To Gullible Dogmatic Creed Driven Fundamentalist Theists:

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To Gullible Dogmatic Creed Driven Fundamentalist Theists:

Asking if someone believes in science is as absurd as asking someone if they believe in utensils. You’re not just missing a few screws, you’re missing the whole toolbox. You’re not the brightest tool in the shed if you believe in absurdities. Gullibility level you present as a theist is off the charts. The fact that you don’t even question your beliefs to see if they are valid or not in a tangible manner that’s undeniable by any means or methods, proves that you’re totally brainwashed to believe in absurdities with no proof or evidence to back up the claims made by your religion.

These religious organizations are just filled with con-artists out to use your gullibility to their own advantage and you being gullible would give your hard earned money to these legalized con artist religious organizations, with ministry that’s expert at conning gullible people like you, by telling you that there’s this diseas they named sin and that you’re infected by it by no fault of your own and that they have this cure to make it all go away, but it only works if you blindly believe in such absurd claims with zero proof or evidence to back up the claims made by these con artist religious organizations; and like someone being on dangerous addictive drug, religion makes you hooked on false claims and false promises which no intelligent sound minded person would ever believe in unless it has been proven without a shadow of a doubt.

Now go on spewing your nonsense to me, but by all means don’t use common sense or question your religion or your beliefs, because that would require you to be objective and that you actually have to investigate the claims made by your religion.

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Don't hold back! Welcome!

Don't hold back! Welcome!

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Great first OP Alex!

Great first OP Alex!

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Love, love, LOVE the title!

Love, love, LOVE the title! Lol! I'm going to practise saying gullible dogmatic creed driven fundamentalist theists until I can spit it out, double quick..

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