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People have brought up Buddhism and Karma on the site several times and I generally attack it as bullshit. Karma is responsible for Cast systems. Karma is responsible for allowing suffering and pain. Karma is responsible for the killing of girl babies and for hiding or sending away children born deformed or mentally deficient. When bad things happen to you it is because you deserve it.

Listen to this ASSHOLE and you will understand.


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I love the fucking idiot

I love the fucking idiot justifying, "Well, you don't know what the old lady did. Perhaps she murdered someone."

Well then, same fucking question swami. Why did your fucking god stand there and let that murder happen.

Well because that person probably killed someone.

And your god stood there with his finger up his ass while that one happened as well.

I HAVE A SEVERE DISLIKE OF THESE DOUBLE SPEAK ASSHOLES..... But mostly I am pissed that the atheist is not holding his own. He does not appear to have much experience with Eastern ideas. Buddhists, Hare Krishna... and any other dick-wad that professes reincarnation and Karma. Makes me wanna puke.

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At it's core karma apart from

At it's core karma apart from being woo woo superstitious guff, has the nauseating idea that suffering is deserved, it entirely anathema to my moral worldview. Our morality ought to try and avoid and alleviate suffering wherever possible. Not accept it as inevitable, or worse even revel in it as a good thing.

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deleted. Don't really wan to get into a discussion about caste and karma

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@cranky: And I don't blame

@cranky: And I don't blame you at all!

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Karma isn't just about

Karma isn't just about responsibility for things you've actually done. Suffering is supposed to be punishment for things you did in supposed previous lives. As if all the mistakes and regrets and guilt from one lifetime weren't enough, these wankers have to dream up nonsense about being medieval knights or Indian princesses. Our memories about our lives in this reality are totally unreliable, and yet these clowns claim to remember other lives.

What a load of Shirley MacLaine woo-woo bullshit. But what a great way to separate fools from their money.

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Hey, Cog, if you keep talking

Hey, Cog, if you keep talking shit about karma, then karma is likely to come back and bite you on the ass. Just so you know... *attempting to stifle giggle*...

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@Tin: I will check myself

@Tin: I will check myself in to one of Mother Theresa's Torture Hospitals and suffer to cleanse my soul of all past wrongs. POO FLINGING DOES HAVE ITS CONSEQUENCES!

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I must tell you about George the orangutang at our local zoo. Perhaps at another time. Too far OT here.

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