Hovind vs Logicked

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Hovind vs Logicked

Hovind has nothing but Ad Hominem, nothing.
Zip, zero, none, null.


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I don't mean to be difficult,

I don't mean to be difficult, but I can't access Youtube onboard, can I get a rundown of what's happening? I know that Hovind was trying some DMCA (acronym correct?) shenanigans with Logicked, but has something new come up?

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Kent Hovind pretends to not

Kent Hovind pretends to not care about Logicked, while calling him a moron, an anonymous coward, and bragging about that he himself shows his face, gives his home address in the video and says he has been in the same house for 25 years. Hovind's snappiest responses: "grow up", "what a coward", "what a moron".

Logicked wants to know, do you have any counter arguments?

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"Kent Hovind's Happy Little

"Kent Hovind's Happy Little Genetic Extermination Plan"

Logicked doesn't really say much in this one. He doesn't have to...

This video is a phone call between Pastor Steve Anderson (the "Execute the homos to cure AIDS" preacher) and Kent Hovind, about 6 months before he was released from prison.
They are discussing what crimes should be punishable by death, since the law of god is perfect. Of course, homosexuals are doomed. Eventually Kent Hovind says that people like adulterers should be systematically executed.

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Love everybody like yourself

Love everybody like yourself has exceptions, did you know?

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Yeah, so it would seem.

Yeah, so it would seem.

I thought Hovind was "just" a screwball who was crazy enough to make other creationists seem sensible. But this is insanity at ISIS level. Close to pure evil.

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But at least one can admire

But at least one can admire the loyalty and honesty to stay true to the bible literal meaning.

Unlike most creationist which cherry pick what they like from the bible and just ignore the bad(ehrm worse) things.

I prefer Hovind over those apologetics which first claim that god gives an objective moral code and then ignore/oppose 3/4 of what he says in the bible as being subjective to that time period.

Can you be worse then that?
At least Hovind helps the Anti-Theist cause with his "good" arguments. :)

Literally, putting a bullet right through your brain would cause less damage then the current state of those deluded hopeless robots that can't see reason.

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.............this makes me

.............this makes me lose hope for humanity :(

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could someone here, an admin

could someone here, an admin or longtime Atheist in this "Republic" explain to me why xians are allowed to post dozens of idiotic drivel in our forums ? There is no such thing as an "ex-Atheist" nor an "ex-mathematician" once a person learns 1+1+1=3 there is no possibility of the triune xian pretense the answer is 1 ... the number of alleged gods observed in the universe in all of human history so far is zero ... it is totally incumbent upon believers to prove what and where their alleged gods may be before we are obliged to "debate" such alleged existence ....

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and please stop capitalizing

and please stop capitalizing the title god as an alleged name for any of all the alleged gods names, it is merely a gibberish sound without meaning, an adjective without object .... gott gawd god are germanic gutteral slangs of fear and violence

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