Help! Need to send 5yr old to Catholic school, our public schools.suck

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I think it was a jesuit who

I think it was a jesuit who opined that there was no lie to big, if it converted the heathen. You are just putting your catholic heritage into modern practise. Lie your arse off champ.Beg tearful forgiveness for yur sins if it means that much to you.
When I was given your choice I must admit Sister Goretti interviewed my son and decided he was not "proper' for her school. Something to do with his advanced questioning skills at age 5 and the possible intellectual corruption of his age-mates....but she and I remained good friends and sparring partners.

Good luck. I hope it works out for your son.

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Basically he said the

Basically he said the US government is run (secretly?) by "the homosexuals" who are using tax payer money to fund sex with children; and a bunch of other shit.

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wow @ Nyar, i'm chuckling at

wow @ Nyar, i'm chuckling at that one. sounds like a fun book to read! sounds like he took some ambien, watched a few seasons of "house of cards" and... well i can't speak to his agenda!
@ TM i had to go with Tim Curry, and i figured Pennywise was more PC than a head shot from Rocky Horror. (besides, i identify more with a clown than a sweet transvestite from transexual transylvania.
Hey @ old man- i wonder if the scenario you encountered will play out for me? I could see my son calling them out.
"intellectual corruption"! I love it!

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@ Jax,

@ Jax,
Like yourself I assume, I always conversed with my son (all my children in fact) in adult terms and as if (which he was) an person in his own right, not a mere adjunct of our procreative activities to be incalculated with our values.

By the time he was 5 he would not accept the adult rationale of "because I said so" " cant you see your little friends want to, so you should too" he would assertively question and call out what he saw as illogical or unfair behaviour. It rubbed off on my friends daughters one of whom was attending the Catholic School in question, and the other who was about to enter ...apparently they had dobbed my son in as their source of departing from the "good little girl" norm...and the rest is history LOL.

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@ old man on trike,

@ old man on trike,

the school was actually great. there was a jesus statue, and crucifixes here and there, and one hallway had a pic of a kid with rosary beads, and there were some sprinklings of religion around the place.
However, there are no nuns/ priest teachers . they do have a church and a pastor that runs the church, everyone else is 'lay people'

the kids and teachers were all very nice and respectful, nobody asked any religious questions at all.

Not sure what will happen once he actually attends ''religion classes'' or when kids ask why he doesn't eat the 'pretend jesus body' and he says ''it's just not my thing''. i dunno. i'll just take this as it goes,
but for our first encounter with the 4.5 yr old in the catholic school,
i would say so far so good! i signed him up!!!!!

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Great to hear then. I mean if

Great to hear then. I mean if you really don’t believe these things, explain to your child that all he needs to do is respect the religion of others. As such he deserves the same respect to be extended to him.

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Hey out there! Cyber or Nyar

Hey out there! Cyber or Nyar or whoever it was. A very big thank you for deleting that moronic Circutbabe twit! That shit pissed me off.

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Yeah, he won't be posting

Yeah, he won't be posting again on that account.

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@Nyar Gracia, amigo.


Gracias, amigo.

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Anyone watch Shameless (u.s.a

Anyone watch Shameless (u.s.a.) season 8 has "gay jesus" it was hilarious! Tomorrow is half day with the Jesus peeps... We will see how it goes... Guess I can't sent him to school with meat on good Friday? Hahaha he will freak the teachers out! Will they allow him to eat meat in Fridays during lent?! Stay tuned!

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Well, Catholics are pretty

Well, Catholics are pretty used to seeing people eat meat on fridays of lent. It’s not something we freak out over.

I’m sure your kid’s school is used to non-Catholic students.

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I had EXACTLY the same situation with my son's education 20 years ago, so my first advice is keep calm and don't panic - you CAN pull this off, and so much of humanity ( 2/3s ?) believes mystical hocus pocus, having your son see one branch of it up close and personal with you there to point out the flaws all the way isn't a bad thing. You'll be teaching him not to take things at face value and question what he's told right from the word go.

