The marriage parable

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The marriage parable


This is my first post.

I found a some scripture in the bible that was very confusing to me and I am wondering if there are any christians here that can answer this for me.

[Matthew 22:30 VS. Revelation 21:9, Ephesians 5:25-27]

Here in Matthew we have Sadducees approach Jesus and ask him about marriage on earth as in heaven. They ask Jesus, 'If a man with 7 brothers marries a woman and later dies so that the next brother can take care of his wife, whose wife will she in be heaven if all 7 brothers die trying to take care of her?'

Jesus replies that no one will be married in heaven nor will they be given into marriage.

Yet in Revelations it mentions that the Lamb (supposedly Jesus) will show up in heaven with his bride. This is supposed to signify the marriage of Christ and his church. Ephesians even confirms that this is likely the case.

But how can that be? It clearly states in Matthew that no one will be given into marriage. And why is Jesus (who is supposed to be the Lamb) standing with his bride in heaven? I thought no marriage was allowed.

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This is an atheist forum,

This is an atheist forum, right?. Why would you ask us to try to interpret what you apparently consider to be contradictions in the holy babble also known as the big book of multiple choice answers?

I for one could not care less what the answer to this question is.

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