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Just venting

This doesn't really have anything to do with religion or atheism. I'm just feeling a surge of empathy and rage because my daughter and son-in-law's house got burgled and trashed today while they were out at work. The scumbags took my daughter's engagement and wedding rings, laptops, my son-in-law's work tools and van, and other stuff. Then just for fun they threw paint around the house, smashed the TVs and oven, kicked the refrigerator and dishwasher, and ripped the faucet out of the kitchen sink and left it gushing all day to flood the house. Anything they couldn't carry away was smashed and ruined.

A few days ago, some teenagers decided it would be fun to start a fire in tinder-dry bush a few kilometers from here (Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia). The fire burned for days, causing thousands of people to be evacuated. People's homes were damaged or destroyed. Wild life was burned alive.

What the fuck is wrong with people? I guess some arseholes really are made in god's image.

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Oh Algebe! I can’t imagine

Oh Algebe! I can’t imagine how violated your kids must feel! Although they will never be unscathed by this, I hope they (and you) will make it through this storm as quickly as possible.

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That sucks!

I got a bunch of stuff stolen out of my house a decade ago, fortunately insurance replaced it all minus a deductible, they at least were in a hurry and did not stick around to trash the house. Still, it is a blunt reminder that some random strangers given the opportunity are all too happy to ruin your day for their own benefit. The severity of the burglary that occured makes me think that this might not have been entirely random...but instead possibly targeted. (Yikes?)

I took the time to better secure my house and make it a "harder target" basically I set it up that my house was less inviting to people to want to steal from. I put better locks on the door, some motion sensor lights on the entrances, some outdoor cameras and some security signs, and made sure my house is fully locked up when I was not there or asleep. (btw an obvious camera by the front door does wonders at stopping religious apologists, scam artist and even door to door salesman from even bothering with my house!) I also use that camera to see if I even want to answer the door, (90+ percent of the time if its unexpected, I do not!)


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That is a real bummer Algebe.

That is a real bummer Algebe.

I once had a very nice car stolen, and the trauma is definitely there. And it takes a long time an dis hard to get over.

I worked for a major telecommunications provider, and did residential repair. Unfortunately, I have been to houses that were burgled. The typical method was to cut the phone lines first, to disable the alarm. Typically there is an external junction box called the demarcation point, where the phone line comes out of the ground (or comes down from above) on the side of the residence.

In my repairs, I would run the below ground wire uninterrupted into the house (usually requiring a hole four feet below the grass), but run the alarm in and out through the demarcation point. So if the line was cut, instead of disabling the alarm, it triggered the alarm.

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So sorry Algebe, that's

So sorry Algebe, that's absolutely shit!

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Thanks for the kind comments.

Thanks for the kind comments.

The silver lining was that the scumbags didn't harm the dog, a big, stupid labradoodle who would have welcomed the thieves into house. They just locked her into one of the bedrooms and left her there.

I guess these things aren't really new. My Dad's workplaces got burgled and trashed in the 50s and 60s. My school in London was vandalized in 1963. I know people who've been hurt like this in England, New Zealand, Japan, and Australia.

I just wonder what happens to create all these lost boys and girls who try to find meaning through harm and destruction. But right now I find it very hard to feel sorry for these particular slimeballs.

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I know it is likely, (but not certain) that the folks that burglarized my house, they were doing it for drug money. Some of the stuff stolen from my house showed up in nearby pawn shops a few weeks later. (I was able to reclaim some of my stolen items!) It also forced the pawn shop that bought the obviously hot items to close off half his store until I came by to reclaim my stuff. (Pawn shop bought a close to brand new bike for 20 dollars, that sold in the same town new for about 800 dollars!)

They also stole all my laundry detergent (well known in criminal circles back then that liquid laundry detergent, especially "tide" brand is the same as cash.)

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@Algebe: Had my own home

@Algebe: Had my own home robbed about 20 years ago. They got my Smith & Wesson 357, a real Samurai sword, the keys to my 1300 Katana and the same 1300 Katana that was sitting in the driveway. Jewelry valued at about 10,000. and that was it. I had Farmer's at the time. They did not insure the Katana, and said they would not reimburse for the jewelry; however, a bit of a push back from me and they did cover the jewelry. Lucky for me, the assholes did not damage the home. WTF is up with that? WTF is wrong with people? Breaking the water pipes is just insane.

In my case they caught the criminals two weeks later. A couple of kids that lived up the street. Interestingly, nothing stolen was ever returned to be but the Katana. The assholes had ridden it around and then, pushed it off a cliff. What I got back was a mangled mess. Everything else was gone and at no point was I informed that the Sheriff's office had some of my property ready for me to claim. Frankly, I assumed that the Sheriffs simply kept the gun, it was a nice one. and sword and gold.

I got the police report and all the important information was blacked out. (Who robbed the home and where they lived. )

Probably a good thing as I was in retaliation mode for at least a month or so. I know it sucks. You and your family will get through it.

In India they have a way of looking at beggars. I used the same view on the assholes that robbed my place. They say; "If you give a beggar money and he is a fraud or a bad person, the money will go to bad things and only harm him further. He will buy booze, drugs, and only harm himself further." I looked at my robbers the same way. The things they stole will only do them harm. The burglary will only send them further away from a quality life. They will only harm themselves with the things they have taken.

Hang in there.

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How terrible for your kids ,I

How terrible for your kids ,I can only imagine their anguish and rage and that devastating feeling of violation. .

"Some time ago" my house was burgled.

We arrived home around 11.30 on a Saturday night. The screen door was being held open by the mat, Went inside without thinking .They were gone and had not trashed the place. They took only the TV some cash and some linen still in its packaging ,.

Fair dinkum, if I had a gun and saw them leaving with my possessions, I WOULD have shot them. Next feeling was hurt, that some one would steal from me. Then a feeling of violation, which I guess is rare for a man in my society. THEN THE RAGE!

Took police advice on home security: Night or day, now (different house ,better area) the house always looks the same from outside. Door deadlocked, windows have separate locks., Security screen door is ALWAYS looked when I'm home. Had largish dogs for over 25 years; first a shepherd ,then a Pit Bull. Got each for protection as well as companionship. Made sure everyone around knew. Now a very noisy Jack Russell.

--Yeah, everyone has 20/20 hindsight. The mixture of feelings take a long time to settle, and you never real forget. At the time,I had my wife ,supportive family and friends, and a bloody good insurance company.

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Sorry to hear about the

Sorry to hear about the violation on your family Algebe. Its a sickening experience. Its also disheartening to know we are all potential targets by thoughtless stupid people. Despite the wanton brainless property destruction the best thing is no-one was physically harmed.
Events like this make biblical punishment look appealing.

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Sorry to hear this Algebe,

Sorry to hear this Algebe, what a terrible things to happen, please do pass on my sympathies. Burglars once took the safe from my parents pub, and there were 50 of us drinking downstairs. They carried it out over a roof top and down into the street.

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