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The concept of sin, IMHO is


The concept of sin, IMHO is the most egregious of all main tenets, laying right next to a soul and prayer...defining human actions as either emulating gods desires for humanity, of which are rewarded with idiotic supernaturalism, or chastising "evil" behaviour, usually initiated by an originator of evil, punished by more idiotic supernaturalism. It irks me no end that people's, atheists and theists alike, basic reason, is bypassed, by such an insidious, yet seemingly overtly innocuous supernatural horseshit concept, simply out of familiarity. WTF is wrong with people that they except a clearly non existent supernatural horseshit concept, without applying one second of reasoning to its actual existence in reality. Human actions exist for a reason, believing these actions are associated with such an objectively flaccid framework, is painfully stupid.

Sorry for the rant.

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You said sorry for the rant. I liked it.

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I'm pretty sure that ranting against stupid superstition is why we are here.

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OMG butterfly guy ... lots of

OMG butterfly guy ... lots of agrees!!!!! Lots and lots!!!!

And some more - yeah! And standing and clapping!!!! Running around and chasing my tail!

Wait...I think Cog lifted his head and stick (he was so focused on his belly button)...


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