Have you ever been discriminated/viewed negatively for being an atheis

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Have you ever been discriminated/viewed negatively for being an atheis

Couldn't fit the whole question but you get the idea.
Myself, coming from a more so conservative county(I'll give you a hint, I live in Indiana if that tells you about myself). In a county that is roughly 4000 in size, it is more so democratic than republican in party systems, but still has a conservative atmosphere, well because Indiana.

Though, myself I've never felt discriminated against for being an atheist in an extreme way. I do feel some people like me less from myself being a Buddhist Atheist, but not really anything extreme. In my school, I'm known as the "man who knows a lot, about a lot so don't argue with him". This is solely because I'm in high school obviously and my priorities are set a little more to independent study on things that peak my interest compared to FOOOOOOOOOTBAAAALLL, I know I'm not as smart as people put me out to be. Anyway, it's interesting, I'm viewed intelligent despite my atheistic views. But, there is still some sort of general negativity from other people that I get for being an Atheist. They mock myself alot on my views, tend to just push whatever statistic or information about a topic aside, and feel seclusion to an extent in a more personal level with people. Myself I have a lot of friends and I'm great at communicating, but once people find out I'm an Atheist, they just seem annoyed I'd say? Mind you, I'm not a yelling type or like shove my belief system down somebody's throat. If I see a prayer group, I won't go over and just be an ass.

In conclusion basically I get a general negative atmosphere for people who do know I'm an atheist. Its not restricting me, but I can tell its there and does result in me getting mocked alot and just viewed as insane that "Ugh scienteific theery of duh biig bagn u stupid" kind of shit.

I'd like to know how your experience was "coming out" or announcing your atheism to your friends or family, or society in general. Any negativity? Please do share your stories!

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Yes. The mother of a high

Yes. The mother of a high school friend kicked me out of her house when she found out in a conversation. His Pop was a failed minister who took a job selling Hammond organs. So, the friendship suffered her wrath and I found other friends.

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Lol I live in Indiana as well

Lol I live in Indiana as well. I'm originally from Ohio and I announced my Atheist viewpoint many years ago and it was very much rejected by 90% of the people in my life. Just today, my son who is 15 was giving some thoughtful, compassionate advice to a friend... The friend who is Christian said to my son, "wow that is very deep coming from someone who is non religious!" The Midwest is VERY ignorant when it comes to other religions! They think we all torture animals and worship the devil. It's so taboo I rarely admit I'm atheist because I live in an area where people aren't capable of understanding someone else point of view.

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You will be hard pressed to

You will be hard pressed to find an atheist that hasn't experienced this, my ten year-old son was already told he couldn't join the boy scouts because of his non-belief.

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Yes. I live in Bavaria in

Yes. I live in Bavaria in Germany and when my wife, who is agnostic, (I am atheist) went to the kindergarten to register our child everything was fine and happy until she mentioned that we have no affiliation with the RC church or any other churches for that matter (The churches run nearly all the Kindergartens in Bavaria) and we don't want our child to pray before meals or to put it quite simply we don''t want our child indoctrinated. After that statement she was given the cold shoulder treatment and simply left alone sitting in the KG until she got our child and left. The thing is we have no other choice in our village as the second KG is full (protestant\evangelist) and we have to send our kid there. The thing is my wife did not believe that people still acted that way in this day and age and needless to say it opened her eyes to what the rc and protestant churches are doing to get the kids to believe asap.

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Yep, they know they have to

Yep, they know they have to get them while they are young. Because if you told an adult those stories, who had never heard the stories before; you'd probably get charged with manslaughter for making them laugh to death.

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Family funerals have been

Family funerals have been very uncomfortable. The last two family funerals I attended, I declined attending the get-together after the service.

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I have for sure. On vine, I

I have for sure. On vine, I literally get death threats on my videos and messages. It's funny how scared they are of me hahaha.

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And then they do like a "yall

And then they do like a "yall need jesus" kind of thing. I ask for evidence then they say have faith. That's when I leave the conversation lol.

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After Stopping Bible Giveaway

After Stopping Bible Giveaway, Atheist Mom Says Threats Have Forced Her to Pull Son Out of School


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Damn! And I was in a good

Damn! And I was in a good mood, today.

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Sorry about that!

Sorry about that!

If you want to avoid downers like that, you should probably avoid of reading forums and instead google on "funny cats" :D
Here you go buddy: http://www.lolcats.com/

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Ah, but even better is the

Ah, but even better is the Simon's Cat series on YouTube.

cmallen's picture
I love Simon'a Cat!

I love Simon'a Cat!

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A guilty pleasure of mine.

A guilty pleasure of mine.

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My lack of belief has caused

My lack of belief has caused changes in my relationships with some friends, usually after we have a discussion on the topic. It starts out with a kind of bemused tolerance as though it's something they expect I'll outgrow before they come to understand that I have actually thought it through. Then they tend to shut down. People become very uncomfortable when I challenge their beliefs. I am not shy about my incredulity. Some days it seems I'm surrounded by Christians, and I always enjoy a good argument. I find most Christians do not. Perhaps it is a lack of any justification for their position, or maybe I'm a little too certain of my own for their tastes. Still peer pressure is a crummy reason to abandon your self respect. I'm older, so it's probably easier for me to deal with it. it helps to have this forum and others, if only to realize that we are not alone.

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Yep, Andrew theists really do

Yep, Andrew theists really do not like people to demonstrate how stupid and duped they are.

Most atheists avoid the fact that theists are artificially made stupid people.

And I think that this is one of the problems that hinders progress in understanding theists.

They truly feel that you are accusing them of being naive and stupid to believe such contradictory and insane claims.
They show the symptoms of being offended by your reason, and since they are mistaking their own conscience with god, anything you say about god is a direct attack to them personally.

The damage is psychological, they are made stupid and they do not know it and won't acknowledge it ever.

I know because I was in that position at a very young age but I resisted the concept of people telling me claims as facts.

If a person cannot distinguish the difference between themselves and what other people tell you about yourself, they are damaged and that leads to stupidity very rapidly.

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