How History proves Judaism, Christianity and Islam are frauds designed by empire

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How History proves Judaism, Christianity and Islam are frauds designed by empire

“By declaring our Prophet infallible and not permitting ourselves to question him, we Muslims had set up a static tyranny. The Prophet Muhammad attempted to legislate every aspect of life. By adhering to his rules of what is permitted and what is forbidden, we Muslims supressed the freedom to think for ourselves and to act as we chose. We froze the moral outlook of billions of people into the mind-set of the Arab desert in the seventh century. We were not just servants of Allah, we were slaves.”
― Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Infidel

Scholars are "rapidly" closing in on proof that the three major Abraham Religions are frauds founded on the false notions of prophecy and miracles. How so?

Islam is based on alleged revelations made to the last prophet Muhammad by the Angel Gabriel. Yet many scholars now believe that the Biblical story that generated the Angel Gabriel was created by the Maccabees in 160BC.

From :

"Though traditionally the book was believed to have been written by the Daniel figure of the court tales, today the scholarly consensus views the Book of Daniel as a product of Maccabean times. Though many evangelical commentators still defend a sixth century date, for mainstream scholarship the issue was settled over a century ago [3] The common view is that the court tales represent a stratum of older, traditional stories, while the visions and final redaction of the work date to the second century BCE. The visions describe the national crisis that occurred under Antiochus IV Epiphanes, a Seleucid king who persecuted and slaughtered thousands of observant Jews, polluted the Jerusalem temple, and tried to replace traditional customs with Hellenistic religious practices."

Why was the Book of Daniel made up and if it was who was Muhammad chatting with in his visions.

To understand that fully, we have to go back to 540BC. The time that the Book of Daniel was allegedly conceived.

In 540BC, Cyrus the Great, captured Babylon. We know that, because its recorded on a real ancient relic known as the Cyrus Cylinder.

The Cyrus Cylinder (Discovered in 1879) also tells us that ancient rulers liked to use the locals religions as a tool for propaganda.

"The text is written in an extremely formulaic style that can be divided into six distinct parts:
Fifteen horizontal lines of text written in Akkadian cuneiform script.

Extract from the Cyrus Cylinder (lines 15–21), giving the genealogy of Cyrus and an account of his capture of Babylon in 539 BC.
Lines 1–19: an introduction reviling Nabonidus, the previous king of Babylon, and associating Cyrus with the god Marduk;
Lines 20–22: detailing Cyrus's royal titles and genealogy, and his peaceful entry to Babylon;
Lines 22–34: a commendation of Cyrus's policy of restoring Babylon;
Lines 34–35: a prayer to Marduk on behalf of Cyrus and his son Cambyses;
Lines 36–37: a declaration that Cyrus has enabled the people to live in peace and has increased the offerings made to the gods;
Lines 38–45: details of the building activities ordered by Cyrus in Babylon.[31] "

Now let's move forward to 538BC and the time that many scholars believe parts(I'd suggest all) of another infamous Biblical Book , The Book of Isaiah was written.

"Isaiah identifies itself as the words of the 8th century prophet Isaiah ben Amoz, but there is ample evidence that much of it was composed during the Babylonian exile and later.[3] The scholarly consensus which held sway through most of the 20th century saw three separate collections of oracles:[4] Proto-Isaiah (chapters 1–39), containing the words of Isaiah; Deutero-Isaiah (chapters 40–55), the work of an anonymous 6th-century author writing during the Exile; and Trito-Isaiah (chapters 56–66), composed after the return from exile.[5] While one part of the consensus still holds - virtually no one maintains that the entire book, or even most of it, was written by one person - this perception of Isaiah as made up of three rather distinct sections underwent a radical challenge in the last quarter of the 20th century.[4] A great deal of current research concentrates on the book's essential unity, with Isaiah 1-33 projecting judgement and restoration for Judah, Jerusalem and the nations, and chapters 34-66 presupposing that judgement has already taken place and restoration is at hand.[6] It can thus be read as an extended meditation on the destiny of Jerusalem into and after the Exile.[7]"

When you examine these three parts of Isaiah, you can start to see patterns of similar propaganda at work. Part 1 was designed to raise an unwarranted guilt amongst the Jewish captives, introduce the false notion of prophecy and provide an authentic historical context. Part 2 was designed to establish Yahweh as the supreme Go(o)d and then present Cyrus as the Saviour of the captives and Israel. Part 3 was about Yahweh's "new" rules. According to Cyrus, perhaps.

So, we have two events where religion was used to place an Empire builder in a Go(o)d light. In the second example though a forged prophecy was created. It's this style of corruption that sets the tone for an explanation for the Book of Daniel's mischief. It's also these corruptions by Cyrus that lead to the birth of Pharisaic Judaism and its mystical and oral traditions. But that's another story.

Alexander the Great had brought the inspirational works of Greek philosophy to the region when he conquered 10 kingdoms (or horns if you prefer a Biblical metaphor). Move forward to 167BC and meet Antiochus IV a King of three of those 10 horns (Or the little horn that became great etc...).

