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Flat earth is a 'ball' of fun

Flat earth is a 'ball' of fun, forgive the pun...

There are some brilliant takedowns of the bollocks spewed fourth by flat earthers on YouTube.

For those who like a dry humoured British take on the matter, I'd suggest 'cool hard logic'.

For a zany but equally fun take down, 'conspiracy catz' is superb!

Those who prefer the hard facts as well as slapping these mentally defective skidmarks down a peg or two... then check out 'professor Dave explains'... hes an American with an MA in chemistry I believe and hes equally good as the aforementioned.

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Hey, whether you want to admit it or not, Flat Earthers actually do have their practical uses in society. For instance, they are a great source for cheap entertainment and amusement... *chuckle*...

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Very much so, I've greatly enjoyed them!

More so the charachters that promote their ridiculous views... "GET OFF THE WEEEEEEED!"

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9/11 was far more successful

9/11 was far more successful than the organisers anticipated. If they'd been stopped before they achieved their aim they had at least one other plan up their sleeves ... less spectacular but still calculated to scare people witless. The "alternative location" was in London.
I came to this conclusion because my Arab neighbour in the lodging house I was living in in Hampstead had been visited a couple days before 9/11 by 3 rather "menacing" in their demeanour muslims and he became very introspective and apprehensive about something, These guys spoke with him, in his room, in German. The day after 9/11 they returned and he left with them and never came back. He'd been living there for almost two years. My belief that these guys knew 9/11 was about to happen was driven by the FACT that I'd had a vivid dream about the 1993 attack ...several hours BEFORE 9/11 happened. I surmise that I was "tuning into" what was going on in his mind. My dream seemed to be a mixture of what he was thinking.(dreaming?) and my knowledge of the 93 event. There were no planes in my dream.

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I too dreamt about 9/11 on 9

I too dreamt about 9/11 on 9/11.

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Satan's face can be seen in

Satan's face can be seen in the dust.

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All I saw as my Uncle Ralph,

All I saw as my Uncle Ralph, three different boobs, and the front end of a 1967 Corvair.

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From the evidence of some of

From the evidence of some of the bollocks spouted on here, the drug epidemic is truly as bad as reported in the media

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Why would one willingly

Why would one willingly subject oneself to such nonsense in the first place?

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Possibly the craziest example

Possibly the craziest example of wingnuttery I've encountered, centred upon an attempt in 2007 by Ben Bridges in the Georgia House of Representatives, to have evolutionary biology removed from the school curriculum on the grounds that it was a "religion" ... and cited as purported "evidence" for this claim, the contents of a website called, wait for it, Fixed Earth, and which is still up and running, though it's since abandoned its previous retina-searing combination of weird text/background colours and multiple underlinings in favour of something a little more polished. But it's still as wingnut as it ever was. I won't link to it, but the diligent will be able to track this one down with ease.

The Panda's Thumb covers this in more detail here.

I note with interest how the memorandum sought to have evolution removed from the curriculum on the grounds that it was a "Jewish myth", only to be replaced by creationism, which is, wait for it, a Jewish myth ... you can't make this shit up, though creationists routinely indulge in this level of tard.


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