India's battle against 'superbugs'

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India's battle against 'superbugs'

This is a growing problem for all of humanity. The end of antibiotics era, medicine will have to go back to herbal treatments.

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Seems there are some new

Seems there are some new strains of gonorrhea called MDR (Multiple Drug Resistant). Does not sound very promising: Antibiotic Resistant Gonorrhea May Be Our Next Major Epidemic

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@ImFree "Antibiotic Resistant

@ImFree "Antibiotic Resistant Gonorrhea"

Look on the bright side. A disease like that would take out most evangelist preachers and decimate the catholic clergy.
"Penicillin Penny" by Dr. Hook and the Medicine Band

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They would truly feel god's

They would truly feel god's burning rage, no problem all they have to do is pray to be cured LOL

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Oral sex spreading

Oral sex spreading unstoppable bacteria. Oral sex is producing dangerous gonorrhoea and a decline in condom use is helping it to spread, the World Health Organization has said.

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Bugs are retooling their own

Bugs are retooling their own auto immune systems to fight antibiotics. Is this really that big of a surprise? The world's collective CDC was cognitive of the event years ago but knowing it would eventually happen is not to say they knew where it would make its appearance and in what form.

Now we know and the MSM is going to make Big Pharma and related institutions out to be buffoons. So-called experts will come out of the woodwork claiming they warned the world of this years ago, and all the stupid human drama will have another stage to unfold upon. Just don't let it get your knickers in a wad. Once the strains are identified medicine can only then fight them the way it knows how and that's in the lab with the time and experimentation it needs to employ.

Of course, there's always prayer...the other oral antidote.

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Viruses are evolving.

Viruses are evolving. Amazing. Micro-evolution lol

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Let me just say, it's super

Let me just say, it's super-comforting that I'm getting divorced right as uber-gonorrhoea is becoming a thing. Makes me feel fantastic about re-entering the dating scene.

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Burning Love!

Burning Love!

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Per usual it will be the most

Per usual it will be the most vulnerable among us that will suffer.

Labs can churn out new forms of antibiotics, that will work for a while in limited quantities, but cost $10,000 per use. The rich will be fine, the rest of us will get screwed.

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