Happy equinox!

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Happy equinox!

For those in the north: Let’s get planting!

For those in the south: Harvest time!

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For those in the West...its

For those in the West...its wine o'clock!!!!

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Oh yeah, of course. I've noticed the easter shit around the shops . All that unconscionably bad chocolate in the form of eggs and smiling rabbits, plus truly dreadful hot cross buns.

I once sent a woman I know a photo of a dead rabbit on the side of the road. Quite near it was a basket and some easter eggs scattered around------- she has no sense of humour. I had thought of a picture of a rabbit nailed to a cross, but couldn't find one----

Grapes are harvested in Oz from January depending on location.

There is some fruit picking for much of the year. I suspect the virus is going to hit the backpack pickers pretty hard. Some fruit could soon be in short supply.

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Yeah, my wife has already started some of the planting. She still has the tomatoes and bell pepper sprouts in the "growing station" cabinet I built for her a couple of years ago. (It's like a small indoor greenhouse.) She's just waiting on the right planting time now. All the garden beds are already prepped and ready.

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I’m jealous!!! -18c here...I

I’m jealous!!! -18c here...I can’t plant yet, not till after may long weekend :(

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