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It's only the extremists

The US Rebublican bunch have once again decided to deride President Obama for failing to name Islamic Extremism as the cause of the current terrorist/expansionist issues plaguing the Middle East as well as much of the western world. It is not often I find myself in agreement with this gang of political thugs, however blindness is seldom a viable defence against terror.
With the IS declaring their goal as the creation of an Islamist state, and their geographical objective being all the lands previously conquered by their warrior prophet, I believe it may be time to raise the level of concern. To my mind it is not too much of a stretch to see this becoming yet another religious war pitting Islam against Christianity. These two faiths have a long tradition of enmity and violence. They both cling to the idea that they must convert everyone to their particular beliefs, and neither of these groups are shy about using violence and intimidation to achieve that end. Given the access to technology now available to the average thug in the street, it won't take much to draw global political powers into such a conflict.
Now I'm not saying the end is nigh or any such nonsense. I am saying this is something the world needs to be aware of as a possibility.

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First of all, I am an Atheist

First of all, I am an Atheist Republican. Yup.... there is such a thing. The problem is, we have a president that does not have the BALLS to do what needs to be done. Or maybe he is part of the problem....

What is being done around the world in the name of Religion is down right scary. Specifically, this extremist group killing people in the name of their God. Or are they just using it as an excuse to do evil things?

Something drastic needs to be done to stop these crazy people. Unfortunately, I don't think our president it up for that job.

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Not quite sure what you mean

Not quite sure what you mean by "drastic." Anything short of nuking all regions where Islamists live will be just another step in the escalation of this war. But it is clear that the extremists are looking/needing/wanting such an escalation since it is the end of the world that they pray for. Doing nothing, more military response, or nukes will give us no help in this matter. I am sorry to say that I have no good ideas, other than hoping that the less extreme Mulslims pervail.

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Please please please run for

Please please please run for office as a Republican Atheist and I will do everything I can to support your campaign! I don't think all Republicans are thugs, merely the bunch in Government. Also. I'm sure when the Republicans elect the President, it will be the Democrats' turn at thuggery.

It impossible for religious extremism to exist without religion. Whether or not it is merely an excuse to do evil things is moot, however I am sure there is at least a core of participants who are convinced they are doing god's work. This has been true throughout history.

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Yes true and they are making

Yes true and they are making brain wash of teens. young people and I think government should make some decision and declare them for all the activities going on in Middle East, Africa and now Europe.

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Inspired by the burning to

Inspired by the burning to death of the Jordanian pilot Muath Al Kasaesbeh, a group of boys set about re-enacting the atrocity in Yemen.

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The extremist have gone too

The extremist have gone too far in terrorizing the world. But, they all start from their religions. They rooted from their extreme faith that have gone terribly wild. When religions were vanished in this world, it will likely be a better place.

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