Followers of the overly zealous Cyrus inspired Pharisaic Judaism were being naturally attracted to the gentler and more inspiring Greek traditions. This was to lead to a seven year (or 2300 Days if you prefer a biblical count) civil war known as the Maccabean Revolt. Half way through either 1290 or 1335 Days and the "ungodly" king, Antiochus IV Epiphane, and a supporter of the Hellenized Jews, dies. By wars end in 160BC, unfortunately for world peace and freedoms, the Maccabees win the battle.

True to form, the Pharisees write the Book of Daniel. Propaganda to excuse their cruelty, blame an "ungodly king" and the Hellenized Jews. The fake guilt trip and equally fraudulent prophecy, as Cyrus did in 538BC, are used to regain control and servitude of another captive Jewish audience.

Ego-maniacal people behaving selfishly and feeding an evil wolf, once again. All in the name of power and servitude. Not Go(o)d. Simple really.

“An old Cherokee told his grandson “There is a battle between two wolves inside us all. One is evil. It is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies and ego. The other is go(o)d. It is joy, love, peace, hope, humility, kindness, empathy and truth.”
The boy thought about it, and asked “Grandfather, which wolf wins?”The old man quietly replied. “The one you feed.”

So the Maccabee/Pharisees used the Cyrus example to fake a prophecy to win the favour of the people and excuse bad behaviours. And because the ancients believed this story or perhaps Muhammad was aware of the con, he creates his own story and religion by using the made up Angel Gabriel, proving his was just another prophecy propaganda. By making his the last suggests he may well have known about the earlier corruptions. Claiming last place meant his followers could not be easily coerced away from the faith. A strategic master stroke, perhaps, if our scholars had not began to see through the entire scam.

But this unfortunately is not the end of the corruption story. The patterns continue and three more occur up to 325AD. And they show that all three Abraham religions, in their current forms, are founded on the false notion that prophecy and miracles are in some way real.

However, there is a twist or two. The "real" Jesus story is more about Plato's philosophies, Zen and personal awareness than Religions designed to serve power. And there is also Nostradamus to deal with to provide a more complete picture.

If we must believe in anything, Believe the history. At least once you can recognize the repeating patterns.

In a way this debate is just like the Climate Debate, everyone seems happy running with opinions and beliefs and ignoring the real evidence. We are a strange lot indeed. We are our own worst enemy it would seem :-)

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Thanks for sharing this

Thanks for sharing this information. Unfortunately, those weren't told in most history classes in religious schools. It seems that we have to further seek on history topics and researches for us to be more knowledgeable about history and religions. Relying solely with what our schools can feed directly to us may just lead us into believing that religions have authentic historical value.

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Whilst that explained the

Whilst that explained the frauds that are Pharisaic Judaism and Islam. If we now move on to the three remaining corruptions, you'll see how it's all connected and how its as simple a fraud as Empires and religious zealots feeding the wrong wolf. (see first post).

Around 30AD A guy who would later be identified as Jesus rose to prominence as the Righteous Teacher at Qumran. our source: The dead sea scrolls. As happened when the Hellenized Jews defected from Pharisaic Judaism in 160BC because it was rubbish, so to did Jewish People when they heard the interpretation of this guy called Jesus. It's the one you read in the Gospel of Thomas, discovered in 1945. The Pharisees not only had issues with the Greeks and defection. Now the challenges were coming from one of their own.

True to the form they displayed in 160BC they brutalize the opposition. This lust for power and the associated aggression occurs because the Cyrus corruption to Judaism was designed to serve authority.

In 41AD Caligula dies and Agrippa 1 (the Great - there's that pattern again) teams up with Alexander the Alabarch. Their kids marry to cement the deal. These two with other Pharisee leaders get Paul/Saulas and Mark to evangelize a revamped version of the Jesus story to lure back those lost to the Jesus sect (Essenes). If you compare the Letters of Paul to the Jesus interpretation in the Gospel of Thomas, you'll see how Paul's 7 letters are spiritual lacking. Not only that you'll see how they align to the OT and are more concerned with authority. In contrast the Gospel of Thomas is not about authority and its about a personal spiritual relationship.

No miracles or magical conversions for Paul. Paul is just a Pharisee undercover agent. But what about the Romans. Surely they wouldn't allow this to go on under there noses. Well, Agrippa 1 had big plans when he aids the underestimated Emperor Claudius to power. However it's not long before Claudius (or Rome) must have smelled a rat when they despatched Agrippa 1 in 44AD. That's all a longer yarn. Time to move on.

So now, The Essene Sect has been re-claimed by the Pharisees.

Around mid 60AD, Child Emperor, and future anti-christ, Nero is in power after Mum dispatches her Uncle and husband Claudius. I know, weird family relations. Nero has the talented future Emperor Nerva in his employ. It's this Nerva that receives two mysterious and highly coveted awards. One under Nero and the other from the Flavian DyNASTY.

He gets the first reward for uncovering the Pharisee conspiracy, started by Agrippa 1 and carried on by his son Agrippa 11. Nero, is called an anti-christ and is hell bent on destroying all things Jewish. Probably also relates to the Fire of Rome in 64AD or that was the trigger point. Around 66-69AD a great many "Christian" Bishops are also dispatched. Mark, Paul/Saulus, Peter, James and others. Then Rome smashes Jerusalem and wipes out the Essene and Sadducee communities.

