and was a step away from ending the horror of polio forever. Then your religion of ignorance and disease stepped in.

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@Hulkster Re: "LOL Rent

@Hulkster Re: "LOL Rent free, bro. Rent free."

Says the self-proclaimed Muslim who continues to lurk around an atheist site.... Hmmm.... Irony much, big guy?

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NOT searching for truth: "Who

NOT searching for truth: "Who's this competition between?"

Let's just say anyone of a religious bent is EXCLUDED.


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Humans have existed for just

Humans have existed for just 200k years, think again.

Some humans can't even say if it is moral for a 50 year old man to coerce a 9 year old child into sex, not all humans are smart.

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The greatest species is the

The greatest species is the Homo Sapiatheist. I would say homosapiens, but I think that homosapiens have presently two divergent species. I am calling all Atheists a different species as their distinct ability to mostly reason without failing, where as homosapians still have failure in reason. This new species has yet to be verified by genetic or biological divergence, but I thought a name would be appropriate at this juncture...I went with Homo Sapiatheist. I have noticed that each species is not sexually attracted to each other, so it is unknown if procreation would be possible at this point. I will be starting trials to validate divergence as soon as my money pit family starts sucking on their own teets.

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Actually I think the two

Actually I think the two species of humans are:

Homo sapiens = atheists.
Homo stultus = theists.


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It would be foolish for me to

It would be foolish for me to have an opinion on the subject.

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Define "greatest." rmfr

Define "greatest."


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Greatest species at what?

Greatest species at what?

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The cuttlefish has my vote.

The cuttlefish has my vote. Ability to change not only color, but texture to match surroundings. Also, by changing color extremely rapidly, the are able to confuse (nearly hypnotize) prey. Their vision is acute - capable of seeing well in low light conditions, and can see directly behind themselves. Besides, they have tentacles.

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For overall survivability,

For overall survivability, the greatest species is the tardigrade. AKA — water bears, or moss piglets.

Second would be the American Cockroach.

Sorry, but Homo sapiens does not even rank in the top 25. Nor the top 50.


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I forgot about the tardigrade

I forgot about the tardigrade! Coolest thing ever.

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People always over rank the

People always over rank the cockroach in my opinion.

Yes they are darn hard to kill and reproduce like crazy in human structures.

Take away humans though, and they die real quick in most parts of the world, it is more like cockroaches are very adapted to the changing conditions humans cause. In natural habitat, they are just another bug struggling to survive.

And this is coming from someone that lived in south florida for a few years where seeing 2 inch cockroaches was almost a daily occurance.

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Try seeing those 9 to 13

Try seeing those 9 to 13 centimeter cockroaches in North Carolina...



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