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1) The high probability of a

1) The high probability of a new day dawning holds true for everyone. The high probability of a biblical supernatural deity only holds true for those who subscribe to that belief system.

2) Do you have faith your lights will turn on/off when you flip the switch? Is this religious faith? No? Neither is having faith tomorrow will come.

3) The word "faith" has different meanings depending on context. Religious faith is different from non-religious faith. Your attempt to "muddle" the two meanings is called equivocation. When someone equivocates it often results in a flaw (fallacy) in their argument. This is what has happened in your case.

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"Well may I just ask... why

"Well may I just ask... why do 99% of people make plans for tomorrow although they cannot see it?"

Because, barring the destruction of one or more heavenly bodies or our own death, we will. We have no reason to believe either our lives, the sun, or the planet will be forfeit on the morrow. In most things humans actually apply reason, and don't believe in things without just cause or reason, but not when it comes to religion. It is really quite sad.

"they put out the outfit they plan to wear."

My mother planned her own funeral, down to what she would wear. She, like many people, planned for the tomorrow she wouldn't see. But this is what it is about, isn't it? Seeing? You have pulled a reductio ad absurdum, and made yourself look foolish in the bargain.

"Or make reservations at places they may never see. but why?"

They have no valid reasoning or justification to believe they won't see it, that is kind of how we formulate these things, we start with the null hypothesis and attempt to affirm the consequent. If, like with your god, there is no evidence to affirm the consequent, you have no basis or justification to believe or consider it beyond the hypothetical.

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What is your valid

What is your valid justification that you won't see a god? At some point in time

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Well anything is possible and

Well anything is possible and we have believed in lots of deities (approximately 4000) over the years.


So it would be dishonest of me to claim this will never happen. Still, it has not happened so far and time is running out. More of my life has gone than is left :-}

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The utter and complete lack

The utter and complete lack of all evidence that such a thing exists, should I expect that I would see any of the legions of creatures that do not appear to exist, such as Pegasus or Dragons? The very same applies equally to your, and all other, gods.

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@ thetruth1120

@ thetruth1120

I will have a go now:

You are not a christian but I saw that you believe in the bible.

Do you believe that the bible is the truth and cannot be wrong?

Do you believe the flood story?

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It depends on the bible of

It depends on the bible of which YOU speak of. The Christian bible or the original Hebrew bible.
If you mean the Christian bible. No I don't believe it because it states profess the Jesus as the savior under no other name will come your salvation but in the original text his names is YAH. So the Christian bible has changed this very Important name.

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You did not answer my

You did not answer my question.

I know a lot about the Hebrew part of the bible, not everything but I read a lot about it by people who translated it literally.

Yes the christian bible is just a huge twist on the Hebrew text.

Now answer my questions please:

Do you believe that the Hebrew bible is inerrant, without any lies or mistakes?
BTW it is YaHWeH not just YAH, also translated in Greek as Tetragrammaton
(though there are some interpretations about it being YAHYAH but I am not getting into that)

Do you believe in the flood story?

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"Do you not believe in

"Do you not believe in ANYTHING?" Yes, we believe in things for which there is sufficient objective, observable and testable evidence. "Is it just intelligent design?" Intelligent design is a poorly told joke. "Is it because of a hard time with bible thumpers? Is it from abuse?" Nope, see above, it's due to a lack of objective, observable and testable evidence. "What is the logical reason and proof of the non existence of God or anything related." This question belies a basic misunderstanding of atheism. Atheism is not an assertion or proof that there is no god. Atheism is a lack of belief in god or gods. It's the difference between "I do not believe in god" vs. "I believe god does not exist." One is atheism, a simple lack of belief. The other is an assertion of non-existence, which is fine for anyone who chooses it, but is not atheism. "What is the proof of a non intelligent design?" See previous answer. It is not up to us to "prove non-intelligent design". If you believe in it, go ahead and prove it. When we see that you've submitted a believable proof, we'll believe it to. But as stated above, until there is sufficient evidence to believe in ID, or anything else for that matter, we tend to be skeptics.

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thetruth1120 -" there is

thetruth1120 -" there is also a very high probability that there is a higher being just the same"

what is the probability? please show your work.

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The same is to say if a=b and

The same is to say if a=b and b=c then a=c... use this for god the probability is higher than using it for creationism. You research it. You will understand better then getting it from someone who is still learning.

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Just tell us the probability

Just tell us the probability and how you calculated it. Surely you just didn't make that up? Right?

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If a=b and b=c then a=c.

If a=b and b=c then a=c.

Transitive relation theory? Really? This is NOT a statistical model.

If Alice is the mother of Brenda, and Brenda is the mother of Claire, is Alice the mother of Claire? Nope.

Extrapolating transitive relationships beyond mathematical equivalency, into syllogism or reason, is a move that will get you smacked down with rather quick abandon in a college course in any of those topics..

