The man who sued God.

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The man who sued God.

Who here has watched "the man who Sued God"?

It is a British comedy-drama starring Billy Connolly. It is about a man who has his boat destroyed by a storm. He was insured, however they refuse to pay out because it was destroyed by "an act of God". He refuses to accept that so he takes the insurance company to court, which has a wider implication of the British legal system officially recognising that God doesn't exist.

Very funny film that deals with serious issues.

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Excellent, Billy Connolly at

Excellent, Billy Connolly at his best. Exposed the inherent rorts in the insurance system, and very funny too! In fact I think I will see if I can find it and re watch...cheers!

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I hadn't seen it but it's

I hadn't seen it but it's apparently on utube...
I notice he's "Sir" Billy Connelly now. That's a laugh too, if thoroughly deserved.

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Thanks for the link! Saves my

Thanks for the link! Saves my pension dollars..."Martha, we can eat and watch fillums tonight"

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