Some time after the fall of Jerusalem (Nero has been replaced by then), Roman Emperor Vespasian or his sons enlist the help of the award winning Nerva and he writes the Gospels of Roman Christianity. Now Rome owns the Jesus story. It's Nerva's creativity that leads to the telling of the miracles. Why? Because none of the 7 letters attributed to Paul mention Jesus performing miracles. And also , no one has been able to repeat these feats of walking on water or rising from the dead...

Nerva also writes the Book of Acts. Its a retelling and spicing up of the Paul story. Further, as happened with the other corruptions, Rome needed some propaganda to cover up how cruel they had been. Nerva creates the fictitious character of Flavius Josephus and retells the Jewish history and wars.

To Rome these Jewish folk and their silly religion(s) were just another side show at the time. One that needed to be bought to heal. It's the rest of history that has made the mountain out of the ant hill.

In the process, John the Apostle was used as the author of the Book of Revelations. The Romans were copying the Prophecy forgery again to scare people into towing the line.

And here's a record that throws some light on that con.

In the Book of Revelation, written sometime after 60AD, the following information was presented as one of the apostle John's later predictions. This particular "prediction" relates to an event that occurs during the third of three woes. To some people, these three woes have been taken to mean that the author of "revelations" was predicting or prophesising the 3rd of three world wars and an Armageddon scenario.

“14:20 They were trampled in the winepress outside the city, and blood flowed out of the press, rising as high as the horses’ bridles for a distance of 1,600 stadia.”

Yet, from another independent source from the same era, the Jewish Talmud, we have this historical event recorded.

“The struggle lasted for three years before the revolt was brutally crushed in the summer of 135 CE. After losing Jerusalem, Bar Kokhba and the remnants of his army withdrew to the fortress of Betar, which also subsequently came under siege. The Jerusalem Talmud relates that the numbers slain were enormous, that the Romans "went on killing until their horses were submerged in blood to their nostrils".[10]The Talmud also relates that for seventeen years the Romans did not allow the Jews to bury their dead in Betar”

The Bar Kokhba revolt occurred between 132-136AD. It was the third of three Jewish conflicts with Rome.

These "wars" occurred during the first and second centuries AD. I'll show how we may have been mislead to misinterpret these end of days scenarios in the main volume of this series.

So, in summary, three fake prophecies, three fake religions according to the history.

In 166 and 189AD two events related to leadership of the "Christian" Churches in Rome and Alexander, suggest that Rome was very much in the drivers seat of this Roman Christianity.

325AD and Constantine launches Christianity to the world.

Now fill in the gaps and put an end to the misery.

Don't forget though, Jesus is a good guy with a genuinely good philosophy. It's those Empire builders that are feeding the evil wolf. :-)

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I am a believer but I do

I am a believer but I do people that there are some people or leaders that have used religious groups in order to gain more power and money. There are really religious leaders that instead of being a good model, they were good corrupts. :P

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Christian schools would never

Christian schools would never let something like this fly in their teachings. I have seen perfectly normal children corrupted by religious thinking and it's a sad thing to see. Knowledge is a good thing, I don't understand why parents would tell their children otherwise.

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So we shouldn't look at it as

So we shouldn't look at it as if the religious followers are the bad guys, but the leaders themselves that are the cause of all of the trouble? I can see it that way as the followers are just that, followers and the leaders are the decision makers.

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I hear you, but to me a

I hear you, but to me a person making the decision to give up their responsibility to themselves and allow another person to make decisions for them is just as responsible for the decisions that are ultimately made. We *all* have a choice.

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And here's some more evidence to support the theory. This relates to my claim that Rome created Christianity. The author is at the beginning of opening up this can of worms. However, he does make some intriguing forward projections

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Technical question - you cite

Technical question - you cite the dead sea scrolls as a source for some of your information. I've read some things that say they are *from* the dead sea scrolls, but I've been unable to track down a really good transcript of the scrolls in their entirety (as much as we've got at this point, lol).

What source are you actually using? I'd love to find a copy for myself :)

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This Guy better be careful or

This guy better be careful or at this rate he's going to beat out Henry for the longest post!

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I was about to say that too,

I was about to say that too, my friend! The long winded, the better I guess. It gives us all fuel for our mental fires.

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lmao, my first thought when I

lmao, my first thought when I saw this post was "Oh golly! Henry's back!"

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I agree that it will be great

I agree that it will be great to know your source since like any other information online, it is easier to spread than to prove it. Nice that there are these kind of information that could make us think or rethink.

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I think that you got

I think that you got somethings wrong in there, but you are on the right track.

Watch this video, it explains why the Flavians needed to create such a religion copying what the pharisee did.
They back dated Jesus in the time of their enemies(Julio Cladian). exactly 40 years before Titus takes down Jerusalem.
Jesus lives for 3 more years before he is crucified and the rebellion ended exactly 3 years after the destruction of Jerusalem with the battle of Masada.


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