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I was talking about a

I was talking about a fractured family. I'm not talking about being cut off of "god's people", if I injected that tone, I apologize, it sure wasn't my goal. I'm talking about families estranging over matters of holding belief/disbelief, or any issue where people happen to hold different thought, and it's saddening to me when families split.

Yes, I'm the "fruit" guy, lol. It was a convenient word used to describe several qualities that I receive used entering the forum. I quickly realized that I should just stick with the actual qualities.

ETA, lol, Not using "fruit" can be added to list of things learned!!

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@Homer...your tone was fine :

@Homer...your tone was fine :)
“ I was talking about a fractured family. I'm not talking about being cut off of "god's people"

I only added that as the reason I’m “cut off”. Most religions use this. People cut people out of their lives for all sorts of reasons. I set boundaries which is different than an overall “god theology reason”.

After a boundary is set, it’s up to the other person to respect, “borrowing money”

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How many times is this guy

How many times is this guy going to be allowed to post the same exact crap?

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@ Cognostic

@ Cognostic

The river ran dry. He tried different strategies, from the gullible fool to the wise sage to the accommodating uncle to to playing the sympathy card. But overall, it is all flash and no substance.


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