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I have good news.

Hi pal!

I appreciate the fact that you are taking your time to read this mail. Please I want you to take everything discussed in it seriously, because this is an issue that comes from the depth of my heart which I feel pressed to share with you. It’s about your life and the after-life, where you stand with God.

There’s no question about the fact that every human on earth is born into a world of troubles caused by sin, and we continue in sin just as we met it, consequently this has continued to cause untold hardship and injustice in the world and has given the devil a hold on everyone.
Fortunately, in spite of the fact that we all have gone astray from God, God still looked for a way to reconcile us to Himself.

Atonement of blood was needed for this reconciliation because without the shedding of blood, there couldn’t be forgiveness of sins. That is why Jesus laid down his life by His death on the cross. You might want to ask “why Jesus?” it had to be Jesus because His blood was pure and without blemish. He was sinless. Only His blood could accomplish what the blood of rams and bulls could not do.
Now that the work of salvation has been perfected by Jesus, all you need to do is repent, confess and forsake your sins, admit Jesus into your life and believe in Him. You then become a child of God and you have eternal life in you. It is written “as many that received Him, to them gave He the power to become the sons (daughters) of God, even to them that believe on His name” John 1:12. Another portion of scripture says all that believe in the Lord will never be ashamed.

I ‘ld also want you to know that the scripture says it’s only through Jesus that we can reach the throne of God. John 14:6. You can look up the Bible for yourself. The Bible goes further to say that “he that believes in the Son (Jesus) has everlasting life, and he that does not believe the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him” John 3:36.

So that you can escape the tribulation and destruction that shall come at the end of the world and the eternal damnation after this life. You need to surrender your life to Christ. No matter how wicked or bad you think your sins are, He said he will forgive you.

I counsel you, my dear friend, to repent today so that you may have eternal life with Christ.
If you have decided to give repent and give your life to Christ, please pray this short prayer.

Oh God, i thank you for sending Jesus to die for my sins
i repent from all my sins and ask for your forgiveness. Give me the grace to walk with you in holiness and grant me eternal life in Jesus name. Amen.

Welcome aboard. You are now a child of God. Please locate a bible-believing fellowship or church and worship there with other children of God.

Please pray and ask God to direct you to a good Bible-believing church where you can grow in the Spirit

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Seriously? LMFAO!

Seriously? LMFAO!

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I suppose you realize that

I suppose you realize that many of us here were Christians at one time. As a child I I began to realize the circular argument: Believe the Bible because it's the word of God, and we know it's the word of God because the Bible says so.

Just like any other religion with a holy book.

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Said the prayer...nothing

Said the prayer...nothing happened.


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"Said the prayer...nothing happened."

That's because you've hardened your heart. Only those who believe will see their prayers answered. Repent and avoid the fires of hell!

(I'm just filling in temporarily in case our new friend is too busy preaching on other atheist websites to come back here and reply.)

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@new LOL



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@Myke...” the fact that you

@Myke...” the fact that you are taking your time to read this mail. ”

Oh, and THANK YOU for forming your own thoughts on an opening post.

***crumpling up paper mail and tossing***

Now, Mr. Jehovah’s Witness wannabe- do YOU have something to say in your own words?

Please note: This is a copy of my response to Myke from another thread...

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Oh, fuck, I noticed “crayon

Oh, fuck, I noticed “crayon writing” on the back of the crumpled pamphlet! TIN - you’re soooo funny!

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I don't believe in any deity, or the devil, or the notion of sin, and unless you can demonstrate some objective evidence for any of your claims, I shall continue disbelieve them.. I find the notion of vicarious redemption through a blood sacrifice repugnant and immoral, and even were it true I should want nothing to do with it. I don't particularly care what the bible says, as again it's ludicrous superstitious claims are unsupported by any objective evidence, and many of it's core myths are roundly contradicted by scientific facts.

As for prayer, its efficacy has been thoroughly tested using proper clinical trials, and it had no discernible effect.

One last thing, this is an atheist forum, and whilst it welcomes theists to the debate forum, the atheists who post here take a dim view of being preached at, and so do I.

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Cogent, polite and direct

Cogent, polite and direct always. Paid for by: Shel for forum god 2020.

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@Sheldon... “and even were it

@Sheldon... “and even were it true I should want nothing to do with it”

At least “god” gave “Satan” the certainty of “his” existence (didn’t seem to interfere with “free will”) - too bad “god” doesn’t do the same for us...

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Holy Shit...another one?

