Help! Need to send 5yr old to Catholic school, our public schools.suck

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I don't know that s/he'd lie

I don't know that s/he's lied about his/her non-belief and I was wondering if there is some experience which motivated the remarks. This is an old thread and I haven't re-read it all, but perhaps some people feel there are little boys who are allowed to dress as girls inappropriately or something. I suppose it is possible something like that occurred and they are confusing that odd situation with the more normal one where there is a LGBTQ identity. I always try to look at the most innocent explanation as it is usually the most obvious and likely one. The poster has been accused of lying, hate speech, and much more which I'm not sure is helpful or reflects especially well on us. It doesn't make us look obviously constructive, brighter or thoughtful anyway. I think it just makes us look like typical anger venting on the web. (Which is fine if that's what we want).

Looking again though, he wrote "And homoseXual molestation is the most horrible experience that a child could experience when the CHILD IS NOT A HOMOSEXUAL."
That seems to suggest that an abused child is less abused if they share the same sexual orientation or gender identity as the perpetrator. Taken together with the rest of what he has written, he is either especially dim or a troll. Either way, it seems to me that there's no need for it to animate any of us.

Good job Mykcob isn't here or our tirade would pale to a shadow! :-)

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He's posted lots of stuff on other threads praising and quoting the Bible. Chapter and verse.
If he's an atheist I'm a gigantic hedgehog named Spiny Norman, Zeff. The dishonesty's one thing, but calling LGBTI folk paedophiles and saying atheists are the reason little boys are molested? That's something else again.

He's labelled atheists foolish, arrogant, twisted, perverted evil individuals who "fantasize and get off about little children having knowledge of their sexual preference and pre-knowledge about their gender and sexuality." I'm used to being told I just wanna sin, but I refuse to get used to being told I fantasise and get off on thoughts of little children.

He's out of line, Zeff. Way out of line.

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Yes, I really need to spend

Yes, I really need to spend more time reading and less time commenting.

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No, no, Zeff! It's good that you commented, because you're right- people may welĺ have been reading our comments with no idea why The Universal had made us so upset. It would have looked like we ganged up on him for no reason at all. Now they know what's going on, because you thought to ask..:-)

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