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Enough is enough. Let’s all

Enough is enough. Let’s all just step away from the name calling and attacks. It serves nothing.

Neruda, I’ve sent you a PM.

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@Cyber Re: Name calling

@Cyber Re: Name calling

But.... But Cog just called me a wise ass. That's a good thing, right?

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Yes, Tin. For you, having at

Yes, Tin. For you, having at least one body part that is wise can be considered a good thing.

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...*blushing*... Aw, shucks, Ma'am...

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Sorry I am late to the party.

Sorry I am late to the party. *looks at bodies littering the forum* Bugger me with a platypus spine, this looks nasty.

Guys, just to let you know "eiland" is from the Dutch/Afrikaans language.
Reputedly and notoriously short tempered, arrogant but make fine beer in the case of the Dutch and great Biltong and BBQ sausages in the case of the Afrikaaner.

It seems we have had a couple of those latter through the forums lately, maybe revenge is a dish they savour after a good massacre or two. After trolling for suitable bait of course........

*kicks at poo encrusted piece of metal* WOW, Hey TM! Look at this piece, its kind of a double cup shape with a crease and hole in the bottom...wait there's a stamp on it...*cleans off sticky poo eliciting a strong smell of banana* Examines metal piece while restraining gag reflex*...It says "ssa esiw", oh wait *turns it over* There you go TM! Cyber called me and said you had one of these but had lost it!

I will drop it in at the next corroboree, mate, just make sure that flamin' cockie is in his cage and all rolling pins are checked in at the door.

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@Old Man Re: "*kicks at poo

@Old Man Re: "*kicks at poo encrusted piece of metal* WOW, Hey TM! Look at this piece, its kind of a double cup shape with a crease and hole in the bottom..."

Oh, sure... *hands on hips*... Any ol' excuse you can find to put your hands all over my ass... *rolling eyes*... Why am I not surprised? Careful where you point that thing, though. Not sure how much longer I can hold in this major fart that's been building.

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You need help.

You need help.

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@Bonzo, nah, as usual, Old

@Bonzo, nah, as usual, Old Man is doing just fine.

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@Bonzo Re: "You need help."

@Bonzo Re: "You need help."

If that was directed at Old Man, don't waste your breath. We've been trying to tell him that for months now, but we finally just gave up... *defeated sigh*... As a compromise, we just padded all the walls and sharp corners in the place. That way he is less likely to get severely injured when riding his trike after too many glasses of-... I mean bottles of wine. Oh, and I strongly suggest you invest in a good set of shin guards and steel-toe shoes if you plan on hanging around for awhile. Just sayin'...

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@ Bonzo

@ Bonzo

Re: "You need help"

Nah mate I'm bonza here. Just going to hose down this piece of discarded/lost metal and return it to the Metal Man. Its not that heavy so that I would need your aid. I think its the new copper/titanium model arse with rhodium plating and patented "wind relief valve".

I think it was launched as a dual function "Wizz Arse" but the secondary function failed so the marketing director (now our PM ) came up with "Wise Ass" and flogged the lot to Trump convention organisers.

I think TM got his by sending two cereal packet tops and a postal order for $50...or was that his driving licence?

Awwwww you guys redecorated my room? Is it chimp proof? I love the soft padded feel of the walls and the bars shadow the moonlight so nicely.

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@Old man

@Old man

"bonza" ? Crikey cobber, I guess you're much older than I thought . I must say you do very well for a man of your advanced age.

I was recently told by my nerd mate (of 58) that I'm 'atypical for my age' with computers.. Felt like smacking him, but I need his help with some stuff on my new PC . It's nearly ten years since I last used windows much.

I do have a windows laptop.. But it's a cheapie with a very slow Celeron processor.So I use Linux ,which halved response time.

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Bonzo needs a Bedtime.... if

Bonzo needs a Bedtime.... if I recall correctly! Here, have a Swedish Meatball and go to your room. (I looked and the cookies were gone.)

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@Cog Re: "(I looked and the

@Cog Re: "(I looked and the cookies were gone.)"

Damn right they're gone! I've got them bitches locked up and hidden away in a place you will NEVER be able to find them. Ain't gonna be givin' away all MY cookies anymore. Hah! And before you even start searching, they are NOT under Old Man's helmet. Last time I hid them there they tasted like Brylcreem and Bengay by the time I retrieved them.

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"Bonzo needs a Bedtime.... if I recall correctly! Here, have a Swedish Meatball and go to your room. (I looked and the cookies were gone.)"

You're not an Aussie are you.

'bonzA' is archaic Aussie slang really well/great, whereas BonzO was a chimpanzee in a truly dreadful old movie starring Ronald Reagan.

Ahh, but you're taking about Old Man . I see what you did. (I think I'm getting worse)


SMART ARSE TRIVIA: Imo, Ronnie did appear in a quite good movie, called "The Hasty Heart" (1949)

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we have any kind of food with

we have any kind of food with any kind of taste. we have any kind of drink with any kind of taste. we have any kind of material to build and make anything we want, the world is the place to be. evolution couldn't do this.

Poppycock. Evolutionary processes not only achieved this, but left behind genetic evidence of said accomplishment. Pull your head out of your arse, and leave the goat herder mythology on the fiction shelf where it belongs. Oh, and regurgitating the unsupported assertions of said mythology merely makes you look even more of a moron than you did in your pathetic little creationism thread.

Moving on ...

who made christianity and why? who made the old testament and why?

Human beings. Who have, over history, invented dozens of mythologies, among which yours is nothing special in that regard. Like every other mythology invented by human beings, it's littered with unsupported assertions intended to be treated uncritically as fact by the authors thereof. And in the case of your mythology, a number of those assertions are not merely demonstrably wrong, but fatuous and absurd. The authors of your sad little mythology were incapable of counting correctly the number of legs that an insect possesses (apparently your cartoon magic man in the sky forgot to tell them this fact), and asserted within the pages of said mythology, that genetics is purportedly controlled by coloured sticks (another error your cartoon magic man in the sky failed to correct when they wrote it).

Plus, those of us who paid attention in class, know why human beings wrote mythologies in the past. It's because they were trying to explain the world about them, without recourse to science. Almost all of the extant human mythologies in existence, are pre-scientific (and failed) attempts to explain the world around the authors thereof, involving the projection of human intent upon entities and interactions that are devoid of any sentient intent. If you had paid attention in the requisite classes, you would have learned this.

The rest of your assertions in the requisite post constitute a level of drivel so fatuous, that they are beneath deserving of a point of view.

why you believe evolution?

Evolution isn't a matter of "belief", shithead, it's a matter of observed fact. Evolution has been observed occurring in thousands of lineages of living organisms, and documented doing so in tens of thousands of scientific papers. This includes papers documenting the generation of speciation events in the laboratory. One of those papers documents an experiment that can be conducted in any high school laboratory, and which, after running for three years or so, will result in the generation of a readily detectable speciation event.

Oh, and as for your cartoon lava troll, no one here regards this entity as being real, just like we regard your cartoon magic man as fiction. So stop posting schizoid drivel about "satan", because no one here takes you seriously when you do.


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