How Religion is a Scam

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How Religion is a Scam

I wanted to share this video with the room. Aron Ra makes some excellent points to a christian:

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Yea Hitchens made the same

Yea Hitchens made the same points, about religion being a practice of fraud.

It is quite obvious though, when i was a kid I used to see Christianity as a way to threaten children with an invisible punishment to make them behave.

No wonder I did not want to obey lol.

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It is important to show how

It is important to show how dishonest theists can be and how far they will go to lie to deceive others into believing what they do. Here is another video of Aron Ra and his wife who he met when she was a creationist and discovered what she had been brought up to believe was a lie. Aron Ra and her discuss some of the dishonest strategies theists use to attempt to win debates any way possible regardless of evidence provided:

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Any brief glance at religion

Any brief glance at religion makes it obvious that it's just all an indoctrination method. I've said this before on another topic: soya be we DID need guidance in our early stages, a reason to be good, but at this point in time especially, we don't anymore.

We are past the point in time that we need 'guidance' from religion, it should be gone by now.

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What you suggest here sounds

What you suggest here sounds a bit like post- theisim, or the idea that religion was a necessary evolutionary 'step', which we have outgrown.

Except, I don't know that it was. We attempted to interpret the world around us through religion, but maybe that is something we would have done anyway - god just 'got in the way' (sometimes violently) of humanity expressing itself.

The difference means religion naturally fading, vs making effort to keep society secular.

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Mitch no one knows what would

Mitch no one knows what would have happened if a drop of water from rain was not dropped 2000 years ago.

I think without religion it was gonna be very hard to control the people, no one knows what would have happened.
We might be in a paradise on earth or even extinct.

One thing is sure, today we do not need such an evil concept, not that we ever needed it but let us leave the past in the past.

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A great man once said:

Indeed. On leaving the past in the past, I'm reminded of a great man. When asked to share on how long to hold a grudge, he said:

"Well, you know, Bobby, don't take for me man. You know, life's too short, man. You don't want to hold no grudge, man. Talking about, let old bygones be bygones, man. Maybe two weeks, probably three."

- Boomhauer

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yep holding a grudge is not a

yep holding a grudge is not a healthy and not good thing.

It also effects your judgment and it pushes you to have a biased opinion.

However that does not mean that you should not learn from the past and improve upon it.

The problem of Theism is that it does not want you to improve but to repeat the same mistakes of believing in an imaginary friend.

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I suppose it's true we can't

I suppose it's true we can't say what would have happened without it, but I'm not suggesting it was evolutionary. It was a means of control, now we don't need it, we don't need to be controlled

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