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@ HumbleThinker

@ HumbleThinker

I am only including your answers in this post. Unfortunately, this will still be a long post. Bummer.

"@OP Thank you for your patience!"

Da nada. And THANK you for your patience. Again, sorry for the delay.

Just because He doesn't, doesn't logically mean He can't.

Then I have to ask: Why does it ONLY heal the invisible maladies and NOT the visible ones.

God has revealed Himself to us in miraculous ways. Even when He walked the earth and raised people from the dead, those who were present still found excuses. There is a nice mention of this is Matthew 12:23-32, when the people illogically accused Christ of performing miracles through the demons, instead of acknowledging His divinity. Point is, you've said it yourself. Even if He were to reveal Himself, you still wouldn't love Him, so what's the point? Also, conceding that He is omnipotent, wouldn't it be illogical to even question "why" He does what He does?

Really? When? How? Where? What? Why? To whom? Even if your sky faerie exists, any interaction it may have, or had, in this realm would leave OBJECTIVE HARD EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE. Where is it?

God does not provide the law and tell us what is moral for His sake. It is only for our benefit. Don't you think it would make sense to listen to an All-Knowing being? The objective morality is built into OUR nature, which is separate from God's. He is not restricted by any of the laws of nature, which He created. Including time and space.

Any "thing" that creates laws and does not obey "its" own laws is inherently a totalitarian tyrant and pure evil.

I would not say God is evil. He is the antithesis of evil. You can cite all of the biblical passages you want that show "tragedy", but you can not define it as evil. (especially since you claim morality is subjective)

If it is not pure evil, then why has your sky faerie committed and commanded atrocities more heinous, abominable, horrendous, revolting, and unspeakable than ANY human to ever exist in all of history?

Not even sure what this means....

In response to the question: "If God is omniscient, then why does it speak only one language?"

Hmm... Reading Comprehension not working? Not ad hominem, just wondering. What language was the original Bible supposed to have been dictated and written in?

Genderless. What do you mean, "why"? The bible describes heaven as a place where "there is neither male, nor female". 'Gender' is a tool used only in our state of being, not in Gods'.

Hmm... Again, Reading Comprehension not working? Not ad hominem, just wondering. BTW: Did you not mean for Gods' to have been God's? "What do you mean, "why"?" Why did you ask this question, yet answer it.

Nothing is "Out of God's control". To remain consistent with our Free Will, He just allows things to happen, yes, even knowing the end result.

But it seems like your sky faerie is not controlling anything. The Earth continues to cool down, and in that process, it can create some catastrophic earthquakes. Are you telling me that your sky faerie reaches down and thumps the Earth to create these natural processes? Weather in the United States of America experiences the most horrendous amount of tornadoes in its central plains than any where else on the Earth. Are you telling me that your sky faerie has cursed the USA before it began by cursing these central plains millions of years before?

I could go on and on and on and on… …

We are not "puny". We are God's greatest creation. There are 9 orders of angels, and WE are held in higher regard than even those.

If us humans are not "puny," then why are we so easily injured and killed? There is no proof any sky faerie created us. We evolved over millions of years. And what are those nine order of angels? How do you know we are held in the highest regard?

I believe in evolution.

I believe in evolution. Versus. We are God's greatest creation.


God does not "despise women". On the contrary. Mary, the mother of God, is the most exalted in Heaven (other than God Himself)

"God does not "despise women."" Hmm... Versus.

I am not going to list all the verses here. Visit this WWW page: Misogyny.

Granting the Comical Spook came down and raped and impregnated Mary, I wonder how it would have looked if the Comical Spook had raped and impregnated Joeseph instead? Regardless, your sky faerie still raped a married virgin. Misogyny.

Damn, and long one.

God promises to save US, what is better than that? He created the planet, anyway, why is wrong for Him to take it back?

I ain't going through all that Jonah crap. That is nothing but pure bullshit and horse hoowhee. Probably the MOST unbelievable bullshit and horse hoowhee in that horrible, obsolete, irrelevant, repulsive, ancient, obnoxious, barbaric, execrable, inappropriate, offensive, savage, horrendous, abominable, loathsome, repugnant, disgusting, inapplicable, and unsubstantiated pile of lies plagiarized from myths and legends FAR! older than those Bronze and Iron Age texts.

Yeah your sky faerie promises to save US only if we are willing to kneel and bow down and kiss his unholy rumps with the greatest threat of eternal damnation and torture and torment for not choosing to believe in it. Where is the free will in that? Where is the "choice"?

Remember the mobster analogy? Your sky faerie is nothing more than a pure evil totalitarian tyrant.

Anyway, I had to skip a lot because it was taking longer than expected. Feel free to reply to a couple of these (preferably not all of them, because I don't have all day). But if there are a couple of your questions that I did not answer, but you feel are important, let me know and I will address them.

Although I did take time to reply to all of them since I am at home and crunching huge amounts of data (sometimes takes hours), DO NOT ever feel you need to respond to all of mine. It does not bother me.

I should have added that any who wished to answer any of those questions did not have to answer all. I apologize. Now I got to go back and edit that in. Sorry, if you felt I required you to answer them all. In actuality, I only require JoC to answer them all since he is a prince along with NOT Searching for truth in evading answering ANY questions. You, HumbleThinker, I possess a much greater amount of respect because you were not afraid to "at least answer some of the questions." Thank you. And I doff me hat to you.



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