I've never felt so shameful for being a part of humanity

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Songs are nothing. I doubt

Songs are nothing. I doubt they even exist.

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Well, at the very least they

Well, at the very least they aren't a counter-argument - that's for damn sure. So I would suggest you stop trying to use them as one. You look as foolish doing so as any of the dolts I have seen do the same.

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@AccretedM. Re: "...does

@AccretedM. Re: "...does anyone on here know of ANY atheist they have ever spoken to who replies to any point made in counter to their arguments with a SONG?"

Hey, you just gotta learn to speak their language. Here... Watch...




See?... *pointing to link*... Easy. Nothing to it... *chuckle*... Communication is the key.

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You continue to astound me

You continue to astound me Tin. In amongst all your other amazing attributes and skills you casually reveal mastery of fluent YouTubeMusicClip Speak. I didn't even know it was a freaking language!
Stay close mate, we might need you for when the aliens arrive, you know?

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@Grin Re: "Stay close mate,

@Grin Re: "Stay close mate, we might need you for when the aliens arrive, you know?"

No worries! Gotchya covered!... *whistling*... Doo-dee-dee-dooo-deeeeeee...

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@Tin Man

@Tin Man

Thanks for that.

I'll add two more ,by way of preaching to the choir .

I learned the hard way yesterday about trying to have discussion with idiots who are theist. Turns out one of the guys at my mens group is catholic . I made a negative comment, almost in passing, about convicted pedophile Cardinal George Pell. My mate got right off his bike, becoming instantly very angry and defending Pell. . By way of disagreeing I said; "Mate I wasn't there at the offence .All I know is what I've seen in the media. Plus he WAS convicted and IS in prison.'' He got even angrier, I had to leave before desert because I thought he was going to smack me. .

Iris Dement "Let The Mystery Be"


Brilliant Aussie comic Tim Minchin with "Storm' (It's a girl's name) Animated version



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