The lie about taxes

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The lie about taxes

The Lie is always that government points a gun to your head to pay taxes and that you always have a choice where you work and how much you pay for something. The saying is"what the market will bare."
The FACTS are that you have to pay for everything in some manner. The government doesn't hold a gun to your head to pay taxes. The government charges for services rendered. You don't have to buy from the government. You can move to another government, and the kicker is that if you stay, your vote dictates what and how much the government can charge.
Also business knows that people have needs so they collude to force unrealistic pressure on the consumer. You need power to run your home but that isn't a utility anymore it is an open business, that is run like a monopoly. There are several examples, but basically, large corporations inflate prices, make products that they know can and will do harm to their customers and face no penalty for doing so. In the mid-seventies, the oil industry created an oil and gas shortage so they could drive the prices high. The result was long lines at the gas station and even poorer and old people freezing to death.
Another lie is the saying "Buyer beware". That isn't the original saying nor intent. The actual phrase is "Buyer be MADE aware." This phase came from a landmark court case involving the Ford motor Company in the early years of that mega corporation....Ford lost the case.
So spare me the false indignation about taxes and the superficial anger about what they go for. If you don't like paying taxes, you can get bills introduced and voted on to lower or stop taxes or you can move to another country. That is the same as "You can find another job", or "You don't have to buy that company's product."

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"In the mid-seventies, the

"In the mid-seventies, the oil industry created an oil and gas shortage so they could drive the prices high."

I remember that and was inconvenienced by the long lines. Lots of people had enough in their lives to deal with without having to waste time and money for the greed of oil companies. Maybe big oil was still pissed about the break up of Standard Oil. LOL!

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The oil and gas shortages of

The oil and gas shortages of the 1970s resulted from the two oil shocks. And that brings us back to the focus of this site, which is supposed to be religion. The first oil crisis occurred because Christians (the US) supported Jews (Israel) in a war against Muslims (Arabs). The Arab oil producers responded with an oil embargo. The second oil shock was triggered by production cuts in Iran after the revolution. Iraq took advantage of the confusion to attack Iran, partly out of fear that the Iranian revolution would spread to Iraq's Shiite minority.

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