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thetruth1120 - "This concept

thetruth1120 - "This concept of killing is wrong came from the bible."

confirmed troll

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Where did it come from then

Where did it come from then ourselves??? No... thats illogical. since you know soo much?.
*confirmed closemindedness*

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Interesting video I would
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This is a great video.

This is a great video. However I don't think that those animals depicted are directly from humans. I strictly believe that the theory of Darwinism is false... that from one species can form another due to climate and other geological aspects. Which darwin clearly states. that one KIND can turn into another KIND... ( CAT TURNS INTO DOG DUE TO CLIMATE CHANGE)??????? UHHH WHAT!?!? BUT THATS WHAT DARWIN IS SAYING... science defies itself all the time ( water moves freely without a container, and when in a container it takes the form of that container... which makes sense... until you look at a droplet of water... if water moves freely without a container then the bubble of a droplet would not form, the water would just move until stopped by an opposing force... ) that just proved that statement to be false about the states of matter.these artifacts are through a time span too large to see.. so in turn we are having faith that these hypothesis are true to stand. Which In turn could possibly be wrong in its entirety but we believe what a man in a lab coat says until he runs out of ideas just because you can physically see him and he is dishing out theory... but in actuality, he isn't much different then saying an imaginary guy in the sky if you look at it that way. Because he is a human he attains just as much knowledge as the next guy can. To take his theory for some thing to believe in is absurd because when he doesn't know whats happending and in turn freaks out and the world goes to chaos I bet you 100 bucks the scientist will be in some corner begging for his salvation cause science didnt do enough... i believe in some aspects of science just not enough to drop my faith in a higher being and im not putting my life decisions into someones hands who has the capacity to run out of reasonable explanations for things.

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laws against murder existed

laws against murder existed long before the bible was written

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Some culture allowed murder

Some culture allowed murder due to probable cause... (The death penalty, abortion ) just because those are convenient for society doesn't take awat from the fact murder is wrong... but ohhh NOOO that's different huh?? morality is to stand AS IS... no such thing as an exception. This is why we cannot live by our own means of right and wrong cause people like to manipulate things to best fit their pictures of right and wrong. No... that's not how it works... if murder is bad then... MURDER IS BAD, no matter if you think its justified or not, to say that abortion and the death penalty is right is to go against your morality which contradicts EVERYTHING you've said... EVERYTHING. PERIOD.

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Code of Hammurabi is one

Code of Hammurabi is one example:

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On example of what exactly?

One example of what exactly?

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Laws written prior to the ten

Laws written prior to the ten commandments

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I don't expect to change

I don't expect to change anyones thought ik I will always be an underdog on a site like this.. because I have the opposing viewpoint.

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No, you are the underdog,

No, you are the underdog, because you have baseless faith in things that have no support in evidence of any kind.

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"one KIND can turn into


Perhaps you should consider standup comedy. Sure made me laugh : )

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Atheists believe in truth

Atheists believe in truth,reality, common sense,a nd the overwheming evidence that science produces, and is still gathering today, proving what REALLY happened in this universe since the begining of time. To ignore this evidence, is to ignore reality, and to continue to want to live in a "fantasy" world..which, unfortunatey, too many people want to cling to. Do you feel there is a need to disprove Santa Clauss, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, Ghosts and Goblins, Greek Gods, etc, to prove that they DON'T exist?? Theists will call the above mentioned " symbols" of belief foolish...why? Because there is no biblical significance to it? Anyone can say that ANY outlandish thing, story, or person,or whatever, exists, without any logic, or scientific fact to back it up, when they make up their minds that it does. Who's to say what belief is crazier than the other...They ALL don't make any sense! These things are one and all the same thing, with the same concept...belief in something that dosen't make sense, and is scientifically, biologically, and physiologically impossble. So if you insist on believing that a God, or Gods' exist, what would make you think that these other things don't exist...they are just as outlandish as the whole biblical mishmosh. Prove they don't exist.

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Please, take your time to

Please, take your time to look at videos like these examples, and go look for the information yourself to verify it and read up on the subjects.

You really should learn about what you are dismissing so easy.

What is Evolution? 8:52 (Stated clearly)

What is the Evidence for Evolution? 11:22 (Stated clearly)
Evolution. 10:48 (QualiaSoup)

Does the Theory of Evolution Really Matter? 9:53 (Stated clearly)

What is Natural Selection? 9:18 (Stated clearly)

Irreducible complexity 10:53 (QualiaSoup)

What is a gene? 4:56 (Stated clearly)

What is DNA and How Does it Work? 5:23 (Stated clearly)

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Truth1120, you need to talk

Truth1120, you need to talk to a guy on this site name Dimitrios. He'll fill you in on the original bible. He's quite knowledgeable about that exact topic.


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