And you'll have two or three absolutely delicious memories of things your son came out with along the way - trust me. A couple of my treasures are "Well, I think Jesus was a good bloke, Mum, but the miracles? I don't know about the miracles. They’re silly. What do you think? " and " No! We can't go to Uniting Church mass because you think they sing better songs, Mum! They're not Christians!" I was driving when he came out with that last gem and laughed so hard I had to pull over.

I just noticed the post where you'd written " I can't wait for him to "correct" the nuns lol... ", well, you might be waiting a while. Very few nuns teach because there are very few nuns, fullstop, and the only priest he's likely to come in contact with will be the one who officiates school mass in the church, because there aren't many priests left, either. Catholic school teachers are civilians, not clergy. And they are qualified teachers. The days of sadistic penguins with rulers are long gone. Decades gone.

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@ sushisnake thanks for the

@ sushisnake thanks for the insight. The "gems" have ready started lol. I just keep plugging and you all keep sharing! I appreciate it! ;)

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When i was 9 years old, i was

When i was 9 years old, i was drugged with rupees the Date rape drug and raped for two days by a group of Roman Catholics who also put meth in my food.

This was in a public school as well on a field trip. They had it all planned out. They took me outside of town and drugged me and raped me. They all were doing drugs. I had no idea what sex was and i was paralyzed because of the drugs.

I could not use the restroom for almost two weeks and i still have flashbacks to this very day.

They were having a party and i was the 9 yr old entertainment for the gays at the party.

I was so horrible. You never know what is out there. You think You can trust people, then here comes the gays with their drugs.

They were doing meth and the gays took turns with me for two nights. The Catholic women were laughing at me and making sexual sounds as well During the day I was drugged and could not move a muscle.
I was a nightmare. Just be careful.

God bless You.

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@ scolding hottie

@ scolding hottie

"The gays" and worse "the catholic gay women" ....did you read this back to yourself at any time?

Go back and rewrite so that you remove "gay" and replace with the correct term "peadophile rapists" . The terms are NOT interchangeable.

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scolding, if this was true, I

scolding, if this was true, I extend my sympathies.

But sadly, this is another evil of religion, where very sick people are allowed to commit such atrocities, and those in power either turn a blind eye or even participate in suppressing knowledge of these crimes.

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I went through the Catholic

I went through the Catholic system in Ontario Canada. Here the Catholic school board is publicly funded and they have to teach Ontario standards of curriculum. World religion + grade 11 philosophy (problem of evil ) = me being an Atheist. I received a great education, though I personally want each province in Canada to stop using tax payer money for the Catholic system. My brother is an atheist and his kids switched to a Catholic school for a better education and experience. I don't really have too much of a problem with it even though I disagree with indoctrinating children, sometimes you have to work with the world that exists instead of the world that you would like it to be.

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I believe that atheists and

Content removed by mod due to homophobic nature of post. Poster is gone.

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Yep, I was in exactly the same situation 23 years ago. Seriously bad public schools- the Catholic school was the only option I had for my son. It will work out Jax. My son brought all his religion questions to me. He knew more about the diversity of religion inside and outside of Christianity before he finished primary school than most people get around to before they turn 40.

Of course, it all went pear shaped went he fell head over heels with a lovely but seriously Catholic young lady and married her a few years ago- but there are some forces of nature mothers simply cannot combat

Breathe, Jax. Most if not all of the teachers will be laity with proper teaching qualifications, not priests. Your wife's right- you can do this. And you both went through the Catholic education system, so you're both forewarned and forearmed.

I'm of the unpopular view that children having an inkling of what/why 2/3s of humanity believe in spooky god shit and what's wrong with the spooky god shit isn’t a bad thing. And let's face it, it's not as though they can avoid it all, with churches on corners and Christmas carols/Easter eggs in supermarkets. Far more likely they might be seduced by the Good News somewhere down the track if it really is news to them.

