I Broke the Rules Again

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I Broke the Rules Again

There's a group called The Absurdity of Atheism on Facebook that another group I'm in was talking about. It's an atheist group that was poking fun at it, but nevermind. I went to the page to see what was there and it turns out I could comment! I didn't have to join or anything! Better than that, the last post on there was my favourite subject; the followers of each religion think there's is the right one. So I asked a question and it quickly devolved until the entire argument was deleted and of course, I can no longer comment.

This is the type of thing these theist debate groups do; as soon as you start to make headway they can't listen anymore. More evidence of a con.




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If I believed in a god and

If I believed in a god and (as many of them say) I knew that it existed, I would not feel attacked when someone criticised my god or my belief. If I knew that they were wrong, that they just didn't know any better and that I would be rewarded and they would not, why should critique and questions anger me? I would welcome questioning! I would only feel pity and probably compassion towards the non-believers.

It's sad how they shut down when cognitive dissonance gets to them. Instead of accepting that there is a glitch in their Matrix, they choose to pretend that they didn't notice it.

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Very well put, Pragmatic, I

Very well put, Pragmatic, I agree wholeheartedly. Perhaps one day we will stumble upon a list of questions that actually creates thought on the other side. Though, I think Richard Dawkins is still looking.

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