Have A Cold I Hope It's Not Covid-19

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Have A Cold I Hope It's Not Covid-19

If I die, yeah well.

Maybe a God will save me.


There's no such thing as God.

But if I have it I don't care, live or die, I had a good life so far.

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My boy is recovered now from

My boy is recovered now from the cold. Did the whole “mommy brain” meltdown.
I’m sure you’ll be OK :)

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"My boy is recovered now from the cold. Did the whole “mommy brain” meltdown.
I’m sure you’ll be OK :)"

I hope that you are correct.

If not I had a good life, and am glad I no longer tie myself down to a religion.

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Stay hydrated. Keep yourself nourished. Stay rested. Do what you can to keep your morale up as much as possible. Remember, you have us here for comic relief. Speaking of which, here's a cheery lityle song to help keep you going... *chuckle*...


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Great song.

There's always at least some comic relief here.

Especially when Christians come on here trying to push Christianity on us with no evidence.

Bye Bye Lion what ever his name was.

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The corona virus is not a

The corona virus is not a death sentence. Just relax and take care of yourself. You are not even among the high risk population.,

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