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I'm also an alumni of private

I'm also an alumni of private catholic schools as well as my two kids. One thing about private schooling is that they pride themselves on high rates of college placement and that's where the brainwashing starts to fall apart. My kids figured it out all by themselves in college and I didn't even have to say anything.

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

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It is a very dangerous

It is a very dangerous situation and You have to always be careful.

As an atheist myself, I have sadly found that many of my fellow atheists are the reason that many little boys are molested. The majority of atheists in my community perpetuate the molestation of little boys.

The Atheist and Liberal Democrats seem to pretend to know and demand that a little Child can know if He is Transgender or Gay / homosexual at a very, very early age.

While the Atheist and Liberal Democrats pretend that sex act involving a man and a little boy is somehow suddenly not a homosexual act.

This shows how willingly ignorant, lazy demented, perverted and evil that even many atheists truly are, as they set up programs and laws to enact the realization and reality they imagine and fantasize and get off about little children having knowledge of their sexual preference and pre-knowledge about their gender and sexuality.

I am ashamed to be an atheist as I would be ashamed to be religious. People everywhere are so very perverted.

But when a religious man molests a little child suddenly all of their fantasy and role-playing self-projection that they project onto little children suddenly goes out the door and the Liberal Democrat and atheist finger points at the religion itself.

And homoseXual molestation is the most horrible experience that a child could experience when the CHILD IS NOT A HOMOSEXUAL. I have found that most atheists are no different than the Roman Catholic, Protestant or Islamic or any other religious individuals who allow this type of predator activity to continue. The saddest thing is that seems that many of my fellow atheists have their own form of religion.

These type of people leave the door open for the child molester to just walk in and it is all done in the name of ignorance. Which is the very god itself ?

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Yes, other groups have

Yes, other groups have pedophiles, but I know of no other group that has been taken over by the pedophiles. The vatican wrote Canon Law to PROTECT the pedophiles. They turned the Church into the world's largest 'legal' human trafficking ring and their schools into free brothels for their clergy. We take VIRTUS classes to learn how to protect our children from our own clergy.

If you are a bishop with a pedophile priest, you can do NOTHING except play pedophile roulette and ship the records to the vatican; which believes that it is not possible for a priest to rape a child.

A pedophile priest CAN NOT be fired and the bishop is obligated to support them. How fast do you think the word spreads through the kiddie porn networks.

JPII extended the ability to rape children to all religious, not just the priests. Benne Dick added "those who habitually lack the use of reason."

I found the documented evidence. The Australian canon lawyers published two documents. The first is a legal report entitled “Canon Law – A Systemic Factor in Child Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church.” (free download from National Catholic Reporter) written for the Australian government. The second is the lay version “Potiphar’s Wife.” (buy on line for real money) . I verified the information with a friend of the author and the legal firm from the movie Spotlight

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@The Universal

@The Universal

I've read some hate speech in my time, mate, but calling atheists paedophiles and equating paedophilia with homosexuality? Wow! What a nasty little Christian Fundamentalist bigot you are! "Atheist", my arse! I can smell what you are the same way I can smell shit.

Sometimes I wish karma were real, and this is one of those times. I note you planted this in a largely inactive old thread, too, you gutless wonder.

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I support two girls, a cousin

I support two girls, a cousin and daughter of my girlfriend, who attend a religious school in the Philippines. It's some branch of Christianity that is popular over there. Anyway, the 10 year old has been going to school and saying "There is no God." (I have no idea where she got that from! He he he he .)

The other day we were all talking. My girlfriend takes them to Church on Sundays and I always ask them if they had fun talking to the magic people. So, obviously God came up and my lack of belief. I asked them whether or not they would feed the babies sleeping on the streets in the Philippines instead of letting them sleep in doorways. Being the moral little angels they are, both girls said "Yes." "Then your God is a horrible god. He has the power to feed them and he doesn't." The girls were considering this when mom leaned in with the typical Christian response and whispered in the ear of the 10 year old. She then blurted out. "Their faith is being tested!" She really thought she had an answer there.

