Jesus had a wife

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Jesus had a wife

There are allegations that Jesus had a wife. If that’s true, why will the bible hide such truth? Moses, Abraham, David and other prophets had a wife too. So, what wrong if the messiah had a wife too? Will it make him less powerful?

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gnostics gospels talk about a

gnostics gospels talk about a relationship between jesus and mary madeleine, i dont think it would make him less powerful but it will empower women and force the church to stop submitting women

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Mary Magdalene is always

Mary Magdalene is always assumed as Jesus' wife because she was mentioned many times in the bible as one of women closest to Jesus. I agree that it will indeed empower women. If the church hid such fact, does it means that they have something against women empowerment?

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That's a trick question,

That's a trick question, right?

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Though it is really interesting to see the degradation of women's rights through the progression of the JudeoChristian line. The Torah, though not quite written in women's favor per se, is much friendlier to the female gender than most interpretations of the Bible... and let's not even touch the Quran. I really don't want to see what's next, but hopefully nothing too much worse. Women outnumber men at this point.

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It was right that why they

It was right that why they should hide it if it is true.
I think it was most probably not true if the reason behind is to not empower woman since the image of Mama Mary is empowering woman already. Such as in the bible that Mary ask Jesus to change water to wine even if it's the right time yet.

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How does the Virgin Mary

How does the Virgin Mary empower women? A woman is not just a womb, and not just a wife. What more was Mary than either of those?

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What more was Mary? She was a

What more was Mary? She was a mother who sacrificed her maternal rights during the suffering of Jesus. Then there is no evidence of her death, then the Catholic church crowned her as the queen of heaven and earth. Then she had a lot of apparitions and miracles. Well, that's for the Catholic church of course.

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Exactly what I'm talking

Exactly what I'm talking about. As a woman, I hope to grow to be something more than just somebody's mom! Even if I'm a good mom :)

This idea of women as a three part process - an eligible sexual partner, then a domestic fixture, and then finally an eternal caregiver to a being implied to have more potential - is deeply rooted in patriarchal culture, and very damaging to the female identity at large. See how bitterly America is battling over reproductive rights, yet ignoring the health of women above and beyond that altogether... shameful.

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Jesus was just a regular guy

Jesus was just a regular guy who started acting like the david blaine of his days and people took him way too seriously. He also started to take himself too seriously and paid for it the hard way. I actually feel bad for this man as he suffered terrible things for no good reason.

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Well, that's the case if he

Well, that's the case if he actually existed..

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Being a mother is tough

Being a mother is tough enough without having to bu subjecting to the alleged treatment that Mary Mag was given. I would rather have a really good life than become a saint or martyr in the afterlife.

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Exactly where did this

Exactly where did this information come from? I have never heard this story, but I do believe that in the eyes of many Christians, having a wife would definitely make Jesus less powerful. I know, it doesn't make sense, but I didn't make the rules.

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Agreed, I don't really have

Agreed, I don't really have the facts here either - most of what I've heard on this was just eye-raising rumors with a few circumstantial half-facts thrown in to keep my interest.

However, I'm really interested in hearing why you (and others) think that a married man would be a less powerful role model than a single, celibate one? Just curious :)

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This is why I love this forum

This is why I love this forum! We can have conversations about almost anything and actually get many different view points!

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For me, a married man who is

For me, a married man who is responsible to his family and commitments is more powerful than a man who is single and celib but cannot really do all the things required to him.

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That would be my opinion,

That would be my opinion, glad at least we are in agreement here :)

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This saying comes from the

This saying comes from the Gospel of Thomas (discovered 1945)

[Saying added to the original collection at a later date:] 114 Simon Peter said to them, "Make Mary leave us, for females don't deserve life." Jesus said, "Look, I will guide her to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males. For every female who makes herself male will enter the kingdom of Heaven."

It's not in the Bible. The reason. Rome owned and wrote the biblical story. In their view women were to be classed as subservient to men. Particularly given that the Flavian Dynasty and Emperor Nerva were involved in the Bible's creation. And that's shortly after two episodes when some rather ambitious and cunning women had posed a major threat to Rome's power and stability. In Agrippina the Elder and her daughter, mothers of Caligula and Nero. So the no nonsense militarist Flavians and the Roman senate may have held a biased opinion of women in leadership roles.

So, Jesus views women as equals and Rome is the reason for the inequity. But there is far more to this story than just this segment.

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Oh my GOD that's why religion

Oh my GOD that's why religion is acting PRIMAL right now!

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... I will never understand

... I will never understand dudes, I swear.

So, basically according to Thomas, by embodying male ideology, we can eventually earn the right to become males in spirit and live as males...

and that's not even the least bit condescending to you all?

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So what? Jesus is just a

So what? Jesus is just a figure in christianity, yes jesus is true but unless you've proven his holiness that's the time when you say he's powerful If he was made by GOD and also are we then we are just equal!.And also do you know that many catholic symbols came from the roman mythology just to attract people to join the catholicism.

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I think Jesus will definitely

I think Jesus will definitely value His mother Mary not only because he views women as equal but also because Mary is his Mother.
The statement of Simon Peter above if that is true could somewhat made him a less liked man especially for women and more for feminist. :p

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I think the whole Jesus Mary

I think the whole Jesus Mary Magdalene thing was some Freudian literature if I've ever heard it, I wonder if she was miracle worker herself. If the whole trinity thing is true and Jesus is God perhaps God just had a thing for women named Mary. I am just messing around and trying to be funny but hey you know things are funnier when they are true, just saying though. I would however argue that the Virgin Mary was considered very powerful by the Catholic church and many many prayers go out to her. I can't imagine a more powerful human figure from the bible besides Jesus even Pontious Pilot was only powerful in his lifetime and Moses was just doing God bidding. Jesus had to answer to his mother on at least two occasions and therefore God had to if you believe in the Trinity, now that's pretty powerful. ie. the temple Passover visit where Jesus went missing for 3 days and the making of water into wine. In the first he gets admonished by Mother Mary and in the later he needs her blessings to continue.

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