How powerful is the truth?

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How powerful is the truth?

Good morning, it’s a new day. Whether sunshine, rainfall or clearness, you must begin to advance with time. The first step in every dimension must start with a solid foundation. If you’ve been working for several years and are desperate for a Brand New Level, what can you do?

With everything available in existence, you can proceed with Simplicity. Numbers, letters, images, sounds etc speak very loud messages.

Religion is what most use as a guideline to live. Some of the most popular are Christianity and Islam. Connecting back to Simple thinking, FRIDAY = Friendly Romantic Islamic Darling Appeases You. This looks and sounds fantastic! Maybe Islamic Darling, ID in Perfection = Intelligent Daniel. Let’s see what else we can get. FRIDAY = Finish Redeeming Injured Dear Angelic Youths. Who has the ability to Redeem? That must be a Good God. Who are the Injured Angelic Youths? It’s those who are sincerely Good and Righteous, but are suffering temporary affliction from evil forces.

You all know your own heart. In this existence, there are various ways people attempt to live. A common theme is to work during the week and rest when the weekend arrives. SATURDAY = Saints Appear To Universal Really Dear Angelic Youths. The Angelic Youths are Really Dear because Unstoppable Love exists between all who are Good, no matter what realm. Access to different realms is prevented by evil power. It matters now, but in the long run, only Pure Goodness can last forever. You’ve seen several animals, insects, mammals, humans etc die since the conception of time. It’s because the wages of sin is death. Keep looking at your ticking clock.

October is the 10th month. 10 is the number of Perfection (count to confirm). Undeniable Everything is a Perfection double. Therefore 10 plus 10 gives 20 as the day of Undeniable Perfection. That will be October 20th, a Sunday. SUNDAY = Supernatural Universe Now Dances At Yard. By then, all the Good and Righteous would have finished eliminating evil and would be able to have enjoyment like Dancing. How powerful is the truth?

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What the fuck is this lot of

What the fuck is this lot of bollocks ?

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Old man shouts ... "What the

Old man shouts ... "What the fuck is this lot of bollocks ?"

You seem to have answered your own question old man. Am I the only one who involuntarily clapped a hand on my wallet after reading the first few lines of the OP? I'm picturing an unctuous individual with slicked back hair, and a southern drawl, in a white linen suite, and a gold tooth in his smile, whilst ostentatiously brandishing a bottle of snake oil ointment.

I must say it (the OP) made my skin crawl...

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Please provide a complete

Please provide a complete list of all of the hallucinogens that you took before spitting out that mass of words. I want to make sure I avoid those. Thanks in advance.

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Hah I kind of want to try them... but unlike this guy, I would not go to theist forums then spout what ever thought comes to my head. The even more scary thought is this guy is/was completely sober when he wrote this.

Gotta love people attaching some sort of grand cosmological significance to a few words that has been around for a few centuries, the shortest blink of an eye when we are talking universe time scales.

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Perhaps you are right. Those drugs must be strong, I'm thinking grab that old pair of Koss headphones and listen to the SACD of Dark Side of the Moon, LOUD. That will give anyone some cosmological significance.

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Yes NewSkeptic, that would

Yes NewSkeptic, that would make the brain cells do a fun dance.

FYI I still own a half-speed master (from Japan) of Dark Side, still in it's original package. Never opened, never played

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My favourite is POETSDAY,

I have no idea what the OP is talking about but my favourite is POETSDAY = Piss Off Early Tomorrow's Saturday Don't Aggravate Yourself...or something.

... and suddenly its WEDNESDAY = Wordlessly Escorted Down Near Exit Seven, Duplicated Account Yeh?

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@Surprise Man" "you must

@Surprise Man" "you must begin to advance with time. "
What an interesting idea. If you stop to think about it, time does not move at all. Time is the yardstick by which you measure action. The clock simply misleads you as it tells you time is passing by. It is not time passing by but everything else. Life is passing by. With each second you grow older. But time, like a rock, simply sits. Must time really move with me?