I, of course replied with the ever so harsh, "Your God is a monster! He starves babies and makes mothers go without food to test them? How would you feel if your mother decided not to feed you and make you sleep in the doorway to prove your love to her. Your God is a monster."

The older girl is still a believer and I know my girlfriend still goes to church and prays but she is in a real mixed up place where she realizes the Church is a business of greed that just wants to take money from poor people, and the idea that a heaven just might exist.

Anyway, the point in all this is to, #1. be yourself around the kids. There are all sorts of people in the world and the sooner they get that the better. #2. Will you still love your kid even if they are religious? Of course you will... dumb question right? We are not the Christians that turn non-believing children out of our homes. The result of religious education for my significant others appears to be a Girlfriend who is losing her faith, a 13 year old who is a believer but is beginning to have questions, and a 10 year old who loves shocking the adults in her life with new things she learns and who really does not seem to believe.
She is young, anything can happen.

In the end, being religious is not the worst thing in the world that can happen to a son or daughter. They can still be good people and live a happy life. I think the most important thing to remember is that WE ARE NOT THE CHRISTIANS. We do not turn out kids away because they think differently than us. The important thing is to give your kids a good education and aid them as you can while they grow and explore the world around them.

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That's really great.

That's really great.

If I ever someday become a Christian I will hope that my church will be careful about hiring high-risk individuals.

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@The Universal

@The Universal

Going by your post of Thu, 05/10/2018 - 07:10, your church has already failed: you're in the congregation, with your hateful rants about atheists, Liberal Democrats and homosexuals being paedophiles. Tell me- do you picket servicemen's funerals, too?

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(Quoting Universal)

(Quoting Universal)
"If I ever someday become a Christian I will hope that my church will be careful about hiring high-risk individuals."
They're certainly at high risk of hiring people who peddle superstition instead of reason, Creationism instead of science and who indoctrinate into one particular "faith" instead of teaching all religions, equally. Perhaps caution should start there.

"The Atheist and Liberal Democrats seem to pretend to know and demand that a little Child can know if He is Transgender or Gay / homosexual at a very, very early age."
Whereas you "know" that they don't. We should all trust your judgement?! It might be best to trust professionals who know what they're talking about because Universal seems clueless. It might even be a good idea to listen to the children when they're trying to tell us something really important...

I wonder if Universal actually knows what transgende issues are, the emotional, intellectual and the physical ones.

Who doubts that, in most cases “Family acceptance predicts greater self-esteem, social support, and general health status,” for LGBTQ youth. “It also protects against depression, substance abuse, and suicidal ideation and behaviors,” issues for which transgender youth are at disproportionate risk." (Human Rights Campaign)

Sushisnake's picture


I wonder if The Universal realises biological sex isn't binary:

Once you get your head around that, transgenderism becomes commonsense. Once the rest of the world wakes up to the fact, the suspicion, fear and prejudice leveled at transgender folk will end.

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@Sushi and ZeffD Re: The

@Sushi and ZeffD Re: The Universal

To me it is incredibly telling when ass-clown theists such as Universal are so incredibly righteous, honest, and kind-hearted that they find it necessary to dishonestly represent themselves as atheists to enter an atheist site and spread insults, lies, and hate speech. And the disturbing irony is that they truly believe they are doing "The Lord's Work". Maximum delusional mentality. *rolling eyes*

Hey, here is a thought to keep everybody awake at night.... How many people like Universal have a driver's license and operate a motor vehicle out on our highways every single day? *shudder*

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*raising my arms*

*raising my arms*

i doubt that you can count them t-man...hahah
*thinking gesture*.....
one did already crash her car on a street light. just to let her daughters know that god really exist..

now her daughters are now atheist....
the delusion really gets serious when you're carried away by the holy shit....i mean the holy spirit..


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