Ireland has legalised same-sex marriage

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Ireland has legalised same-sex marriage

"Some 62% of the Irish Republic’s electorate voted in favour of gay marriage. The result means that a republic once dominated by the Catholic church ignored the instructions of its cardinals and bishops. The huge Yes vote marks another milestone in Ireland’s journey towards a more liberal, secular society."

I had no idea there was such a shift in Ireland defying the Catholic Church.
Fantastic news.

The Irish are Walking Away From Religion

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The religions will be the

The religions will be the first to fall because they have secular (man made) implications. They're easy to dismiss as methods promulgated by early man that no longer have relevance. The idea of a god, on the other hand, will be a harder - more time consuming - divestment. It still carries with it that idea of immortality - which was a religious ascription - that will require much more personal convictions to dismiss. Courage does not equally enjoy a presence in each person's psyche but it will require exactly that to ultimately dismiss notions of immortality. Only then will all notions of a god follow.

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Bill Maher always said that

Bill Maher always said that being Irish was one of the reason why he could walk among sane people. lol

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I remember when I was a young

I remember when I was a young man and people pointed to Ireland to point out everything wrong with religion, protestants and catholics in a free-for-all that made some warzones look like fucking Disneyland. Now, Ireland, a country still in the throng of religious education, points at us and laughs at how religion has bent my country over a barrel and lubelessly fucked it bloody and raw. It is, quite frankly, embarrassing.

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Things change. Ireland has

Things change. Ireland has cast off generation after generation over 1500 years and I think it's safe to say that people change somewhere over that period. Nothing stays the same.

But, I couldn't care less if Ireland thrives or becomes a big sinkhole. I have no value placed in, for or otherwise related to the country and couldn't tell you what worldly good it has contributed throughout history. All I've ever heard from that insignificant g-spot for bad news is hate-driven violence. Hell, when someone gets mad it's become conventional to say they've gotten their Irish up.

But, now we're supposed to laud their newly acquired freedom. Fine. If that's the best Ireland has to offer the world for positive news then I can honestly say it figures that's all they can come up with.

Not that there's anything wrong with that...

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Wow, you are really

Wow, you are really depressive Pitar. You are not only an atheist, you are an existential nihilist.

So we can't even be happy for Ireland? Why do you constantly enjoy taking a piss on the camp fire when everyone else wants to roast marsh mallows?

I don't think the change has been slowly occurring over 1500 years. I think it's a change over just the last generation, due to the information society, news media bringing up scandal after scandal of the catholic church, and other recent factors.

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Like you say, maybe there is

Like you say, maybe there is at least a step in the right direction.

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Do you have Irish heritage,

Do you have Irish heritage, Pitar?

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I say kudos to Ireland! I now

I say kudos to Ireland! I now live in a state in the US where same-sex marriage is legal (VA) but am considering moving to OK, a state where one of its legislators has proposed that only approved clergy from certain religions be authorized to perform marriages (so no judges and no ministers from, say, the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster). This would in effect bar atheists from getting married there, unless they wanted to submit to a religious ceremony. I'm hoping that this ridiculous measure doesn't pass.

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Very true, and should you

Very true, and should you move there and express opposition, you stand the chance of some radical being tempted to blow up your residence. The outlandish views in opposition on this subject are maddening.

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Well, that was fascinating.

Well, that was fascinating. The writer has discarded this change in Irish law as a positive because of her stance on marriage in general.

I disagree with her.

(Editorial comment - she's not a very good writer.)

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