Holy Shit...another one?
Is the apocalypse bringing them out of the woodwork?

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Hey buddy, I was once christian too, until I learned about critical thinking. May I introduce it to you now, in the form of reason?


Do you have any objective evidence that your version of a god exists?

A truthful, direct, non-deflecting answer would be greatly appreciated. :)

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@Myke: Oh fuck..... another

@Myke: Oh fuck..... another one?
Oh Myke, I am so hoping that you are more intelligent than the rest of the turds that have been crawling out from under the pews around here. There is a reason they call them "pews" I guess. But don't they know they do not have to be that way?
Any-hoo, welcome to the site and lets go see what you have to say..... up to the OP we go.
Point One: My life is fine and I stand nowhere with any version of God I have ever heard of. Do you have something different? I don't believe in God or gods so how could I possibly stand with one? Do you have any evidence at all for this thing you are calling God?
Point Two: "caused by sin" I suppose we need to define terms. How is it you imagine "Sin" is the actual cause of my boss not giving me a paycheck this month? That is after all my biggest trouble currently. Next to that is the fact that I keep finding myself talking with utter and complete idiots. I suppose I could just stop responding to their posts, but then, what else is there to do for entertainment during the Covid 19 shut down? I would dearly love for you to define 'sin' and then demonstrate a direct connection between it and any trouble I may be having. (DEMONSTRATE - not ASSERT).
Point Three: Blood Sacrifice and Atonement: Um...... I stopped believing in that shit when I was about 6 years old and my mommy told me there was no such thing as witches, vampires, magic, or demons...... didn't your mommy ever tell you the truth? Do you still believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy? They're not real!
Point Four: "It is written". By who? Why? When? How do you know? Why is it important. Why should I pay any attention at all to it? Please demonstrate its importance.
Point Five" "salvation has been perfected by Jesus." Jesus perfected salvation? What in the fuck does that mean? Salvation from what? If I hold a gun to your back and tell you to repent or I will blow out your spine and you will suffer for the rest of your life... how have I perfected anything? Can you justify threatening people with a Hell, that you create and then telling people that you can save them from that hell if only they do as you say? A perfect con game seems more like it.
Point Six: " it’s only through Jesus that we can reach the throne of God." First, why would I want to visit your God's throne. Fuck, I didn't even know he had bathrooms in his house.
Point Seven: "the Son (Jesus) has everlasting life," Ummmm.... apparently not. Did you miss the part in the Bible where his ass was killed. Did you miss the part about him being dead? You can not be dead and then claim "everlasting life." That's just stupid. Life can not be everlasting if you were once dead. On that same note, can you demonstrate this Jesus guy is alive today? How would you do that. Hell, we don't even know if he was actually alive in the past. You got any facts or evidence to support your claim?
Please pray and ask God to direct you to a good Bible-believing church where you can grow in the Spirit.

I would love for you to direct me to a good Bible Believing Church. There are over 30,000 Christian sects out there. It would be fantastic if you could forward me the list of those which Jesus finds "True" and Bible Believing and any information at all on why all the others should be ruled out.

Awwww Fuck! We got ourselves another one! It's a bit like fishing for trout and catching logs all day long. What a waste of time.

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Cog... the “logs” from god’s

Cog... the “logs” from god’s “throne”

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@White? I wonder if they

@White? I wonder if they are "Super Logs?" Do you think I could hit one of those giant silver birds that fly past the jungle trees? I've tried knocking them out of the sky with coconuts, without success. Perhaps a God Turd would do the trick? Hey! Maybe there is a reason to approach God's throne. You wanna bring your rolling pin and back me up?

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I’m making a five cent bet

I’m making a five cent bet that Myke will just keep on driving down the road.

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I think you are right cranky! :D

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@CyperLN - All five? Wow,

@CyperLN - All five? Wow, that's dangerous! We are talking about sight, taste, touch, hearing and feeling, right? If you lost the bet you will be a virtual vegetable.

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Ah, Cog, I’ll still have,

Ah, Cog, I’ll still have, among others, my sense of balance, sense of humor, sense of decorum, sense of self, sense of where my arm is relative to me nose, sense of hunger and thirst, and lastly but most importantly, my sense of bility.

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Cyber "I’m making a five

Cyber "I’m making a five cent bet that Myke will just keep on driving down the road."

No bet, in fact if you look in the direction he headed off I doubt you'll even see his break lights come on.

