Is Jesus Christ the Messiah?( Yes/No and why)

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Show me in t̶h̶e̶ ̶B̶i̶b̶l̶e̶

Show me in t̶h̶e̶ ̶B̶i̶b̶l̶e̶ a Disney movie that J̶e̶s̶u̶s̶ Donald Duck said He wasn't t̶h̶e̶ ̶M̶e̶s̶s̶i̶a̶h̶ a cat.

Oh you can't, then clearly Donald Duck must be a cat!

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Sounds about right to Shock

Sounds about right to Shock of God.

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I mean Chuck Rodgers.

I mean Chuck Rodgers.

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I sorta miss sprocket of gawd

I sorta miss sprocket of gawd...well, actually I guess I just miss all the different things you came up with to call him, Z.

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LOL, hey did notice the

LOL, hey did notice the posting by the screen name Child of God that started around the same time Chuck Rodgers started posting more again. I have yet to really look into whether I think they are another reincarnation.

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I have no reason to hide

I have no reason to hide under another name Zaphod! I have only one account on this site.

Question, are you and Lmale one in the same, lol.

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Well no offense but it just

Well no offense but it just seems the frequency at which you appear on the site and the likeness of others who happen to be theist coincide. It also seems like you all share the same degree of, and don't take this offensively rather than constructively, "ignorance" meaning complete disregard for things others see as obvious to the point it does not even register in your responses. You and Shock of God both would latch on to ridiculous points and ignore mush of what entails debate in your responses, I don't yet know about Son of God. I must say though you seem to be getting better at responding which is why I felt it would be worthwhile to give you a chance at debate. I could be wrong but thus far fail to be fully convinced you and the Flock of God are not the same.

If only we could now get you to the point where you can look at things objectively without bias you could be good for this, in fact better than many atheist, but until you are willing to see and accept the possibility your beliefs could be wrong you will continue to suck at debate and there will be no point debating with you.

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Just to do for you what you

Just to do for you what you would not do for me when I first asked;

No Lmale and I are not the same,

He and I differ immensely on many subjects one being our views of laws enforcement but even where we do disagree we can still find some commonality on certain aspects. And acknowledge to some degree when either of us is wrong. However, to be fair we discuss things far more relevant than the existence of God as a man made concept which are more complex since they are real world issues which can be discuss with tangible evidence. I do feel he is often led to believe things to easily mainly by biased media but this is problem many people have and I excuse him because of his medications which gave him a short memory span which is not something many people have as an excuse. I do hope with his fairly recent medication changes he will be better for debate.

I only have one account on the site though. And since you directly said you do too, I will try to give you the benefit of the doubt.

I can't speak for Lmale or anyone else for that matter but in general, I feel the time I spend talking about the existence of gods and the validity of religious figures is in general wasted and distracts me though sometimes welcomingly from real issues atheist come to this site to discuss. Real issues like how to raise our children, how to cope with addiction, how not to have our lives consumed by theist trying to convert us.

Theist fully absorbed with their missions to prove their gods constantly bombard the the boards with their different versions of what is "true" greedily taking away from us our own place to talk about real issues that are "real". With so many people saying there god and belief system is the one true system with their own personal experiences that prove to them their belief system is the one true belief system and their gods are the one rue gods, you would have to be pretty ignorant not to realize how ridiculous belief in these entities really are.

The funniest thing about theist is how they seem to think their experiences are unique and only people who believe what they do can have them when people have such experiences all the time though they all believe differently.

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I'm not sure when you first asked me if I was posting under a different name. I know I don't always get a chance to read every post or respond to them all because sometimes there are several responses. So please don't take it that I was ignoring you, or avoiding the question. I can assure you that I have not posted under any other name. Like I said there are sometimes several posts, and if I was using more than one name there would be more posts to try and answer. Also I was just joking about you and Lmale, That's why I put the (lol) on the end.

Not to say that I don't want to debate you by any means. But if someone doesn't want to debate they don't have to. You say you don't want to debate about God, and I said I came to this site because it's for debate for one thing, and for another I came to debate about Atheism as a whole in it's beliefs in evolution. That's not to say I won't use the Bible to show that nature or the universe corresponds with God's word. In order for you or others to see that it is possible that everything was created by God. So I ask that you also keep an open mind that maybe you are wrong. You don't have to respond to this, but you should consider it. If God is true, then that would mean Satan and the devils are also true. Now according to the Bible by adding up ages of people up to the point that enough other information was written about to give us a time line, creation was about 6,000 years ago. So that would mean that Satan has been around for quite some time. And I would have to say that for someone who wants to destroy those who were made in God's image, of which he hates, that would give him a lot of time to come up with things and ways to deceive people. So could it be possible that he has came up with a means through claiming this and that so people would believe in evolution to pull them away from the real truth. (By the way did you know that man can't make truth, he can only discover it.)
And not only evolution but also false religions, and many other things because everyone is not going to fall for the same thing.

How about you tell me some details about the experience you say you had. That's what you call the God experience. Tell me how your life was before you had this experience, and then how your life was after.

But also why do you believe evolution is any more sound. When you dig into it, it's just other people who give what they believe and show some pictures, give what their thoughts are, but the deeper someone looks into any thing they claim the more questions it brings. Unless someone just takes their word for it so they can soothe their conscience from doing things they really know is not right. There are a lot of things evolutionists claim as I have stated in other posts that can easily be refuted.

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Anyways we moved past that, I

Anyways we moved past that, I indicated that perhaps I was wrong about you being the other poster. I only ask that question when people are being active on the site as is noticeable by the frequency of post both before and after I ask the question.

Your treating me as if I said a lot of things I did not. I do happen to think evolution is a legitimate claim and don't think religious interpretations of gods are.

I would be happy to debate about god with someone who could provide proof of its existence. I am Agnostic there fore I make no claim but definitely don't believe in your god and your devil becuae I see no proof that does not say it was made up.. There is evidence of evolution all around us I would claim genetics as the best example of proof. However I see no real evidence as defined that gods really exist your god included.

Theist always want to point to their holy text to be like "Ha there it is, proof, because the text says so." books are not proof just opinions of proof. Does a god exist maybe maybe not I am willing to consider the possibility and always have been. But your god is no more supported as fact than any other gods people have long written text about.

Your religious belief in your god is just a collections of conclusions, theories postulates and ideas many taken form the bible some coming from within Science has them to but none of them equal proof of any claim including your god. People who who study science can be wrong about things and some of the greatest minds in science were wrong about many things but when they approached things as a scientist using the scientific approach they at least approached their conclusions, theories postulates and ideas based on tangible proof and or experimentation.

By the way people can both discover and create truth. They can discover things that are, they can do things that will have been done. In example I am bout to post this after I do the truth will be I posted it. undoubtedly you will discover this truth for yourself.

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He's a messiah according to

He's a messiah according to biblical stories but no in reality because those biblical stories are proven to be mythical as well. The church should prove his existence first.

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According to the original

According to the original Hebrew text, he is not. Going from what the bible says is kinda biased. It like me writing a book about me, of course im going to say I'm awesome. No bueno. I agree tho, I think it is all man made BS.

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You have a copy of the

You have a copy of the original Hebrew text?!? Send that sucker to museum.

Chris T.'s picture
When i said "original Hebrew"

When i said "original Hebrew" I mean pre-Christianity. I can see how you misunderstood.

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I wish I did have it tho. I

I wish I did have it tho. I could write my own check.

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Did you know yahweh was

Did you know yahweh was married google it.


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