It is important that we be kind and gentle to theists-be calm be nice

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It is important that we be kind and gentle to theists-be calm be nice

It is important that we be kind and gentle to theists-be calm be nice. BULLSHIT. Everyone reacts to injustice differently. Faced with extreme racism, Jim Crow and the horror of the KKK and lynching many people angry at such injustice protested. Martin Luther King marched peacefully. But even the peace movement did something. Yes they were non-violent but they were angry, pissed off, --they did something. They risked death for the cause of "justice. They were passionate. The 'horror" of religion is at least as destructive as racism but we continue to have intellectual debates with Theists. My passion as an atheists forces me to get angry at injustice. When Christians claim homosexuality is sin and dehumanizes gays and lesbians I react the same way as if they were forcing 'blacks" go to the back of the bus(or worse). The pathetic flaws in religion has caused so much pain, humiliation, death, torture, beheading, and endless grief. Slavery was bad-very bad-Jim Crow was bad -very bad but religion is much worse-very very very bad. If the "horror" of slavery was 5 bad religion is 10 bad-- very very bad. All people with empathy were sad at the injustice of slavery and they did something. They had passion for their cause of equal rights" Atheists have more reason to be horrified of the disease of religion. Intellectual debate does nothing for me I know what I think and how I feel. I am really pissed off at the terrible things religion has done. Debating creationists over and over again about evolution is STUPID. Arguing about Noah's arc. Give me a fucking break.
It is important that we be kind and gentle to theists-be calm be nice----BULLSHIT

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We all love the other human

We all love the other human as we have the humanity.The racism, injustice should be eradicated from this modern world.The will help the people to be honest.


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