Jim Bakker: Atheists Are “Going Insane” because of trump loving god

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Jim Bakker: Atheists Are “Going Insane” because of trump loving god

Televangelist Jim Bakker knows exactly why people like us hate Trump. It’s because he loves God too much.


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I don't hate Trump. I do

I don't hate Trump. I do think he's unintelligibly hip but otherwise he does not affect me.

I think it's because the office of the POTUS is largely unnecessary to the running of a nation that has obviously out-grown such a style of leadership. Moreover, it has outgrown the limits of a two-party bipartisanship-style of government that can't assemble the intelligence to even recognize it. The results we endure are an ineffective puppet in the dead-and-gone oval office and the uselessness of a bipartisanship government that gets paid to be bipartisan in spite of the country such behavior openly neglects.

But, they are both conventions and considered good because the word itself (government) is one of those political doctrinal words that is analogous to a higher standard (not). Same holds for religions. They, by historical convention, are still maintained in the collective psyche as good things because 1) the doctrinal effect of a god-rule is heretical to oppose, and 2) stroking heaven is the better way to lead ones life.

Hence we have the supernatural and secular fallacies to thank ourselves for in our continuing saga towards an eventuality that will one day rise above both or fall short of in self-annihilation.

But, Trump does not bother me. Nor did any president before him because they've all been mere puppets thrashed around by their own political leanings and personal charisma. Loud mouthed theists who latch onto politicians and use their religiosity as weapons to fend off their opposition are as transparent as religion itself so, again, I'm not moved in the least.

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I think president rump is a

I think president rump is a complete asshole. I cannot imagine how anyone could have voted for him after his "grab them by the pussy" comments about his adventures in sexual assault. I don't hate him for his professions of faith which i don't believe for one second are true. I hate him because he is dangerous, and a bigot, and because he is incompetent, and a racist, and an egomaniac, and a narcissist, and because he is homophobic.

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...and doesn't subscribe to

...and doesn't subscribe to US democracy if he doesn't win;... the list goes on and on.

M Bachmann; S Palin; Bill O'Reilly; Fox; Breitbart;.. again the list is endless.

Then there's the gun madness. The USA is no longer a beacon of light and the EU is in no great shape on the face of it. Yet, we all stagger on and still enjoy more peace, freedoms, security, access to information (true and false), than non-democratic countries. Our respected institutions will weather such storms and we'll learn lessons the least worst way.

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