Homeland for atheists

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Homeland for atheists

Israel was created so jews had a place to go if they were oppressed. What about atheist should we get a state ?

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I would say if there isn't

I would say if there isn't ALREADY a state for atheists, which I don't think here is, the isn't really a need for one, and isn't all that necessary, although it'd be pretty cool.

Now that I'm picturing it, that'd be pretty rad how instead atheists are stuck in these religious countries, it would be the exact other way around in an atheist state! Good idea! Although I'm not sure how much effort I would put in such an idea.

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Are you familiar with the

Are you familiar with the "Free State Project"? A group of libertarians have pledged to move to New Hampshire within a few years of 20,000 people signing the pledge. That goal was reached 02-03-16. They hope to influence local politics and create a model of libertarianism in action. The webpage link: https://freestateproject.org/ . What about a GodFree State Project?

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So, you think everyone who

So, you think everyone who identifies as Jewish also believes in a god?

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