The Mandate of Heaven

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The Mandate of Heaven


The Mandate of Heaven - Google it


Eat the rich! Police or left-wing students?

World's richest 2,000 people hold more than poorest 4.6 billion combined: Oxfam

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Er ummm..... Huh?...

Er ummm..... Huh?... *scratching head in confusion*...

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serial troll removed

serial troll removed

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Please, I will not engage in

Please, I will not engage in following links, especially with no topic and theme.

ATHEISTHUNTER, if you desire to appear cogent and have a reasonable debate, please lay out your argument (instead of just posting links).

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Blimey that was quick. We may

Blimey that was quick. We may well have missed out on days of obscure links, and puerile trolling there....

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I suspect it was the use of

I suspect it was the use of the magic words "dennismarkuze" that brought the swift response and justifiably so.....

I've seen the chaos this serial TROLL can cause.

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"I suspect it was the use of the magic words "dennismarkuze" that brought the swift response and justifiably so....."

Pickle me grand mother, is he still alive?. Or has he died and become patron saint of trolls?

Had the schadenfreude of seeing him put in prison at one point as a result of his behaviour .(if it's the same person)

A quick google shows the odious little object has been an online irritant since 1993

I didn't even notice the name. I really do need to pay more attention.

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"In June 2015, Markuze was

"In June 2015, Markuze was finally sentenced to three years of probation with mandatory psychiatric treatment."

This was manifestly unsuccessful, judging from this latest disjointed rant.

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Gone before I could have fun.

Gone before I could have fun.

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"As soon as his probation ran

"As soon as his probation ran out in June 2018, he resurfaced under the nick Prophetofrevenge."

Now that name I have seen used, and it's fair to say his posts were "madder than a box of frogs."

Also look out for the usernames "atheistkiller." and "skepticwarlord".

Both of which ring a bell. As always, one wonders what this charmless odious cretin derives from his risible behaviour. Not that it really matters I suppose. The important thing is the trap door has swallowed another troll.

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Persistent, isn't he?

Persistent, isn't he?

Pity he doesn't deploy said persistence in a useful manner. A scientist with this level of determination would be right to feel cheated if his work didn't receive some sort of accolade ...

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