RE: "Religion is what most use as a guideline to live..."
“A most notable coward = an infinite and endless liar, and an hourly promise breaker, the owner of no one God of quality. Come, come, you froward and unable worms, go, prick thy face, and over-red thy fear, Thou lily-liver’d boy of religious dogma = Islam or Christianity or the inane people that I would beat were I not in fear of infecting my hands for there is no more faith in thee than water in a desert stone.

You also know your own heart, that is rotting as the puny toad-spotted hedge-pig of your brain imagines poisonous decayed misbegotten-divel. That idle headed cog-piece sitting between your shoulders has better use as a flower pot than a machine for human locomotion.

RE: "October is the 10th month. " WRONG BANANA BREATH Have you been hitting the weed? October is the 8'th month. January from the god Janus.
February for the Roman purification of Februa. March for the god of war, Mars. April for Aphrodite. May =Greek goddess Maia. June, named after the goddess Juno. Septem means “seven” in Latin and that means September is the Seventh Month. Octo means 8 and means the 8th month. Octopus, Octogon, October = eighth month. Nova = November / the ninth month. Deca = 10 and thus the tenth and final month, December. Game over, Thanks for playing. Have one of Tin Man's cookies and go to your room. Oh wait! Here is a bottle of Flintstones sleeping pills, be sure to eat them all. They are yummy!!!

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Word Salad Shooter!


Attach Image/Video?: 

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Surprise Man was escorted from the building.

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CyberLN "Surprise Man was

CyberLN "Surprise Man was escorted from the building."

Since it is my birthday tomorrow, I shall consider this an early present, and once again and I don't say it often enough, thank you.

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@CyberLN: https://www
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Friday is named after Freya,

Friday is named after Freya, a Norse goddess

Saturday is named after Saturn, a Greek god.

Why is October the 10th month since October indicates 8? Octo.

So these "magic" numbers have nothing to do with christianity, but rather Norse and Greek religions. With a smattering of Roman.

Sheldon's picture
@ David Killens

@ David Killens

All I know is my birthday is in October, and since it is the only month that rhymes with sober, I am forever being encouraged to "go sober for October", and it is never going to happen....

David Killens's picture
I just celebrated my 69th

I just celebrated my 69th birthday, 14th of October

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@David: Yes Yes, I got the

@David: Yes Yes, I got the hint. Here is a copy of the video I took.

David Killens's picture
Aww geez, thank you.

Aww geez, thank you.

Please ignore the naked one by the waterfall, too much Elderberry wine.

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Happy Birthday, I know what

Happy Birthday, I know what I want to do on my 69th birthday....ah never mind.

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In 1969 I was 19, and on the

In 1969 I was 19, and on the 69th day of that year I .. well, it was memorable.

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@David K. Re: "In 1969 I was

@David K. Re: "In 1969 I was 19, and on the 69th day of that year I .. well, it was memorable."

In 1969 I was 1. And I guess I must have been totally hammered, because don't remember a damn thing from that entire YEAR. And I suppose I had one helluva hangover in 1970, because I don't remember much about that year either.

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We got october from the

We got october from the romans, and the romans started the year in march, making october the 8th month.

Also Happy bday and belated bdays to the folks that were born when the earth was roughly in this position in its orbit around the sun!

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@David Killens: Why is

@David Killens: Why is October the 10th month since October indicates 8?

October, November, December were the eighth, ninth, and tenth months. Then the Romans stuck in July for Julius and August for Augustus. I don't know what months were taken out to make room for them, though.

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Word salad much. Gone before

Word salad much. Gone before I could play with him/her.

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Someone has been at the paint

Someone has been at the paint thinner again...


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@Surprise man:

@Surprise man:


I hoped you might be about to make a post about truth, as a concept or perhaps about different uses of the word, that kind of thing .

Instead there is word salad. (I use the term in the clinical sense)

Sorry, really can't be bothered. Perhaps start taking your medication again.

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