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@Sheldon: Preaching to the

@Sheldon: Preaching to the Choir Sheldon. I gave up on responding to anything Jo had to say weeks ago. His posts are full of shit. He is not interested in an honest discussion. It's just that simple.

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Jo - Yes, Hitler always

Jo - Yes, Hitler always identified as a Christian.
Yes, 94%, or maybe 100% of the Nazi's identified as Christian.
But what does that have to do with me?

Well for starters, you told us there were no Christian Nazis (you said they were mutually exclusive). Are you retracting that now?

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Jo - I am trying to show that

Jo - I am trying to show that correlation does not equal causation. It is a Post Hoc, or Faulty Cause Fallacy.

Correlated attributes are not mutually exclusive. Mutually exclusive attributes are perfectly anticorrelated.

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@FFS - I wrote a half page

@FFS - I wrote a half page response to the insane bullshit Jo is saying and before pushing the "save" button I just erased it all because I asked myself WHAT THE FUCK AM I RESPONDING TO THE SAME FUCKING SHIT AGAIN FOR? ALL I WAS DOING IS REPEATING THE EXACT SAME STUFF I HAD ALREADY STATED. HE DID NOT GET IT THE FIRST TIME AND HE WILL NOT GET IT NOW. WHAT'S THE POINT?

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I agree Cognostic, we are

I agree Cognostic, we are deep into the broken record territory. Unfortunately, Jo has doubled down and is now trying to be on the offensive. You are right, playing this game is a waste of time.


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