Islam is true, read and prove me wrong.

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I joined just to answer this.

I joined just to answer this. Yes, I've read the Qur'an, Sunna and much of Bukhari's Hadith. That's why I left Islam in 1986. You're brainwashed and don't want to listen to the answers. But mostly, you're plain wrong. Islam is a misogynistic, Flat-Earth-believing, slavery-endorsing cult of violent misery. I was Muslim for 21 years, however a good education and love of science soon knocked the silliness out of me. Islam brings chaos and barbarity everywhere it goes. I can back up every single thing that I said, god boy. Can you?

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Hello , i am an exmuslim, i

Hello , i am an exmuslim, i left islam a few weeks back , for that all you have to do is think out of your 'islamic box' no matter what we say, you won't accept it and keep making more stupid claims . If you think islam is the fastest growing religion read this ( ) and i am not the only one, there are many exmuslims are out there , i am not trying to make a debate with you , i haven't read the whole quran or hadith but i've read some quran and honestly it doesn't make any sense. Seriously, do you believe in quranic stories ? Do you think moses(moosa) divided red sea using a magic stick ? Do you think jonah(yunus) spend 3 days inside a fish ? And mohammed flied on a winged horse ? ( i know many are there i am just pointing out few ) and the scientific calims , my fellow heathens have gave you answer for those and there are many youtube channels (like theislammiracle) which have debunked most of this and you can depend on sources like ( faithfreedom, islamwatch, wikiislam etc ) i know most of these maybe by non muslims but they have given sources ( like verse number, hadith number etc) and just use some brain dude . Only your opponent can know your negatives if you ask your negatives to your friends they might not able to find it or they'll just lie to please you , likewise if you keep reading islamic sites you'll never know the truth .
Like you believe your religion there are many christians and hindus out there who took theirs to their core , they truly believe theirs is the true religion . So your belief doesnt make your religion a true one .
And Preachers ,Religion is a business for people like Zakir Naik, they make a hell lot of money thru their "Dawah", and have you ever noticed the audience in his stage ? about 80% of them will be muslims , no matter what bullshit he say they'll just applaud .they don't even know what the hell is he saying but they just applaud,
and one more thing, you wanna see someone who left religion after learning it ? , okay , i read about this guy who preached islam for 16 years and later renounced it , his name is Abdullah Sameer ( )

Thank you :)

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ABDRAUF786 .....

ABDRAUF786 .....

Watch your behaviour ......I know you claim to be a muslim... but that does not excuse you from civility.....this is a debate do not have the right ti issue curses ,threats or even quranic dooms......your fairy tales give you no authority here..... moderate your behaviour or leave....

You do realise your last post has negated anything you may have said previously.....and that it is YOU who is the disgrace to the muslim community

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Pastor Hormoz Shariat Ph.D -

Pastor Hormoz Shariat Ph.D - Iranian ex-Muslim, former Research Scientist in Artificial Intelligence, now Tele-Evangelist, bringing the Gospel to Iran.

Dr. Asim Sahebzada, Ph.D. who is a geo-scientist and hails from Pakistan

Hamed Abdel-Samad German-Egyptian political scientist, historian and author.

And a long list of other prominent apostates can be found here

Ready to denounce Islam yet?

I've read the Quran, Tafsir of Ibn Kathir and numerous Hadith, what would you like to know?

Care to actually answer the points and questions we're asking you? Or should we just assume that you can't?

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I saw many videos , even new

I saw many videos , even new born babies smiling when they here our great Muhammed (Sallallahu alihiwassallam) name . I saw video of babies saying alhamdulillah after sneezing .
This itself is a proof that eveyone come to this world as muslims but later get mislead by people like you

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No, all that proves is that

No, all that proves is that you are gullible and believe all the dawah nonsense you see on YouTube. Children are born without religion, and are brainwashed by their parents.
We don't mislead anyone. YOU are the one that came here, to an atheist forum, and you are also free to leave if you don't like what we have to say.

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Nice post..... good to see you've found your feet ..

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He is not a muslim .all you

He is not a muslim .all you guys are fakes. No true muslims leave islam . They'll stay with islam.he is a faker all of you are fakers

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So you can't answer any of

So you can't answer any of our points, good to know ;-)

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You will burn in hell ,

You will burn in hell , Allahu Akbar . You suck

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No I won't hell doesn't exist

No I won't hell doesn't exist

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Well spotted....Asf is indeed no longer a muslim in your sense of the word......he is an ex-muslim and a burgeoning atheist.... a mind and an intellect that has come through the miasma of religious sludge and is now operating in freedom ...a whole world of knowledge and learning is now open to him...because of his own courage.

While you are still stuck back in 6th century barbarism ....

Now you seem to be a little tied up with "fakers" for some reason..... perhaps you would consider the following....

1/ No record of Muhammad’s reported death in 632 appears until more than a century after that date.

2/ A Christian account, apparently dating from the mid 630’s speaks of an un-named Arab prophet “armed with a sword” who seems to be still alive.

3/ The early accounts written by the peoples the Arabs conquered NEVER mention :
a) Islam
b) Muhammad
c) the Qur’an

The conquerors themselves are, variously, called:
a) Ishmaelites
b) Saracens
c) Muhajirun
d) Hagarians

But NEVER Muslims.

4/ The Arab conquerors themselves, in their coins and inscriptions, don’t mention Islam or the Qur’an for more than half a century (60 years) after the start of their campaigns of expansion.

5/ The Qur’an, even by the canonical Muslim account, was not distributed in its present form until the 650’s.
Contradicting this standard account is the fact that neither the Arabians nor the Christians nor the Jews in the region even mention the Qur’an until the early eighth century.

