If People Don’t Believe Genesis,They Won’t Trust the Rest of the Bible

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If People Don’t Believe Genesis,They Won’t Trust the Rest of the Bible

Ken Ham has figured out that it you don't believe Genesis, then you don't believe the rest of the bible.


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And he is correct. I don't

And he is correct. I don't believe the genesis flood story and I don't believe the rest of the holy babble is a god inspired book

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1st page of the Genesis KJB

1st page of the Genesis KJB version (but this is found in pretty much all versions of the bible.)

God creates earth and heaven, god creates light, few steps later he "creates greater light for day and lesser light for night" So god finally got around to making the sun and the moon, AFTER he created the plants and seasons and earth, dry land etc.

The list numbered, concise and to the point, the people that wrote it took effort to list it chronologically, it is hard to argue we are misinterpreting it or meant to take it figuratively so: Either the book got it wrong, or God created the earth and the universe that goes completely counter to very core tenants of science and discovery we make with our own senses. So god created it the way the book says, then the book fails to mention that god went out of his way to leave behind purposely misleading evidence that the first page of the genesis is wrong.

Why would a book that is suppose to be divine and gods instructions to man, get just the first page so obviously wrong? Perhaps because it was written by humans w/o any divine inspiration before humans understood how the earth and the sun came to be?

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