humans are parasites?and natural disasters are Earth's immune system?

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Emotionally screwed up is not

Emotionally screwed up is not a clinical term of course, and I don't think a clinical term such as mentally ill can reasonably be applied here. I also never suggested that child abuse doesn't cause lasting emotional harm, but this is relevant to my point though. Also I can't speak to the amount of help you've claimed exists in the US, but for it to be salient it would have to mean no one slips through that safety net, and in regards to my point apply globally since i don't limit my objections to poverty to single nations states, it's a global fact that needs addressing in the 21 st century.

"As a side note I state without facts they are more likely to come from welfare homes."

...and I am dismissing the claim in the same fashion.

"They prolly go to school hungry cos their useless welfare parents spent the welfare money on booze or drugs."

Whilst I have no doubt this occurs, I think you're rather missing the point as this was a rebuttal to your claim no one starved in the west, and starved is a condition that need not be terminal but which does cause suffering and lasting health issues. Either way I fail to see how removing such safety nets entirely helps to tackle such issues?

"My second comment you quoted was an actual question not an accusation."

Fair enough.

Remember I am not ignoring your claims about the negative effects of a welfare state, but in order for decent societies to balance their attempts to tackle poverty we must improve it to protect it from abuse, to educate and provide opportunities and hope for those who have none, not just simply abandon it and all help for those born into crushing poverty. You must realise that the negative stereotypes you portray may also be victims of their circumstances, though this doesn't justify abuses of a system designed to protect the vulnerable.

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Welfare state appears to

Welfare state creates more poor who are again dependent on the welfare state at the expense of people who are paying for the welfare state.

Do the math.

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Terminal Dogma - Welfare

Terminal Dogma - Welfare state creates more poor who are again dependent on the welfare state at the expense of people who are paying for the welfare state.

The data seems to indicate the opposite.

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That study is moronic, give

That study is moronic, give people money for free and they more free money than they did before,. Well Duuurr. Huuurrrr.

Typical leftist that denies reality.

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Terminal Dogma - That study

Terminal Dogma - That study is moronic, give people money for free and they more free money than they did before,. Well Duuurr. Huuurrrr.

Typical leftist that denies reality.

I'm more than willing to endure snide remarks; in my defense of the elderly, children, and frankly anyone who needs some help meeting their basic needs.

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And that comment is precisely

And that comment is precisely what is called virtue signalling.

That's a leftist tactic to try and establish moral high ground. That's twice in two replies you ignored my point, once with really dumb data that states giving people money makes them have more money lmao and two virtue signalling.

That proves;

1. you lack the ability of analysis .
2. You are a condescending, self righteous person with a white knight complex.

If you have the courage and honesty to discuss my position I would be happy to help you see the error in your position.

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@ Old Man Shouts (100%

@ Old Man Shouts (100% Agreement!)
"If you think churches can be trusted to look after the poor, the disadvantaged, the sick and disabled you know fuck all about history and less about their priorities."

That's why I said "MAKE" them do their "Frigging" ..... being polite.... jobs.

We need to TAX them, oversee their finances, and make sure the money being earned benefits the poor and those in need. The Churches are incapable of doing this themselves. They need to be held accountable.

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@ Cognostic

@ Cognostic

So you want to expose every atheist, every non christian to the Church when those people are at their most vulnerable? Sounds like you will need an army of inspectors to police the Churches.. Look at their track record of abuse, sexual abuse, venality and money laundering. Never mind the practise of pressuring elderly people to change their wills in favor of the church.

I don't think you thought your scheme through. Buy all means tax the churches until they squeal, give the money to the needy, oppressed and elderly but make sure that the funds and delivery are controlled by secular governance.

Oh...sounds you might need a bureaucracy for that...

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I surrender. I can not

I surrender. I can not support the Church. I just think we should hold them accountable or close them down.

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@ Cog

@ Cog
Now, we can agree on something...

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You do support the church via

You do support the church via your taxes bud.

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I used to hypothesize that

I used to hypothesize that God was unsatisfied with his work, so he created humans to screw it up.

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@Original post:

@Original post:

They way I see it is, humans are just like every other species on the planet, consuming and reproducing until they no longer can. Just like the bunny example given by others in this thread. Only difference is, our intelligence, cooperation and record keeping allows us to be enormously succesful in consuming and reproducing. We are by far the most dominant animal/organism on this planet today.

I think if we really want to rise "above" all other animals on this planet, we need to be able to, through our intellect, break our baser instinct of endless consumption and reproduction. Or in other words, save ourselves from ourselves. If we can use all our knowledge to reverse the damage we already inflicted upon the planet, restore biodiversity, and actually plan for the future so that our future generations do not suffer needlessly based on our past actions. We need to get past our baser instincts of greed, laziness, and wonton consumption.

I also think bronze age religions are a big obstacle these days in getting the human race to actually break free from our more base instincts. I also think capitalism in its current most popular form also is a major obstacle, (capitalism requires endless growth to work.)

If we do not, as always it will be the vulnerable that suffer first. The animals the plants, the poor. Here in the US, consider who suffered in major disasters, Puerto Rico, (the poor) Flint Michigan, (the poor) New Orleans, (the poor.) More people have died in Puerto Rico from the hurricane then people that have died in 9/11, yet no one cares nearly as much. The difference of 9/11? Well for one, it is very unique in that it struck the rich for once.

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I watched the news and

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