6/ Only in the 690’s do we begin to hear about Muhammad, the prophet of Islam and about Islam itself. This was during the reign of the caliph Abd al-Malik. Coins and inscriptions reflecting Islamic beliefs begin to appear at this time also.

7/ At about the same time, Arabic becomes the predominant written language of the Arabian Empire, supplanting Syriac and Greek.

8/ Abd al-Malik claimed, in a passing remark in one hadith , to have collected the Qur’an .
This contradicts the Islamic tradition that the collection was the work of the caliph Uthman, forty years earlier.

9/ Multiple hadiths report that Hajjaj ibn Yusuf, governor of Iraq during the reign of Abd al Malik , edited the Qur’an and distributed his new edition to the various Arab controlled provinces – again something Uthman is supposed to have done decades earlier.

10/ Even some Islamic traditions maintain that certain, common Islamic practices, such as the recitation of the Qur’an during mosque prayers, date from the orders of Hajjaj ibn Yusuf and not to the earliest period of Islamic history.

11/ In the middle of the eighth century ,the Abbasid dynasty supplanted the Umayyad line of Abd al-Malik. The Abbasids charged the Umayyads with impiety on a large scale.
In the Abbasid period , biographical material about Mohammad began to proliferate.
The first complete biography of the prophet of Islam finally appeared during this era – at least 125 years after the traditional date of his death.

12/ The biographical material that emerged situate s Muhammad in an area of Arabia that NEVER was the centre for trade and pilgrimage that the canonical Islamic account of Islams origins depends on it to be.

Now .......would you like to look closer at claims of "fakery".......??

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What is your source ? This

What is your source ? This all happen because it was allah's plan

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What is your source ? This

What is your source ? This all happen because it was allah's plan

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Why won't you answer any of

Why won't you answer any of my questions? What are you afraid of?

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Who are you to say who is a

In response to #37, who are you to say who is a Muslim and who isn't? Be very careful, you do know that if you call takfir on someone erroneously, that takfir comes back to you, then you really will be a murtad.

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Abdul Rauf Bin Jamal - Do

Abdul Rauf Bin Jamal - Do you believe it is justified to decapitate a woman because she has a love affair outside of marriage? If so , how does decapitation equal peace?

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"He is not a muslim .all you

"He is not a muslim .all you guys are fakes. No true muslims leave islam . They'll stay with islam.he is a faker all of you are fakers"

Then why the heck did you ask if any Muslims have left if every Muslim that did leave is not a "true" Muslim. Everybody has a different definition if something is "true" or not. How do you know your definition of "a true Muslim" is correct and somebody else's definition of a true Muslim is wrong?

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@ Abdul Rauf Bin Jamal

@ Abdul Rauf Bin Jamal

I commend you on coming here and challenging us.
Unfortunately, you get angry when people question your faith. It's not an unusual reaction, but if you actually feel secure in your beliefs you should not have to get angry (especially when you actively challenged people).

I consider what you have written here a good example of compartmentalization: You are holding conflicting views simultaneously.

Consequently, you switch positions back and fourth:

1. Islam is peaceful, Allah lovingly gave us free will.
2. Fuck you, you will burn in hell for disobeying the rules of Allah.

Position 2 is not conveying peace of free will at all.

To me, this is a clear symptom of being deluded, indoctrinated with false beliefs.
I urge you to take a look at the youtube links I posted, you will see the true face of Zakir Naik.

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Guys , allah is very

Guys , allah is very forgiving
Volume 4, Book 54, Number 538:
Narrated Abu Huraira:

Messenger of Allah(peace be upon him) said, "A prostitute was forgiven by Allah, because, passing by a panting dog near a well and seeing that the dog was about to die of thirst, she took off her shoe, and tying it with her head-cover she drew out some water for it. So, Allah forgave her because of that."

Is there any god who is this forgiving ? May allah forgive for all the ignorance you are spreading.

Have you guys heard of Noumaan Ali Khan ? He was an athiest now he is a preacher , like wise you people should come back to allah (swt)

Mohammed was the best human too , you can read haidths

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Mohammed was a warlord,

Mohammed was a warlord, slaver, thief and child rapist. If you're a criminal, then he's the "best human"

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Lol best human on earth? You

Lol best human on earth? You are seriously deluded.

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All believers are praying to

All believers are praying to same god . But some of them are mislead .all non muslims ,
Quran have said all scientific facts but you are interpreting it in wrong way. Thats the problem

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Hahaha scientific facts?! Lol

Hahaha scientific facts?! Lol I was waiting for that debunked a thousand times, old chestnut to rear it's ugly head!

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Dude , prophet muhammed

Dude , prophet muhammed (sallallahu alihivasallam ) taught us that there is medicine in fly wings.
Look at how respectfully islam treat even a dead man , can you show me just one other religion which respect a corspe like that ?
and he taught us puncuality , he never even misses a prayer , why would he keep such a tight schedule if he was faking all these .

Modern science recently discoverd that even after death brain will be active for about 15 minutes , it was said back at that time by prophet muhammed, during this time we will be communicating with angels of death ,the soul is taken from tip of leg to top head.

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Your post is nonsense. There

Your post is nonsense. There is not one single scientific "miracle" in the Qur'an.

Seeing as you love Islamic apologists here's a prominent one describing the "scientific miracles" narrative an "intellectual embarrassment" :)

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Please answer my question

Please answer my question about death sentence for adulterer. What would be the punishment in Islam for this prostitute if she had not watered the stray dog? Is decapitation for adulterers peaceful?


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