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Ooooh!... Seriously, you should check things before installing them in yourself! Mmmmh, those trans humanists really sell lies from times to times with their machine-human interface thing. sticking tongue out of the mouth!

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Jo "I have not done what I

Jo "I have not done what I am being accused of."

If that were the case you'd have addressed the points and questions in the OP.

Christianity has long established dogma of antisemitism over centuries, and that is the context under which the Holocaust was perpetrated in a central European country that was almost entirely Christian at the time and had been for centuries, in a continent that was itself majority christian for centuries.

How long are you going to ignore my point that being a christian was a requirement for the German SS, who of course ran the extermination camps?

Or the point about a 1939 census showing over 94% of Germans were Christians?

Each time you repeat this point and ignore these facts reinforces how dishonestly your approaching the topic, to satisfy your own bias against legitimate criticisms of christianity.

Then there is the bible depicting a deity that performs and encourages its followers to commit, ethnic cleansing and genocide, and sex trafficking women and girls. And of course the bible, and even Jesus's endorsements of slavery?

Then there was your claim to believe based on logic, and evidence,, yet you have provided no evidence, just anecdotal claims, and you have refused repeatedly to acknowledge the endless logical fallacies you have used when they are pointed out.

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Jo "Just because you

Jo "Just because you BELIEVE something is a fact does not make it one."

a thing that is known or proved to be true.

an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof.

Come on now Jo, beliefs can be held as the affirmation of a claim for which there is no objective evidence whatsoever, such as theism, and they can be held because there is overwhelming objective evidence that puts them beyond any reasonable or rational doubt, as is the case with scientific facts like species evolution through natural selection.

Lets not forget that you, and the other theists here, are the ones setting a biased double standard for belief, where the only beliefs you hold without any objective evidence are your religious beliefs.

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Jo "You have presented much

Jo "You have presented much that you call facts and evidence, but it is just opinion, conclusions and beliefs."

Whilst I don't agree with the claim, even if it were true how would this make them any less valid than your beliefs which are based on exclusively on unevidenced claims and opinions? To be honest Jo most religious apologists don't even seem to realise that's all they're offering, and you are certainly no exception.

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Jo "Claiming that all

Jo "Claiming that all religions are made up by humans is not a fact nor is it evidence. It is a conclusion, an opinion or a belief."

To be clear here Jo, you do accept that all of the thousands of other religions are man made, all except yours of course? Now if you can't see the dishonest bias is yours there, then that's hard to believe. However please do enthral us with precisely what you are basing this belief on? You have already told us you can demonstrate no objective evidence, only anecdotal claims for personal experience that all other religions lay the exact same claim to.

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@New Skeptic: Oiling

@New Skeptic: Oiling session, That fucktard. He is such a slut. He will let anyone oil him. Ratty showed up the other day with his hair all sticking out and stinking of oil, said he had been to the beach. Old man came by stinking of oil and said he used it for his bike. All lies. Tin just likes getting the rubdowns. Once he spots a sucker, he hits them up over and over and over again. Hell, you will give him a good oiling in the morning and then he will forget it was you and ask you for an oiling in the evening. He is an oiling pervert. He needs group therapy. Oiladducts anonymous. The only thing worse than Tin's oil addiction is Old Man on his trike, riding about and telling people to pull his finger.

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Hey Cog....pull my finger

Hey Cog....pull my finger *giggles, farts and rides away*

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@Cog Re: "He [Tin-Man] is

@Cog Re: "He [Tin-Man] is such a slut."

Ahem!... I prefer the term "Opportunist", thank you very much. (It looks better on a job application.)


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