I Believe In A God, LOL.

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I Believe In A God, LOL.

Just look at my name on here and put one and one together, my name on here is my god. LOL.

I sleep with a Fievel Mousekewitz plushie, he's the closest thing I have to a god. I believe it is possible that Morgan Freeman is correct, we cease to be. If there is anything there, I will find out in the time life has provided I want to live as long as possible. But I realize the difference between fiction and non fiction.

Still if there would happen to be anything after death I don't believe we would go to hell over it. But if there's a god they did little to nothing making this universe happen. It is just the natural fact.
We evolved from sea creatures I believe.

Anyways, Fievel is the closest I get to believing in a god. LOL.

Just wanted to get your attention, I am high.


It is against Christian law to have false idols.

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"I believe in a God."

"I believe in a God."
Oh, no you don't!
You're just a very naughty boy.
Wish I could get high again.
My cardiologist advises me against it. *sigh*

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No I don't believe in a god. I use to before I opened myself up to the possibility of being wrong about my previous belief in Christianity. I realized there's many other religions, and I realized they can not all be correct.

Also learned many of the bible plagues were natural weather phenomenon and not plagues.

Would I go for some religion now? No.

"You're just a very naughty boy."
Yes I am.

"Wish I could get high again."
It makes life bearable for me while realizing that when you die that's probably the end of you. One ceases to exist. Morgan Freeman could be right about that. It doesn't bother me too much that I will die. And it doesn't bother me that there's probably nothing to look forward to after death. Pot helps with letting go of my old beliefs as I like facts and there's just no evidence of any god.

I really should try to watch that program with Morgan Freeman (The Story Of God)
I find religions interesting.

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