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Jacques Fresco

This man brings some very interesting theories and ideas to the table in many different subjects. Oen particular video would like to share is his lecture on how our mind set and the current monetary system is the source of many of the serious problems with the world today. The footage is extended (over 2 hours) but well worth the time spent in my opinion.

Here is the lecture:

The basic concept revolves in the idea of uniting all the nations in the world. I'll be back to post some debates regarding the contents of the lecture once others see it. It's truly worth your time if you enjoy hearing people who open your mind to new possibilities and solutions to the problems.

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Fresco has some good theories

Fresco has some good theories on religion. I remember I saw a talkshow interview he did and he said some interesting things.

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Really interesting video,

Really interesting video, thanks for sharing!

I also think that people's ideas of money, and resources in general, is the source of many of the problems that we see in the world today. People seem to have this attitude that money is more important than any other thing in their lives, and in their quest for more money actually place money in between them and their *real* goal, which is happiness. This unnecessary intermediary turns a very simple problem into a complicated one, it's really frustrating to watch people do this to themselves!

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Money equals greed no matter

Money equals greed no matter what part of the world you are in and there is always going to be someone trying to exploit that because they feel "owed" by the world.

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I wish people would get rid

I wish people would get rid of that annoying self entitlement, expecting the rest of the world to give them what they feel they deserve. It's not they they don't deserve it, but in essence you owe *yourself* the life you want - it's not anyone else's job.

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