The journey-from "believer" -to atheist-to anti theist-to- God racist

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The journey-from "believer" -to atheist-to anti theist-to- God racist

Jewish boys at the age of 13 go through a ritual called a Bar Mitzvah. Along the way "good Jewish boys are taught about the "meaning" of being a Jew and the significance of being the chosen people. My rabbi tried to show us why Christians are so stupid to believe in Jesus. He proclaimed that smart Jewish boys know how babies are "made". Being 13 and pretty wise we knew about sex and the birds and the bees. So the rabbi goes on that Christians believe in the Virgin Birth of Jesus and we know that is impossible. Christians are stupid to believe such nonsense. We all of us (nice Jewish boys) agreed--Rabbi you right Christians are dumb--Everyone knows how babies are "made"-we knew about all that (sex)since we were 12. Dennis a fellow Jewish student(but wiser than the rest of us) asked the Rabbi a few questions????- Dennis asked the rabbi
1. Rabbi -did God create Adam out of dust and Eve out of Adams rib??? The Rabbi said yes
2. Rabbi -did God "part" the red sea so Moses can take the Jews out of Egypt???-The Rabbi said yes
3. Rabbi-Did God send plagues upon Egypt and killed all innocent first born Egyptian so the Jews can be freed from slavery-The Rabbi said yes
4. Rabbi-Did God create all the heavens and earth and all the beauty of nature-The Rabbi said yes
Dennis being smarter than the rest of us asked
Rabbi - If God can do all those miracles and magnificent things-if he wanted Virgin Mary to give birth do Jesus could he have managed to do that too. -----Dennis knew "stuff" about lots of things being really smart and all. That was probably the first moment I was becoming an atheist even though I didn't know what an "atheist" was. Dennis helped me realize that Jews were not any more chosen than anyone else. By the time I was 14 all by myself(without Dennis's help) I realized a magically invisible man in the sky was as absurd as Santa Claus. Although I didn't believe in God after that it wasn't until getting to "know" Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, and Richard Dawkins and others did I get to understand the "horror" , bad, and evil that religion is. Now (with Christopher's) help I am an angry anti-theist. I am profoundly, passionately, militantly angry at those who believe in God. I am a God bigot or God racist. If you believe in Jesus or pray to Allah I judge you as a fool or dumbass. No matter your skill or achievement if you believe in God you are a fucking imbecile and I have contempt for you. I am a God racist. Unlike the KKK and other angry racists I don't want to murder all God loving people. No not murder them but I would like to piss in their face or shit on their bible or Koran. Like I said I am a God racist. Do I need therapy.

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However, never fear, I don't have to read it to know it is vapid and nearly incoherent.

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Nyarlathotep and Travis-I

Nyarlathotep and Travis-I have a great affection for you. I admire you both very much. Your intelligence and awareness of so many things is profoundly inspiring. I love you very much. God Bless

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