If you are atheist, how do you interact with your religious friends?

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Aw, thanks guys! I'm so glad

Aw, thanks guys! I'm so glad to be of use to the community :) I've been learning a lot here as well!

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All my friends are religious.

All my friends are religious. But i never had any problem with them, i have only problem with parents. All profiles in Social media clears states i am an atheist, I dont talk any religious issue with muslims, i hardly spoke to 4 or 5 christains in my entire life.

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Your parents, or your friend'

Your parents, or your friend' parents?

And it's so interesting that you've only spoken to a few Christians. Where I am, that's pretty much the default religion of everyone, and there's this ridiculous assumption floating through the air that everyone is Christian (people seem shocked to find out that someone is a Jew, like it matters in any way). Yet, where you are, there's an entirely different set of assumptions. It just goes to show how remarkably ununiversal these so called religious truths are. How could anyone be convinced that there's only one true god, or one way to worship?


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