How to deal with Xmas???

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How to deal with Xmas???

How do you folks deal with Xmas? Unfortunately I still do the Xmas thing with my Mom, because of family ties, I look for the time I won't have to.

I also do merchandising at grocery stores and Home Depots, I was in Home Depot and realized there was xmas music playing, so I decided to keep a pair of earplugs with me at all times.

Any comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks

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I adore xmas! It's fun! I

I adore xmas! It's fun! I put up a tree, a huge xmas village (admittedly, it includes a crack house, a whore house, and a wee gorilla - King Kong - on one of the buildings), cook a huge meal (usually sweet &sour brisket, latkes, and cheese cake) give away lots of presents, play with my grandkids, hang stockings on the fireplace, drink fabulous wine, sing and dance with my family, and have a fabulous time! Santa is definitely involved, but no gawds join us.

I've never been a theist and didn't raise my kids with any gawds. You don't have to have any gawds to have a great time at xmas. Just embrace the fun and wonderful parts of it.

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I even start business during

I even start business during Christmas, somethings related to the holiday such as gifts, toys and Christmas decors.

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xmas is a way to make kids

xmas is a way to make kids happy.

Learn to used this type of mind control in your favor.

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I love good food with those I

I love good food with those I care for. It is nice to have an excuse to give people free stuff. I also still like those old Rankin & Bass xmas cartoons.

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Christmas is what is left of

Christmas is what is left of the great mid-winter feasts of the pre Christians. The early church appropriated the celebration when they found it was impossible to eradicate it.

In an agrarian society once you get around halfway through the winter you find that your livestock are consuming large amounts of your accumulated fodder .. so much that if it continues your herds (and hence yourself ) will starve.

Solution ?

Slaughter half of your stock ... thus ensuring the survival of the remaining half.
Now your only problem is what to do with all that refrigeration ... limited preservation techniques.

Solution ?

Big ,damn feast for all the family ,clan ,tribe...
Days of excessive eating and drinking ...

So ,not much change there then ...

Christianity tried to apply its crude nativity tales as an overlay ,but the pagan origins were/are never far beneath the surface.

My advice Heidi .. ignore the Christian veneer ... just go with the party

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This traditional holiday

This traditional holiday surely worth enjoying so why would we lock ourselves at home while everyone is happy doing the x-mas things?

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