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Here’s my plan - you and Cali

Here’s my plan - you and Cali “distract” it... mythical being causing fandimonium “down” here - (you just nod and smile) - .... and ....


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Re: Whitefire's monkey pic

Re: Whitefire's monkey pic

COG!... *shocked look*.... What the hell are you doing to Cali?!? Stop touching him there!

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@Tin: I was just looking!!!

@Tin: I was just looking!!! Can you imagine these things on pizza? PRETTY!!

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....I’ll stop the shit taking

....I’ll stop the shit taking place... BUT this is important!!!

Grab the plunger and run!!!!!


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@ Myke

@ Myke

I read your plea. Yes, it was a plea, not a cogent argument.

Sorry Myke, your plea was a fail. First off it presupposes we will accept the 'sin" proposition.

And jesus did not die for our sins. He had a bad weekend then got promoted to vice pres of heaven inc. Jesus is in heaven right now enjoying piña coladas and watching midget porn.

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This is the third time in about a week a christian has found his way here to deliver the same message.

Let me tell you a story. About 10 years ago I attended a party at a very good friend's house. One of his twin daughters (age 18) had recently been converted to the Pentacostals. Daughter was there with boyfriend,an earnest-looking young man with a gaze.

I was standing by myself. Earnest-looking wandered over, trying to look cool and failing. He looked me in the eye and said, earnestly " Have you heard the news?"

Looking him in the eye . I said,earnestly " I'm not sure but if you say Jesus I'm going to punch you in the face" He moved away with alacrity. He couldn't have known I was bluffing. The last time I hit another person in anger was in 1964. I was 17.

I wanted to communicate my contempt for anyone who tries to proselytise me . IMO it's arrogant and patronising to make assumptions about anyone you don't l know. Even more so if that person simply doesn't happen to believe as you do bit has fully formed ideas and religious beliefs (or none).

I do not believe in gods because of a total lack of evidence. I make no claims of knowledge. That means I'm an agnostic atheist .

You have just inflicted drivel on us, just like every other apologist we get here.

At this point, even the historicity of Jesus has not been established . AT BEST all we can say about Jesus is: there MAY have been a wondering rabbi on first century Judea with a name something like 'Yeshua/Yoshua bar Yussuf .Jesus is a latinised version of the Greek name IESOUS.

That he MAY have founded a small Jewish sect, perhaps like the Ebionites. That he MAY have been crucified by the Romans . Sadly, perhaps thousands of Jews were crucified by the Romans during their occupation of Judea..

That this historical Jesus had little or nothing to do with the Jesus of the New Testament, both of which are almost certainly myth.

Like most of our members, I'm a former believer. Many here almost certainly know your bible better than you.

I became an atheist when I realised I did not believe in gods. So naturally could not accept the bible as revealed text. One and only one reason for disbelief; absence of evidence.

I have not been idle over the last 30+ years. I have retained a keen interest in comparative religion and mythology, and have studied such formally at university and informally.

I have no idea what your agenda might be. Most apologists we get here are quite disingenuous.

HAVING SAID THAT; I am willing to discus your faith with you if and only if you meet me half way. By that I mean that as with myself, you admit the possibility that you are simply wrong in all or part of you beliefs. This not a negotiation.

The unfounded certitude of the many believers who insist on coming here to proselytise REALLY pisses off this atheist .

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@ cranky47

@ cranky47

I thought carefully about this topic, and my conclusion is that such proselytizing is pure asshole arrogance. The theist, without any research or knowledge of the other person, assumes that their perception and way is the only proper and true way, and that the one being preached to is just plain ignorant or wrong.

boomer47's picture


"I thought carefully about this topic, and my conclusion is that such proselytizing is pure asshole arrogance. The theist, without any research or knowledge of the other person, assumes that their perception and way is the only proper and true way, and that the one being preached to is just plain ignorant or wrong.'

Mkay. I thought that is what I just said, or at least tried to say. Apologies if I was unclear..

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No need to apologize, I just

No need to apologize, I just put to paper something that has been bothering me for awhile, namely the arrogance.

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@Myke: without the shedding

@Myke: without the shedding of blood, there couldn’t be forgiveness of sins.


We're told that god can do absolutely anything, yet he can't forgive unless someone (his own son apparently) is nailed to planks and tortured into a bloody mess of pain. That need for blood and death and pain actually sounds more like a lot of the barbaric human cultures that have arisen throughout history.

Is it a coincidence that your god behaves and sounds just like a bronze age Israelite warlord?


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