How did matter come to be?

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"When I worked in a

"When I worked in a laboratory I had quite a bit of time to spare ... so I made a substance that, as far as I could establish, had never existed before I made it. I created a molecule that only by the application of intelligence could it come into existence. Some matter is created without the involvement of intelligence ... some requires intelligence for it to come into existence.."

I think this may be a false memory, based on a flash back you had to an acid hallucination from the 70's.

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Then he was arrested in

Then he was arrested in McDonald's for sitting on the outside swings, stoned off his tits and dressed as Napoleon and declaring that he was the Emperor of all Cheese!

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Well I could say its logic.

Well I could say its logic. But to elaborate, the universe is filled with possibilities because it exist because it wouldn't be able to exist any other way with contradictions. In the universe something can't be heating and getting cold at the same time. So platform for this universe is that A is A and it has no contradictions. And that's how elements are stable. I'm not a scientist but everything happens in the spectrum of logic. A house is on fire, there's gasoline inside, boom an explosion. The likeness of you having electricity in your anatomy is a mystery to me. But everything has a causality too it. Like a user posted earlier no one knows the origin of life. But the laws of the universe are that there is no contradictions that exist in the universe. Only in other aspects in life like emotions. A entity is defined by it's characteristics and as long as one entity does not overlap with another. All things are possible. Science is consistent, and there is a nature to how things come to be.


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